1. P

    Limit number of addon domains in reseller hosting

    Hi, I'm trying to create a reseller account with 50 addon domains limit, but unable to find any option to limit addon domains in Reselller Center. There is only one option to enable "Create Packages with Addon Domains" in Reseller Center, but no limit can be set there. Does anyone know how to...
  2. K

    Parked domains hosting landing page

    Hello, I'm having this problem recently after the latest WHM/cPanel version updates with the landing page i have on my server for hosted parked domains. Originally I designated a Host domain for that park hosting and set account in WHM/cPanel with landing page uploaded under cPanel account of...
  3. inteldigital

    SOLVED Hosting files on hostname

    Hello, I am wanting to host a simple index file (with some other folders and CSS/fonts etc) on the hostname for my cPanel server so anyone accessing the link has directions to cPanel login etc as there are some links on the index page. How do I accomplish this? I figure it's not as easy as...
  4. J

    Hosting Account is Reaching its Backup inodes Number Limit

    Received a message from my host "Your Hosting Account is Reaching its Backup inodes Number Limit". Can anyone tell me what are inodes limit.
  5. R

    Hosting websites on one cPanel server and email facility on another

    HI I have a WHM accound and I would like to have the website hosted on a cpanel accound and having email on another cpanel account. When I created the cpanel for its ok but when I went to the mailserver cpanel and tried to add the domain there so I will be able to create email...
  6. K

    how to disable cpanel url from public in shared hosting

    Hey, I want to know how to disable cpanel url from public in shared hosting
  7. A

    Transferring domain to new hosting

    Hello I'm a beginner to using cpanel and I need help! Basically i have a website that is running on a host and i want to transfer that website to a new hosting company but i want to scrap the website and start new using wordpress. The old website is runing on HTML, most probably dreamweaver...
  8. K

    Hosting account for the server hostname

    Hi As part of migrating to WHM/cPanel, we need to move the server status pages (WHMCS) from our previous systems running Plesk. On Plesk we could create a hosting account / subscription for the webservers hostname and then store the status page there, while still keeping the controlpanel access...
  9. M

    Cron job on shared hosting account using some random IP on the shared server?

    I recently was forced to migrate to a new shared hosting server by my hosting provider because of issues they were having (mostly related to hacking and spam blocking) with their old server. So now I'm on this new server and have a new dedicated IP for one of the cPanel accounts I have on this...
  10. B

    Hosting Static HTML Sites on cPanel Question

    Hi Guys, Newb here. I plan to get an Apache server on Cloud VPS by Digital Ocean. There would be no PHP , no SQL, no email server Scope will be to host multiple simple portfolio type static html files on different domains.( no dynamic content served by PHP server) Once in a...
  11. C

    The 2017 cPanel® Conference announces evening events, conference schedule, and extends 50%-off early

    Houston, Texas – June, 2017 – cPanel, Inc., the Hosting Platform of Choice, is excited to announce evening events for its 2017 cPanel Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on September 26th and 27th. All three evening events are included in the cost of an attendee ticket. Monday night we kick...
  12. R

    2 cPanel accounts (hosting & email) on single domain

    Hi All, I have a domain under a reseller "" this domain is already registered with apache with some xgb space. I want to assiciate a different package to this same domain( but when i do so from whmcs it returns me error saying that domain configuration present in Apache. How do i...
  13. SuperBaby

    Hosting account not blocked after exceeding file size quota

    I am surprised to see that one of my hosting account has used up 7Gb when the allowed space is set at 2Gb. How could this happen? Why cPanel did not stop the user from uploading further?
  14. A

    Deploy script from localhost to cPanel shared hosting account

    Hello, does anyone have experience with migrate Yii framework app from localhost to cPanel shared hosting account. I'm asking for guide how to do that because I have client that needs to migrate/deploy web app made with Yii framework on cPanel shared hosting account. Does he needs to first...
  15. G

    How to see the PHP processes in a shared hosting?

    I'd like to know how I can see the PHP processes in a shared hosting environment.
  16. akust0m

    Disable website hosting in package?

    This may sound like a strange question, but I'm wondering whether it is possible to disable website hosting in a cPanel package? For this particular package I'd like to provide DNS and email/web forwarding tools, but not the ability to host a website. Is this possible?
  17. A

    Trouble installing ssl. transferred addon domain - hosting elsewhere

    The domain is hosted with godaddy but it is an addon domain. Hosting is with justhost on a resller account. The SSL cert is a multidomain UCC standard. I called go daddy and they had me set everything up. Got a CSR and installed the cert using the addon domains cpanel. Everything looked good...
  18. V

    Cloud Hosting

    I have Dedicated Hosting with CloudLinux and KernelCare i would like to know if i can add this Cloud Hosting
  19. N

    Some questions about cPanel shared hosting

    Hi All, We are interested by CPanel to start new offer but... it's difficult to understand when we start, how it's possible to manage more than 1k websites with automatic choice of the best server to place each new account ? We are very interested by users that have solved this problem and can...
  20. P

    cPanel license from 3rd party for use on hosting provider

    Hi Everyone, I am using Cpanel server edition in my dedicated server. I got the Cpanel license from my hosting provider and now needs to be renewed for another month. When googling I noticed sites like buycpanel price are less compared to my provider's price. My question is.. Do one have to...