1. tlp

    Neo & Horde

    Question : you can log into neo/horde at you home PC and send and recieve mail, but when i try away for home IE: buddys puter and several others I can not see what is in the mail box nor recieve any mail. I can send but that is all. What am I doing wrong? thanks cPanel.net Support Ticket...
  2. R

    Horde Errors :(

    Hi, There was no update done on the cpanel box. We are getting strange errors when accessing horde for all accounts . However neomail works fine. WHM build is WHM 6.4.2 , Cpanel 6.4.2-S75 PHP build is 4.2.3 RC2 Notice: Constant pear_error_return already defined in...
  3. C

    Enable Horde Spell Check?

    Can someone tell me how to enable the Spell Check feature for IMP in Horde? The spell check button doesn't show up when I try to compose an email and I have both ispell and aspell installed. Any info would be appreciated. cPanel.net Support Ticket Number:
  4. V

    Mysql 4 & php & horde problem

    Hi there, We have a problem getting Horde to work. From the logfiles (/tmp/horde.log says: "Jun 10 13:28:50 HORDE [emergency] [imp] DB Error: connect failed: [nativecode=Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server. Consider upgrading MySQL client] ** Array [on line...
  5. N

    Horde accssing ALL accounts

    A strange thing is happening with Horde. When a user logs in, the INBOX is empty. However, the dropdown in the upper right allows them to browse to ANY inbox on the virtual server. Basically, it is showing the entire directory tree of that particular user, including the html, gifs, etc...
  6. B

    php, imap, mcrypt, and horde

    The server where I have my domains hosted is running cPanel 6.4.2, build 47. PHP is compiled with imap and mcrypt. Apparently the two don't like each other and the result is that the imap functions simply stop working. However, Horde works just fine. Being PHP based, I'm wondering how that...
  7. D

    Horde not working

    I have a customer trying to use Horde but can't see mail with it. NeoMail works correctly and so does POP. I have checked that the hardlink between mail/username/inbox and mail/domain/username/inbox exists. The IMAP server also appears to be functioning correctly. Anyone have any ideas?? TIA...
  8. W

    Horde login broken?

    I know theres been a few complaints that Horde hasn't been working all that well recently. As of a few days ago, when you log in via :2095 and click on Horde, the Horde login screen won't take your email address or password. This hasn't worked at all on a new machine I have but its worked in...
  9. T

    Has Horde Disappeared? Or is it just me?

    Horde no longer seems to exist on my system. At least it does not appear on cpanel, and when accessing via email accounts the white screen now offers me only neomail. Is there anything I could have done that made it disappear? -- Arthur Cronos
  10. A

    Can get horde to work.....

    Hi, I get this fatal error, when i click on horde...... Fatal error has occurred: DB Error: connect failed [line 102 of /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/lib/Prefs/sql.php] Details have been logged for the administrator.
  11. Nico

    Turkish and Horde

    Hello, I just tried to install Turkish support for Horde and it returns the following when that language is selected from the menu: Notice: Use of undefined constant IMP_BASE - assumed 'IMP_BASE' in /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/imp/lib/base.php on line 61 Fatal error: Failed opening...
  12. R

    Attachments in Horde

    I have a strange problem . When i send a mail with an attachment using horde , the mail gets delivered , but attachments are getting filtered even if it is in zip. When such attachments are sent using neomail , i am able to receive. Any thoughts ??
  13. N

    Horde, (Click to add to addressbook)

    You see, in my horde account, when I recieve an e-mail, there is a little button by the side of the sending, recieving e-mail address. When I check everywhere else it ain't there. How to I make it so it appears?
  14. I

    Horde Message Problem

    Hi, When attempting to load a message in Horde, the following error is shown: Fatal error: Failed opening required '/usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/config/../imp/templates/message/headers.inc' (include_path='/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/lib/php/') in...
  15. Radio_Head

    horde login without :2082

    Is there any way to check email using horde WITHOUT loggin on port :2082 ? (for exampl I can check neomail using only port 2095 and entering email user and password . It doesn't seem possible to login on Horde ....) Thank you
  16. N

    Eliminate double login for Horde?

    Is there any way to eliminate the need to login twice for the Horde webmail client? I have a number of clients asking to drop the double login. I've searched this board with no hits on the matter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks- ndy
  17. J

    Horde loses it's prefs in moves - BUG?!

    I just moved a few accounts to a new server (since the MySQL 4 upgrade) and have found that all users that were using Horde and had preferences set (i.e., filters, sigs) ended up losing them in the move. Fortunately I left the existing site on the old server so I was able to check the...
  18. T

    Horde Problems

    Neomail works fine, everything works fine. When you try and log into horde, it basically just refreshes the login page. And yes i used [email protected] for the username.. wierd bug...
  19. B

    cPanel 6 and Horde Themes

    Is it possible to chage the theme of customized version of Horde within cPanel6 or all in the options to pick a theme.Horde Themes. In perticular would like to get the Mozilla Theme for Horde up ScreenShot1 ScreenShot2. Thank you for the help.
  20. M

    Horde Config Reset

    I have a problem when WHM/CPanel updates itself. The config files for IMP and Horde are reset to the original files discarding any config changes that I have made. How do I get the config files to not be overwritten when WHM/CPanel updates? Thanks, James