1. E

    Cpanel+? complete hosting?

    Hello, I have been looking at cpanel and it seems nice but I have a check list of what I NEED for the webhosting box. Some of these proberly can be answered by CPANEL demo, but it is down some days now. 1)Does Cpanel come with any template Account signup pages? 2)Can it/Does it manage the...
  2. T

    Hosting a subdomain via WHM???

    When you host a subdomin, is there any way to make it not allow it to be accessed by Support Ticket Number:
  3. munk

    Dedicated FreeBSD+cPanel Server Hosting

    Hi, We're currently with a company called burstnet ( and have a FreeBSD 4.7 server with cPanel there. However the latency of the server is appauling, with 8% packet loss on average. As such we're looking to move to another NOC that provides FreeBSD+cPanel. Does anyone...
  4. WebHostPro

    release vs. stable for hosting companies

    Hey, I was thinking of converting to release from stable in a production environment on some servers. Probably not the best idea but a poll will help. my thought is we can trouble shoot the problems of a release and get the options faster. More work but better performance... and auto...
  5. R

    New Hosting Company

    just letting you all know my company is here now using the cPanel system ave a look at my site and prices and tell me what you think thank you Support Ticket Number:
  6. S

    Hosting Black List

    I do like the idea and would be willing to help if you wish! Support Ticket Number:
  7. T

    Hosting question

    I have a dedicated server and use my own dns. Is it possible for me to host a clients machine name where they have their own nameservers. He has given me the machine name and asks that if I give him the ip address he can update his dns there. is this possible and if it is how do I go...
  8. D

    Hosting a

    Anyone ever done it? I'm trying to but it's not working. The domains nameservers are set to mine and everything.
  9. S

    In Expensive Web Hosting the Unlimited Plan only $20 mo

    Digital Mayham We are the only company on the Internet wait let me say that again on the entire planet that has to only Truely Unlimited Plan for only $20 month... To see go to
  10. I

    Complicated Hosting Problem

    I finally have Cpanel functioning pretty much (thank you carl), but a whole nother problem has presented itself. Before I installed Cpanel, I was hosting a domain on this server (apache vhost) and it was complicated but I got the vhost to work. would goto the server's home...
  11. I

    Virtual Hosting Problems

    Greetings all we are testing our virtual servers atm have not offically gone live yet. However we noticed on the Redhat 8.0 using CPanel/WHM 6.0 stable release. If say for instance a customer deletes a subdomain they no longer want. the directory stays in there webspace they have to manually...
  12. B

    hosting a domain with non-english characters

    Can anyone tell me how I can setup an account with a domain with non-english characters? I am having troubles doing that. The WHM simply removes the non-english characters. Any Suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. D

    Domain Hosting Script

    I would like to be able to offer domain hosting services via Cpanel... Does anyone know if there is a script out there that allows DNS editing at the user level? So that if a person buys a domain from me, and wants DNS service I can give them a cpanel account with 0 space and some bandwidth and...
  14. N

    Hosting a subdomain with cname record

    A client has domain hosted somewhere else,not cpanel. subdomain is on my cpanel. He created a CNAME record at his hosting which is: CNAME . Subdomain on cpanel works fine, but not the one with cname record. I cannot find, what record...
  15. T

    About multiple domain hosting under one single account

    Ok here's the thing: with Cpanel you can host unlimited domain with one single account. But how? I mean you need one domain to create your account (i.e, and I know you can host more domain by using the pointed domains thing (i.e would be redirected to...
  16. J

    Updating client hosting plans

    How can I manually edit one of my client accounts and have them retain those settings when I edit my packages through WHM? Example: I have setup a &Bronze& hosting plan through the WHM that does not have shell access. Client 'joe blow' signs up for the Bronze plan and his account is...
  17. J

    Problem with my hosting company's cpanel?

    Hi. I recently switched hosting companies and although the new company has had great and responsive tech support, I have one lingering problem. When connecting for email via pop, I get errors every couple of hours on a regular basis. Additionally, when going to one of my pages, I often get a can...
  18. F

    hosting somewhere other than

    Hello, I have hosted at one host and need hosted somewhere else. How can I do this?
  19. D

    Automated Hosting Setup?

    Obvious this industry is competative, its therefore beneficial if we can automate as many things as physically possible. When people order off our site, their domain request is sent to the registry and automatically registered which is great no manual intervention what so ever. But with the...
  20. D

    Changing the IP of every hosting account

    We are moving from a provider assigned ip block to our new RIPE LIR IP block, this means I need to change the ip of every hosting account on our server. Now i noticed the edit setup option has Main Shared Virtual Host IP in it but does this just change the ip on the future accounts or does it...