1. T

    error_log [% homedir %]/logs/[% scrubbed_domain %].php.error.log without php-fpm

    Is it possible to get error_log location like: [% homedir %]/logs/[% scrubbed_domain %].php.error.log Without php-fpm ??? I've tried putting this directly into php.ini and it didn't work.
  2. S

    set home2 on another partition

    Hi, the home partition (/dev/md3) is almost 50% filled, the HDD is 4TB, I can see another partition (/dev/md2), how can I set it to be home2? hardware from Hetzner: Intel Xeon E5-1650V3 2x HDD SATA 4,0 TB 8x RAM 32768 MB DDR4 current status: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on...
  3. manoaratefy

    Moving /home to new disk

    Hello, I've just added a new disk on my server and wish to transfer /home to this new disk. I've made rsync first but now, between the end of the rsync and old disk unmount/new disk mount, I can have a data loss. So I'm asking, can I remount /home in read-only first, and resync data one last...
  4. A

    Use all available partitions

    hi all I have a server with 3 hard drives ( 3*250 G) follow the picture below But I have a problem Users that are created , just use inside the paths of /home2 and /home3 How to use the whole space? Does it automatically use the entire partitions when creating the user? Is there a...
  5. inteldigital

    Moving storage elsewhere

    Hello, So basically I have WHM setup with / as the "Home directory" in Basic Setup. First of all, is this bad practice, if so, how do I resolve it? I changed it to that because I didn't like public_html/example.com and when I was adding new domains "addon domains" it was making them in...
  6. I

    Difference between HOMEDIR and HOMEMATCH?

    Hello guys! :) Just want to ask, what is the difference between HOMEDIR and HOMEMATCH in /etc/wwwacct.conf? I've red about this, but i still don't understand. Please help me. Thank you...
  7. S

    Temp access to homedir while waiting domain ?

    Hi, Sorry for the question. I know that this is most likely answered before. But since my English is limited i did not know what to search for. Please delete/move if wrong category. I'm runnin cPanel/WHM. Is there any way for my clients to get access to webpages while waiting domain transferr...
  8. grayloon

    Change homedir Ownership/Permissions

    For several of my accounts, I have a directory structure like this: /home/{acct}/domain.com/public_html When I rebuild the httpd.conf file, these public_html directories often have the wrong permissions and the group is nobody. I think it's possible to change that using the postwwwacct...
  9. V

    Transfer homedir no longer streaming in 11.30?

    When copying accounts via WHM, homedir streaming used to work pre-11.30. Now it just packages everything up and then send them over in fixed .tar.gz.parts, like during the pre-streaming days. Any way to get the streaming feature back? Here's our specific backup configuration, which has...
  10. M

    account transfer problem, streaming homedir failed

    I'm having problem with account transfer feature. i always getting this error messages: Streaming Homedir from source server.... Could not connect to on port 2087 at bin/whm_xfer_download-ssl line 70. Trying again.... Could not connect to on...
  11. D

    daily /scripts/upcp cron using the correct "Homedir"

    Hello, Recently I had to transfer my data from one hard drive to another hard drive with a fresh CPanel and OS installation. Before the transfer the cron email states this: - Validating cPanel system users...Homedir: /usr/local/cpanel ...Done After the transfer the cron email states...
  12. S

    ERROR: tar of homedir returned error 2

    Hello Everyone, when trying to do backup from cpanel or ssh i have homedir.tar EMPTY and this is the error recived in my mail after backup : ERROR: tar of homedir returned error 2 /bin/tar permission is already 755 before, all was fine .. and this happened without any modification in...
  13. A

    "skip homedir" feature missign

    i am trying to copy multiple accounts from another server which are very large and i am missing the feature 'skip homedir' do you know why this feature is not showing up? this feature is listed in cpanel documentation see WHMD < AllDocumentation < TWiki point #8 my server: cPanel...
  14. S

    How long for this to finish? (Streaming Homedir from source server)

    I'm transferring a site using the WHM transfer site function. So far things are working fine. Great, actually. But this has been running for a couple of hours now: Streaming Homedir from source server.... and I see a lot of numbers, like this: ..11057777928.. ..11604528555.. ..11011441103...
  15. MediaServe

    Streaming homedir in copy process doesn't work

    cPanel 11.24.4-C35075 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9 The account copy feature is really frustrating me! We've started putting upgraded servers online and moving sites to them, but the copy process doesn't seem to work larger sites (which we tend to have a lot of.) For example, this morning I attempted...
  16. C

    backup problems on copying homedir

    hello, i have the following error: Copying homedir..../bin/gtar: ./perl: Cannot savedir: Permission denied /bin/gtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors this is on the daily backups from only 1 account, all other accounts are working (backup).
  17. L

    / dir empty after changing homedir

    Hi. Last night I changed the homedir for most of the accounts I host. Now, when you FTP one of those accounts the home dir is empty :confused: Can someone help?
  18. M

    Homedir Var Not Set

    For the past week or so, I see the following entry in the cPanel error log every time I access WHM or cPanel: info [Cpanel::Form]: - homedir var not set, defaulting to /root at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Form.pm line 436 The only homedir variable I know about is in wwwacct.conf and it is...
  19. J

    transfer accounts and change homedir

    Is there any way i can rearrange my clients domains to a different homedirectory? At the moment al my domains are in /home/domeinen/ but as some software requires that it be /home. I tried it with the rearrange function in WHM but the only thing i get then is: There is only one drive in...
  20. N

    possible to move accounts without moving actual homedir?

    hello, i am running a 3 tier setup, DB, WEB, FILE server. Currently the WEB server is running whm/cpanel and /home is a mount to a NFS server located on the file server. In other words when i make accounts in whm it makes them on the file server instead of local. Currently i am in the process of...