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    Problems hosting .name domain name

    We are hosting a third level .name domain name( When local PHP scripts try to send email to the web site they do a lookup on the second level domain name( Our customer does not own the second level domain name, so the email is being routed off the server...
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    hosting plan

    hai thanx for cpanel a great system :cool: i am new cpanel user only i want ask abut hosting plan from any section i can create hosting plan ? :(
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    Automatic Hosting Account Information

    I'm looking for a program that will automatically spit out hosting account information to newly hosted sites that I add to WHM. Please understand that I'm very new to WHM and hosting sites.... I recall getting this information a while back when I was first hosted by a company. It provided...
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    Free Hosting

    Sorry Sorry. I don't need it anymore.
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    Hosting Packages

    How do I setup hosting packages. I cannot seem to find a link for it. Thanks Travis
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    Addon Script + Auto hosting for user

    Hello^^ I would like to add an addon script, SPIP What do I have to do to add it? I have seen that cpskin purpose to add addon script for 20$ but is is really interresting? Is there an easy way to do it myself? I would like too to be able to purpose to my visitors...
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    hosting under my own domain?

    with WebHost Manager/Cpanel can I setup hosting packages where someone, say spike, has hosting on my domain (ie so spike's website would be If so how can I do this so that spike has his own secure ftp access outside of my domain,
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    how to create two username and password for one hosting

    Hi how can i create 2 username and password for one cpanel account?
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    im looking for cheap hosting

    hi there im looking for cheap cpanel hosting... with fantastico. i need at least 5 gb disk space and 50gb bandwidth.. do u know any web site? it must be 15$ or cheaper.. also host must be reliable. plz be hurry
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    Hosting business Poll!

    Heres a poll, You can vote for anyone of the choices that best describe what you require! Thank You! <!-- BEGIN FREE POLL 00326676P00 CODE -- Free Poll provided by --> <SCRIPT language="javascript"...
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    Recommend a Hosting Company for a Reseller?

    I need a new hosting company for my clients. The one I have now offers NO support and NEVER responds to anything! I need a hosting company that has an easy to use maillist and has formmail abilities that can be controlled by my clients and doesn't need a degree to administrate and program. Plus...
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    hosting only a subdomain

    I have a client who only wants to host a subdomain of his main domain on our servers. Strange request but I guess its been done before? Anyway. I setup the account under the pretext that they where hosting the real domain. We will use the example. So in the domain box...
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    Simple question about web hosting accounts please read

    Hello, some told me that they have a few domain names that don't use much space at all. Would he be able to have one web space, but have different domain names point at it? If I am not mistaken that is what parked domains are correct?
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    Using WHM for shell hosting (creating accounts, etc.). Want to limit BGs. HELP?

    Hey. I use WHM to create accounts on my shell hosting packages. It's nice because it limits quota, BW, all that. Question, does BW limit suspend web or entire access? Entire access would be nice.. for me... lol. Anyways, I have created user groups with limited BG processess.... how can I...
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    directing a new domain to a file on current domains hosting

    I current am hosting a site. I have another new domain name that I would like to point to my currently hosted sites store.htm file, how do I do this in my current hosted sites cpanel (direct the new domain specifically to the store.htm file)?
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    Hosting, Transfer ?

    Hello everybody I am a new user in this forum, while i transfer own domain from next server to ACE HOST ..... how long does it takes for transfered result? and if i buy ACE HOST offer special hosting Plan how long doeg it takes for process and setup, and when i could login and adit cPanel...
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    1st account, should it be the hosting provider?

    we are encountering problems related to domain and ip. we added 2 accounts already, and on those two account its our sample domain only and not our real domain. problem is, when i visit the ip of our system, i see the 1st domain that we added. is this normal? Support Ticket...
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    hosting, owner's own website

    we just setup cpanel, and im just wondering will our own website be handled by cpanel still? i mean add it on a account? or just logon to our server and ftp, manually them?
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    disk quota exceeded !!solve it and get 100 mb hosting

    I am facing a major problem with cpanel or virtuozzo, tried all scripts in ssh and behaviors in vain WWWAcct 8.0 by J. Nick Koston +===================================+ | New Account Info | +===================================+ | Domain: | Ip:
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    disk quota exceeded !!solve it and get 100 mb hosting

    I am facing a major problem with cpanel or virtuozzo, tried all scripts in ssh and behaviors in vain WWWAcct 8.0 by J. Nick Koston +===================================+ | New Account Info | +===================================+ | Domain: | Ip: