1. G

    The system encountered an error during the attempt to restore the file. For details, check this error log, or contact your hosting provider

    I tried to restore a folder from WHM and when I clicked the restore button I got: Error: The system encountered an error during the attempt to restore the file. For details, check this error log, or contact your hosting provider: /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log Checking the log I see: The...
  2. W

    PHP FPM not optimal for shared hosting

    Hi there A few versions back FPM was introduced and we blindly activated the feature, as usually whm/cpanel works fine out of the box. This feature however reacts unexpected in a shared hosting setup. It seems FPM is meant to run one site (one user). So if we use Cpanel (out of the box) for...
  3. J

    DKIM validation and 123.reg shared hosting - warning

    I want to share this information in case anyone else is in a similar situation. I am in an ongoing battle/discussion with 123.reg in the UK about DKIM authentication of emails sent from cPanel email account. 123.reg will not provide the 'Email Deliverability' function within cPanel nor, it...
  4. I

    Regarding cPanle hosting features (very urgent)

    Dear all, I have already a shared hosting server purchased from cPanel. I need below information of cPanel hosting server urgently- 1. Programming Language: 2. CMS: 3. Designing Language: 4. Other Scripting Language: 5. Database: 6. Graphics Tool: Thanks and regards Imran
  5. albatroz

    Using a non free SSL certificate with CPanel hosting

    Hello, One of my customers wants to purchase a non-free certificate for his website and was wondering if it would make any conflict with the SSL certificates already being used for mail. webmail. and cpanel. subdomains that are generated by CPanel automatically.
  6. T

    Need advice on server settings for hosting Prestashop

    Hi, I need advice on server for hosting several (about 20) Prestashop online stores. For this, I've got a Centos 7 64 bit with 30 cPanel accounts, WHM, and root access. The advice I would like to receive is NOT about processor, RAM, disk, etc. But instead is for how to configure Apache, PHP...
  7. 360webfirm

    From GoDaddy shared hosting to VPS

    Hello All, I have a client I re-built a website for in WordPress and was going to host this website using my VPS and c panel. I realized they had so many email accounts in their existing shared hosting with Go Daddy that I decided to just keep the website there. The issue I have now is that the...
  8. P

    How to Provide WordPress Hosting ?

    Hey guys I want to provide WordPress hosting from which user order hosting from WHMCS and WordPress automatically installed and given to him I want to sell WordPress hosting, how I can ? Is Thier any plugin for it?
  9. S

    Digitalocean hosting - why not use floating IP

    The guidance I am finding on the web suggests using PUBLIC IP instead of FLOATING IP for cpanel installations. I do not understand this since the whole purpose of floating IPs was to provide some level of permanence to an IP. I believe DO public IPs are permanent until the server is destroyed...
  10. M

    Best server for hosting provider

    Hi, We are a hosting provider and have aprox. 300 clients, but now we have a problem: the server need more resources. I'm checking OVH servers, but i don't know how many RAM, Cores/Threads and which processor select. Our clients use wordpress with normal traffic. -You can tell me minimum...
  11. A

    Apache is serving the first hosting account when specifying an arbitrary "Host" HTTP header not belonging to any account

    Hello, I've noticed some unexpected behaviour regarding Apache on cPanel when manipulating the "Host" HTTP request header. It would appear that if you perform a HTTP request to Apache when specifying an arbitrary hostname in the "Host" header of which does not match any domain names in any...
  12. M

    Shared hosting business on cloud server

    Hi Guys, For som time now we have been operating our shared hosting service on two dedicated servers. However, we would like more flexibility and more GB space to offer our customers, without increasing our server expenses too much. Therefore we have been looking at a cloud-solution where we...
  13. K

    Which hosting will be best for ecommerce site?

    Hi. I was trying to get an idea for the best hosting where inventory will be of more than 2 million products. I need a best cpanel hosting which should be capable of enduring big websites, can you suggest anyone?
  14. A

    Park a Domain Feature Disabled by Hosting Provider?

    Hi there We used to have the 'Park a Domain' feature in our whm panel but it's disappeared - our hosting provider has told us that this has been done due to security reasons - when pressed to tell me what security reasons they have failed to respond. Firstly is it possible to disable this...
  15. verdon

    SOLVED Hosting sub-domains but not main domain

    Hi, I have an unusual scenario coming up. I will be hosting a number of sub-domains, but not the main top/root domain. eg. I'll be hosting '' and '' and so on, but not ''. I'll only be hosting web for these sub-domains and not mail. All I really need to...
  16. H

    Shared Hosting Environment

    I am running a web hosting company with shared Hosting as a Major service for clients. I Have 5000+ sites hosted on my shared hosting . Now want to limit each package . so that server load can be reduced and maintain can you suggest something ? PS: ALREADY USING CLOUDLINUX
  17. S

    Hosting Account Reactivation

    Dear Admin Whom should I contact to reactivate my account? When I try to log in my account, it shows the following. "Your account is suspended. Please contact the billing or support department or your server administrator." Thanks in advanced! Sai Han
  18. I

    UDP fwrite error on my shared hosting

    I am having trouble with writing data to socket for udp connection using fwrite, i get this error : PHP Notice: fwrite(): send of 7 bytes failed with errno=1 Operation not permitted I am using shared hosting with cpanel on godaddy, i contacted godaddy but they cant understand the problem, can...
  19. M

    multiple subdomain one hosting

    Hello there, I have four domains on my server. I want that the names of the same four subdomains will be published in the same directory. Is it possible to configure as follows? domain: path= /home/abc/public_html domain: path= /home/abc/public_html domain...
  20. 0

    Website hosting only for a domain, and NOT dns or email?

    Hi friends, my customers use cPanel to run WordPress on subdomains of my main domain, so https://[bob] This works great. We don't need/use DNS or email. Some customers want to take their own pre-existing domain "" and map it onto the top of the cPanel/WordPress...