1. R

    How can I Disable SSL installation during full restore in WHM from other hosting company?

    Hello, My main question i guess is, How can I Disable SSL installation during full restore in WHM from other hosting company? I am new to WHM as a Virtual VPS Hosting Provider and I am trying to perform a full recovery of a domain that is currently hosted with another company. When i do...
  2. Y

    How to redirect user from one domain which does not have any hosting to another domain which has one

    I have a with - removed - and a hosting plan with it. I recently purchased another from a seller on That domain is with I want to redirect all request from the "" to "". So in godaddy there was this option called...
  3. D

    Is word press forbidden on CPanel? My hosting company says so - urgent help please

    Recently i have ordered a VPS plan with one of the 4-Tier hosting company with a Cpanel license The server details are as follow Linux VPS - Quad Core Plan / 4GB Ram / 100GB HDD . OS is Centos 6 x86 (64) & Cpanel License (CentOS Only). The server was configured with LAMP I have...
  4. D

    Transferring domain (with many subdomains) from shared cPanel hosting to WHM virtual server

    I currently have a shared hosting account with around 10 domains on it. The way it's set up is one cPanel account and the other domains are listed there as called "subdomains" (these are completely different domains, they're just called subdomains in cPanel) Anyway, I'm going to upgrade to a...
  5. the_Dsigner

    Hosting provider upgraded PHP and now my website doesn't work

    I asked my hosting provider if it was possible to easily upgrade the server PHP version so I could run a new blogging platform that I found on the web. The original version was V5.2.x.x and the minimum for the platform I was looking at installing needed min 5.3. The hosting provider said it...
  6. M

    what is difference cloud hosting

    hi .. what is difference between the forcpanel and stand-alone cloud hosting ........ how to work both ..please help i am fresher in this field .. Thank you ....
  7. A

    How can i configure my WHM and trasfer my sites from old hosting

    Hello, THis is the 1st time i'm in WHM root as administrator. I need to transfer my website from my old webhosting including Emails,Database etc... but the problem is when i login to root i see different interface but in my old hosting account i see normal most common cpanel interface i'm so...
  8. C

    Where do I begin in Web Hosting?

    Hello, I am a web designer and developer looking to expand my offerings to my clients. I figured I'd learn more about web hosting. I got a reseller vps account so I can learn about the process and play with my own websites in the process so not to mess up client sites. My Questions...
  9. E

    Migrate cpanel accounts from old reseller hosting to new reseller WHM

    Hye!! I am new here. I read many posts and forums but couldn't get any easy way to complete migration work. My objective is to: Move all client accounts of old reseller WHM to new reseller hosting WHM How can I do this step by step ad I don't have previous such knowledge and ssh or plesk...
  10. R

    Domain in reseller redirects to hosting provider

    Hello, I bought a dedicated ip for my website which is in reseller hosting. RDNS is set to point to my website. dig -x IP shows my website. But when i call it still redirects to hosting provider name How do it keep the cpanel and webmail to...
  11. B

    is it possible to add a frame on every hosting account?

    Hi guys, i am new to this so maybe my question is silly :o i have vps server and on my free hosting packages i want an iframe/frame on the top of the customers websites created automatic on account creation, and the frame will only be removed when customer upgrade. is this possible...
  12. N

    finding which hosting account/reseller a domain belongs to thru ssh

    Hi, This is the situation.. xxxxx <- reseller user | yyyyyy <- cpanel user account | <- addon domain As you can see above, we have an addon domain( inside a cpanel account(yyyyyy) which belongs to a reseller customer(xxxxx) Now...
  13. A

    Moving from shared hosting to VPS hosting for the first time .. Need help :/

    Hi guys ... Well I have a small site which till now I was hosting on shared hosting .. For that, all I had to do was point my website address to my hosting provider's provided nameservers .. Now that I have my own VPS, I have no idea whatsoever on how to link my website address to my VPS ...
  14. I

    Sites and server performance affected with cPanel latest version updates by hosting provider.....

    Hi, My existing hosting account (vps) has cPanel/WHM with NGINX/Apache Booster installed/setup which has been working fine ......until the recent update of cPanel to its latest version. 1. It started to get 413 errors for uploading a plugin via the wordpress wp-admin/plugins/addon/upload...
  15. A

    Hosting Server

    First of all, hello to everybody I'm new to the forum and this is my first post so please bare with me if I make any mistakes or ask any stupid questions. Having say that, I'm familiar with cpanel and all that from the end user point of view, meaning I have only use cpanel from when I bought...
  16. G

    I am new to Hosting and completely overwhelmed.. Need basic help to get started with the Cpanel

    Hello everyone, I am completely new to this version of cPanel and reseller hosting. My previous domain hosting company was pretty easy to navigate and use, however I am finding Hosting to be a whole different ballgame. I have looked at some of the get started videos, and I need more help...
  17. S

    I want to provide hosting services

    Hello. Ordered a vps + cpanel. I want to provide hosting services. I have written in cpanel vps optimized. Clients will immediately recognize that I have a vps and not a dedicated server. How can I change the label? that customers would not understand that I have a vps thought that a...
  18. D

    Shared hosting problem

    Guys, I have several sites hosted on a shared ip when goes to instead of getting re-directed to webmail it is getting re-directed to another domain that is hosted on the same shared ip ? any ideas ? Drew
  19. V

    Help! I need advice for website hosting

    Website source code PHP (wordpress), it often lag and lose connection server! I need advice on a new hosting! My Website is - LINK REMOVED -
  20. B

    hosting providers

    Godaddy vs HostGator. I need to setup an online store: opencart + awstats+ seo+ seo tools+ssl (basically i need cpanels a 100%). Which host would be better for me, godaddy or hostgator?