1. J

    Reseller can't create unlimited bandwidth hosting

    Hi, i already enable Allow Creation of Packages with Unlimited Bandwidth but reseller can't create hosting with unlimited bandwidth Here the screenhost [Removed] please advice Thank you
  2. durangod

    i installed my hostname ssl cert and now my hosting domain is down

    I installed a cert for via the ssl/tls and then went to the configuration manager for ssl and installed it for all services. Now my hosting domain site that had the other dedicated ssl cert is down the error log says i do have the forwarding to ssl set to host name in my...
  3. C

    shared hosting user home folder tmp directory -- can I use this for php sessions?

    By default on a shared hosting server generally session.save_path is /tmp. This is bad for a couple reasons such as other users on the server can read the data AND even garbage collect the session before it really should. I have been changing session.save_path to /home/user/tmp and it seems to...
  4. D

    WHM Shows an error occurred while processing this directive message when trying to create a hosting

    WHM gives error as I am getting the following error message on top of the package creation box in WHM. (WHM > Add packages) [an error occurred while processing this directive] I am using server: CLOUDLINUX 6.5 x86_64 standard WHM 11.42.1 (build 16) cPanel Version 11.42.1 (build...
  5. M

    My Personal Hosting CMS - Problem With Automatic Make Host

    Hello , In My New Hosting Cms I Want To Make Hosts Automatic ! I Need Cpanel Urls ! Example : in my cms i switched to cpanel server - and i have not any url to make website with url and script automatic ! Please Help Me :X (If You Don't Know , Please Help Me How Can I Set...
  6. V

    How do I transfer cPanel WHM hosting to GoDaddy hosting?

    Hey guys I was wondering how I could transfer the WHM cPanel to normal unlimited GoDaddy hosting. The company that set up my website used cPanel WHM and I'm not used to it at all unfortunately :(. I'm better with just using regular hosting and FTP access to make minor changes here and there...
  7. L

    Middleware applicaton hosting and execution in cPanel

    Hi all, I am very new to this . So this may be a dumb question to ask. I am trying to build a middleware application ( you know...retrive data from a webservice and store to db in cPAnel and send the data to the webservice hosted from here) Is it possible to run an application in...
  8. P

    hosting sites in vmware for testing

    Actually I m a pentester and like to test the cpanel so I installed centos in vmware and then installed cpanel inside it. Then i went to my host machine which is windows7, browse to the ip of centos(client machine) like ip/whm. Everything is normal, whm opened and working. Now i want to create 2...
  9. D

    .htaccess file does't work for the new cPanel hosting.

    I just moved my website from a old classic Godaddy Linux hosting to a new cPanel one. There's a problem: The .htacess file does't work for the cPanel hosting (it works well for the classic hosting). I use the .htaccess file to redirect people with Chinese browsers to another URL (
  10. S

    Domain alias difficulties (2 domains, 2 contents, 1 hosting)

    Good morning. I’m new to Cpanel and I came here, because I didn't found any useful information on the internet. (I found a lot of them, but none helped me). My client has webhosting and domains by some russian company which is using Cpanel administration. I can't say a word in this language...
  11. R

    How can I Disable SSL installation during full restore in WHM from other hosting company?

    Hello, My main question i guess is, How can I Disable SSL installation during full restore in WHM from other hosting company? I am new to WHM as a Virtual VPS Hosting Provider and I am trying to perform a full recovery of a domain that is currently hosted with another company. When i do...
  12. Y

    How to redirect user from one domain which does not have any hosting to another domain which has one

    I have a with - removed - and a hosting plan with it. I recently purchased another from a seller on That domain is with I want to redirect all request from the "" to "". So in godaddy there was this option called...
  13. D

    Is word press forbidden on CPanel? My hosting company says so - urgent help please

    Recently i have ordered a VPS plan with one of the 4-Tier hosting company with a Cpanel license The server details are as follow Linux VPS - Quad Core Plan / 4GB Ram / 100GB HDD . OS is Centos 6 x86 (64) & Cpanel License (CentOS Only). The server was configured with LAMP I have...
  14. D

    Transferring domain (with many subdomains) from shared cPanel hosting to WHM virtual server

    I currently have a shared hosting account with around 10 domains on it. The way it's set up is one cPanel account and the other domains are listed there as called "subdomains" (these are completely different domains, they're just called subdomains in cPanel) Anyway, I'm going to upgrade to a...
  15. the_Dsigner

    Hosting provider upgraded PHP and now my website doesn't work

    I asked my hosting provider if it was possible to easily upgrade the server PHP version so I could run a new blogging platform that I found on the web. The original version was V5.2.x.x and the minimum for the platform I was looking at installing needed min 5.3. The hosting provider said it...
  16. M

    what is difference cloud hosting

    hi .. what is difference between the forcpanel and stand-alone cloud hosting ........ how to work both ..please help i am fresher in this field .. Thank you ....
  17. A

    How can i configure my WHM and trasfer my sites from old hosting

    Hello, THis is the 1st time i'm in WHM root as administrator. I need to transfer my website from my old webhosting including Emails,Database etc... but the problem is when i login to root i see different interface but in my old hosting account i see normal most common cpanel interface i'm so...
  18. C

    Where do I begin in Web Hosting?

    Hello, I am a web designer and developer looking to expand my offerings to my clients. I figured I'd learn more about web hosting. I got a reseller vps account so I can learn about the process and play with my own websites in the process so not to mess up client sites. My Questions...
  19. E

    Migrate cpanel accounts from old reseller hosting to new reseller WHM

    Hye!! I am new here. I read many posts and forums but couldn't get any easy way to complete migration work. My objective is to: Move all client accounts of old reseller WHM to new reseller hosting WHM How can I do this step by step ad I don't have previous such knowledge and ssh or plesk...
  20. R

    Domain in reseller redirects to hosting provider

    Hello, I bought a dedicated ip for my website which is in reseller hosting. RDNS is set to point to my website. dig -x IP shows my website. But when i call it still redirects to hosting provider name How do it keep the cpanel and webmail to...