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    Hosting a subdomain with cname record

    A client has domain hosted somewhere else,not cpanel. subdomain is on my cpanel. He created a CNAME record at his hosting which is: CNAME . Subdomain on cpanel works fine, but not the one with cname record. I cannot find, what record...
  2. T

    About multiple domain hosting under one single account

    Ok here's the thing: with Cpanel you can host unlimited domain with one single account. But how? I mean you need one domain to create your account (i.e, and I know you can host more domain by using the pointed domains thing (i.e would be redirected to...
  3. J

    Updating client hosting plans

    How can I manually edit one of my client accounts and have them retain those settings when I edit my packages through WHM? Example: I have setup a &Bronze& hosting plan through the WHM that does not have shell access. Client 'joe blow' signs up for the Bronze plan and his account is...
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    Problem with my hosting company's cpanel?

    Hi. I recently switched hosting companies and although the new company has had great and responsive tech support, I have one lingering problem. When connecting for email via pop, I get errors every couple of hours on a regular basis. Additionally, when going to one of my pages, I often get a can...
  5. F

    hosting somewhere other than

    Hello, I have hosted at one host and need hosted somewhere else. How can I do this?
  6. D

    Automated Hosting Setup?

    Obvious this industry is competative, its therefore beneficial if we can automate as many things as physically possible. When people order off our site, their domain request is sent to the registry and automatically registered which is great no manual intervention what so ever. But with the...
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    Changing the IP of every hosting account

    We are moving from a provider assigned ip block to our new RIPE LIR IP block, this means I need to change the ip of every hosting account on our server. Now i noticed the edit setup option has Main Shared Virtual Host IP in it but does this just change the ip on the future accounts or does it...
  8. Y

    Protecting Reseller Hosting Packages From Others...Best Way?

    So what is the BEST way to protect reseller hosting packages from being seen by other resellers? * I'm sure some of you veteran cpanel guys & gals have a solution or two. Looking forward to your responses :)
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    Shared Ip hosting and SSL

    Hi Everyone, I have a couple questions any help is greatly appreciated. 1. I only get soo many ip's with my server and do not have enough to give every user an IP, so I do shared IP hosting. Well, the only downside to that is they can't view their site through the web until their domain is...
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    How to change hosting for one domain to another?

    Hi One of our customer requested to change his hosting from domain.COM to domain.NET (then he'll move .COM to another server and .com will be backup site) Site is 300Mb in public_html + a lot of MySQL DBs + email account, email forwarders, ... etc How to change everything from .com to...
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    Spam Assassin useful for Shared Hosting?

    I'am wondering how you think about: Would you offer Spam Assassin in a Shared Hosting envirement or not? I did read the posts here but I still not sure if I should or not. Do you think it makes too much trouble or it is fine. By the way we have aorund 600 clients on a box. Thanks for...
  12. C

    Changing hosting packages for all users

    Is there an easier way to apply a change to a hosting package to all users other than updating each user individually?
  13. R

    How do i change the IP named based hosting..

    When I create a named based hosting account, it sits on the IP set as eth0, is there anyway to specify which IP named based hosting accts are added to? thanks in advance
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    Hosting Packages

    Is there an easy way to transfer all the packages listed in WHM on a server to another? Anyone know where the file is that contains the infomation? Craig.
  15. G

    Web Hosting Manager & Control Panel

    Web Hosting Manager & Control Panel Hi all, Please help me! I am interested in setting up a server to sell the web space to resellers. And I want my reseller, inturn, sell web space to their customers (individual domains) I am interested in offering unlimited domain and sudomains to...
  16. S

    Forgot to enable MySql on hosting acct

    I'm a reseller for another company (so you know what version of WHM) I'm using. On one of my personal accounts I didn't enable any MySQL databases and now I need to do so. Is there a way to change it now? I feel like I've tried everything, but obviously I've missed something...
  17. A

    New hosting directory

    Hey everyone I just got an email about a new hosting directory and figured I'd share it with everyone here.
  18. K

    Multi domain hosting??

    Could someone tell me how to setup muti domain hosting under one account, ie pointing different domains into different sub folders.
  19. M

    Changing name-based hosting IP address

    Hello, How do I change the IP address that cpanel uses for name based hosting? I have recently transfered all of my accounts to a different server, and I think the cpanel config file got changed. So, it is using the old server's main IP to setup new accounts, which is obviously...