1. C

    Changing hosting packages for all users

    Is there an easier way to apply a change to a hosting package to all users other than updating each user individually?
  2. R

    How do i change the IP named based hosting..

    When I create a named based hosting account, it sits on the IP set as eth0, is there anyway to specify which IP named based hosting accts are added to? thanks in advance
  3. C

    Hosting Packages

    Is there an easy way to transfer all the packages listed in WHM on a server to another? Anyone know where the file is that contains the infomation? Craig.
  4. G

    Web Hosting Manager & Control Panel

    Web Hosting Manager & Control Panel Hi all, Please help me! I am interested in setting up a server to sell the web space to resellers. And I want my reseller, inturn, sell web space to their customers (individual domains) I am interested in offering unlimited domain and sudomains to...
  5. S

    Forgot to enable MySql on hosting acct

    I'm a reseller for another company (so you know what version of WHM) I'm using. On one of my personal accounts I didn't enable any MySQL databases and now I need to do so. Is there a way to change it now? I feel like I've tried everything, but obviously I've missed something...
  6. A

    New hosting directory

    Hey everyone I just got an email about a new hosting directory and figured I'd share it with everyone here.
  7. K

    Multi domain hosting??

    Could someone tell me how to setup muti domain hosting under one account, ie pointing different domains into different sub folders.
  8. M

    Changing name-based hosting IP address

    Hello, How do I change the IP address that cpanel uses for name based hosting? I have recently transfered all of my accounts to a different server, and I think the cpanel config file got changed. So, it is using the old server's main IP to setup new accounts, which is obviously...