1. P

    cPanel license from 3rd party for use on hosting provider

    Hi Everyone, I am using Cpanel server edition in my dedicated server. I got the Cpanel license from my hosting provider and now needs to be renewed for another month. When googling I noticed sites like buycpanel price are less compared to my provider's price. My question is.. Do one have to...
  2. Anthony Brian Mallgren

    Directory Alias/Virtual Directory in Shared Hosting

    I have an agreement for a shared hosting package with GoDaddy, using Linux and CPanel. When I attempt to create a directory alias (also known as a virtual directory), I see no reasonable means of doing so. There is this thread: Directory Alias in WHM or Cpanel Although, the links seem to...
  3. J

    Unknown Hosting Provider

    Hi, I'm working on a website and would like to add and edit some files where access to cPanel is needed. But when I tried to type http://thedomainname/cpanel, it says error 404. I also tried to access through the hosting account in but when I tried to manage it, it says "if you only...
  4. S

    multiple domains, same hosting account

    I do not think this is answering the question. If someone used or uses other hosting control panels like Plesk of H-Sphere, there was always an option to add another domain to a hosting account as an end user in the control panel. This would create a new web folder for the site files and when...
  5. F

    permissions for home/userName directory in cPanel hosting

    I've been learning about cPanel permissions. I was wondering if anyone knows what are the permissions for the root directory with the form: home/userName? I can't seem to find this anywhere. - - - Updated - - - I should clarify, I mean the directory itself, I realize that you can view the...
  6. J

    Hosting Multiple Web Sites

    Does cPanel support hosting multiple web sites on one IP? My current server has very low utilization and I need to host a secondary web site to this server that is configured with cPanel. The present httpd.conf contains warnings about not editing the file. A content editor that I'm...
  7. R

    Help want to renew domain and hosting.

    Hello , I had website which was created by website designing company now we have some problems and i made domain transfer now i want to renew my domain and hosting . Please help me how can i renew . he gave me EPP KEY AND LOGIN PASSWORD FOR CPANEL . . Thanks Ravin Jain .
  8. K

    Moving selected websites from one hosting provider to another

    Hi, I have hosting in Bigrock and want to move my whole websites or selected websites to WHB. WHB has a service for this. But they are moving/ copying the entire CPanel. In Bigrock only two addon domains and websites are allowed but in WHB hosting addons domains and unlimited. When WHB moved the...
  9. S

    Moving web hosting between 2 cpanel providers advice!!

    Hi, I am moving my web hosting from host papa to blluehost. they both use cPanel and i have 2 questions. 1. is there a guide on how to do this. 2. is ther a way to migrate all my email data, not just the accounts between hosts Thanks
  10. B

    Enkompass and where to move Windows hosting

    We've got an Enkompass server and we're needing to obviously migrate this to another hosting platform. Just wondering how others went about this? Did you migrate to Plesk or Website Panel or something else? Keen to understand what you did with your Windows hosting customers.
  11. J

    Noobie Basics: Need to create a hosting account for our whm

    My manager, who has spent a lot of time with Linux, has our WHM set up. Now, he has tasked me with creating a hosting account on our WHM so that we can start migrating our existing websites over to this one. This is frustrating, because I can't seem to find a way to do this anywhere in the...
  12. J

    Reseller can't create unlimited bandwidth hosting

    Hi, i already enable Allow Creation of Packages with Unlimited Bandwidth but reseller can't create hosting with unlimited bandwidth Here the screenhost [Removed] please advice Thank you
  13. durangod

    i installed my hostname ssl cert and now my hosting domain is down

    I installed a cert for via the ssl/tls and then went to the configuration manager for ssl and installed it for all services. Now my hosting domain site that had the other dedicated ssl cert is down the error log says i do have the forwarding to ssl set to host name in my...
  14. C

    shared hosting user home folder tmp directory -- can I use this for php sessions?

    By default on a shared hosting server generally session.save_path is /tmp. This is bad for a couple reasons such as other users on the server can read the data AND even garbage collect the session before it really should. I have been changing session.save_path to /home/user/tmp and it seems to...
  15. D

    WHM Shows an error occurred while processing this directive message when trying to create a hosting

    WHM gives error as I am getting the following error message on top of the package creation box in WHM. (WHM > Add packages) [an error occurred while processing this directive] I am using server: CLOUDLINUX 6.5 x86_64 standard WHM 11.42.1 (build 16) cPanel Version 11.42.1 (build...
  16. M

    My Personal Hosting CMS - Problem With Automatic Make Host

    Hello , In My New Hosting Cms I Want To Make Hosts Automatic ! I Need Cpanel Urls ! Example : in my cms i switched to cpanel server - and i have not any url to make website with url and script automatic ! Please Help Me :X (If You Don't Know , Please Help Me How Can I Set...
  17. V

    How do I transfer cPanel WHM hosting to GoDaddy hosting?

    Hey guys I was wondering how I could transfer the WHM cPanel to normal unlimited GoDaddy hosting. The company that set up my website used cPanel WHM and I'm not used to it at all unfortunately :(. I'm better with just using regular hosting and FTP access to make minor changes here and there...
  18. L

    Middleware applicaton hosting and execution in cPanel

    Hi all, I am very new to this . So this may be a dumb question to ask. I am trying to build a middleware application ( you know...retrive data from a webservice and store to db in cPAnel and send the data to the webservice hosted from here) Is it possible to run an application in...
  19. P

    hosting sites in vmware for testing

    Actually I m a pentester and like to test the cpanel so I installed centos in vmware and then installed cpanel inside it. Then i went to my host machine which is windows7, browse to the ip of centos(client machine) like ip/whm. Everything is normal, whm opened and working. Now i want to create 2...
  20. D

    .htaccess file does't work for the new cPanel hosting.

    I just moved my website from a old classic Godaddy Linux hosting to a new cPanel one. There's a problem: The .htacess file does't work for the cPanel hosting (it works well for the classic hosting). I use the .htaccess file to redirect people with Chinese browsers to another URL (