1. M

    Log for denied logins?

    I tightened up my VPS security recently with Host Access Control -- allow my office IP, deny all others. Now my host's tech people can't log into WHM even if I add their IPs to the allow list, or even change all the denys to allows. Do I need to restart any of these servers before they will...
  2. K

    Restict webmail access?

    Hi, cpanel, I want to restrict the webmail access outside. Example it can be accessed easily by configuring the mail client or by direct login using a web browser. How can I allow the webmail access only through our authenticated email client(presently we are using Thunderbird) and I don't want...
  3. K

    Blacklisting IP's in Host Access Control blocks FTP connections?

    Hi, I recently added a rule in the Host Access Control to deny all IP addresses except my own in Host Access Control in the WHM. When I try to connect to FTP myself it all works fine but when a developer with a different IP (Working Remotely) tries to connect, the FTP connection times out for...
  4. V

    Mail Security Using Host Access Control?

    Hi, I want to set this on the Host Access Control. IMAP - OUR IP,GOOGLE IP - ALLOW IMAP - ALL - DENY POP3- OUR IP,GOOGLE IP - ALLOW POP3 - ALL - DENY SMTP - OUR IP - ALLOW SMTP - ALL - DENY Would we still be receive emails from outside?
  5. Spirogg

    SOLVED Change port and deny all and still use?

    Hi all, Just wondering can you go to WHM in cpanel and go to Home >Security Center > Host Access Control and input Access Deny ALL port 22 or whatever port you change it too and when you want to login to ssh via ssh key you could allow temporarily or will the ssh key let you login anyway if...
  6. Samet Chan

    Host Access Control - Access List pixel is small.

    Dear, We can change that Access List - pixel small to full for big pixel better. Because We can't show IP Address lots of more would be the mess. Like here, IP IP IP IP it is better than [ IP IP IP IP....] is pretty small for pixel width & height.
  7. cornishman33

    Host Access Control Irregularity?

    Hello. I have encountered a situation that I don't understand. I have denied Host Access Control to webmaild, imap, pop3 and smtp for "ALL" apart from five IP's. I applied the "Allowed" IP's first, then the "Deny's" so I believe they are entered correctly. We tested it by getting staff NOT in...
  8. keat63

    Host Access Control

    I have a dynamic IP at home which of course occasionally changes. Today, Host access control allowed me to login to FTP, even though my IP isn't white listed. The last entry in HAC is ALL ALL deny How did this happen?? Successful Login as “user-acc" from an Unknown Network Domain...
  9. P

    Port Range fails in Host Access Control

    Hi, Correct me where I am going wrong. Host Access Control works fine, except for one range: This gives us - Yet connecting from 213.229.24x.xx fails, does not have any effect for either DENY or ALLOW. Other ranges work OK and can...
  10. T

    SOLVED Lock down cPanel access?

    Is it possibility to lock control panel so that it only allows logins from customer defined countries and/or IP addresses? When a login attempt is denied due to country/IP restrictions an email is generated and sent to the account owner and the account owner will be able to disable the protection.
  11. H

    Restrict cPanel login?

    Hello to everyone, I was looking how to restrict default cpanel login path , everyone knows that cpanel has it's path like this : and it will redirect to login area, so i want this to restrict and can someone explain me how its possible? Can i change the path to login...
  12. T

    Host Access Control and IPV6

    Is there something special I need to do so I can use IPv6 in host access control. If I enter the IP 2604:302:d1a7:fc70:85a5:e621:ccbf:584b it is split up and put into different boxes when saved.
  13. W

    WHM with CSF

    What is the correct way of using WHM Host Control in combination with CSF? For example, currently Server (S) is configred to deny all IPs (except root machine) via WHM Host Control. But CSF is still reporting on sshd[<12345>]: refused connect from x.x.x.x. meaning attackers still are trying to...
  14. A

    Host Access Control - IPv6

    Is IPv6 in Host Access Control supported yet? If so, what would be the correct method? Thanks.
  15. durangod

    Is there a way to disable pop3 logins

    For a few days now i have had lots of hits on my mail/pop3 signin page trying to get in unauthorized. Is there a way to simply disable the login page, i dont use it, i always just use the cpanel or whm login to do what i need. So i dont need any access via the mail login page, i can just enter...