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    Help! I need advice for website hosting

    Website source code PHP (wordpress), it often lag and lose connection server! I need advice on a new hosting! My Website is - LINK REMOVED -
  2. B

    hosting providers

    Godaddy vs HostGator. I need to setup an online store: opencart + awstats+ seo+ seo tools+ssl (basically i need cpanels a 100%). Which host would be better for me, godaddy or hostgator?
  3. S

    hosting subdomain in a different server

    Hello How do i change the DNS so i can host a subdomain in a different server
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    Create Web Hosting Manager (WHM) account without accessing to the WHM.

    Good evening everyone, I'm new to this discussion as to this Forum. I have a website on cPanel and I don't know how to get a WHM account to access the WHM portal. P.S: I tried to access the WHM by my website owner account, but it's not working. It's then obvious that I...
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    Hosting many business client domains, can whm/cpanel allow custom script updates ?

    we would like to run a server such that clients would not need to log in to their cpanel accounts but rather on the admin side we would install the software, be able to update, and host our client business website domains including dedicated ip and ssl for each client, and then just allow...
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    Free Hosting Style Subdomain Account Setup

    Hello. I have just started my hosting company business, and I want to know how to create accounts specifically for subdomains on my host. I'd like to offer subdomains such as "" and "" for free. How can I do this safely, and systematically, without me manually...
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    Unable to delete a no domain hosting account

    I am facing a strange issue. one of my client created a hosting account without domain. Now the problem is I am unable to terminate it. every time it shows "not a valid domain" . Any one please help me .
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    Problem in hosting my website

    Hi! I am in difficult situation as I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. The problem I'm facing is, I've installed the wordpess using quickinstall and when I try to access the URL via browser, the page doesn't load. Instead, a file is automatically getting downloaded with file name...
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    help for web hosting setup

    hi there, I want to create my own small web hosting company using whm. what do i need for it? do i need my own nameserver--------i know, it's strange question but i want to know? if yes, then where i can register my domain name i want my web hosting company as...
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    CPanel design guide for shared hosting?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a CPanel design guide for a shared hosting setup? I believe a lot of my questions would be answered. For instance, with my current hosting provider I login to my account via their main website which then takes me into my CPanel which shows me the IP address of my...
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    orangehrm can install/support in cpanel share hosting server ?

    can anyone advise that orangehrm can install/support in cpanel share hosting server ? receive this error message when installing ." An internal error occurred. Please contact your system administrator. " any guide/help is appreciate.
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    How to Access to cPanel via specific Subdomain in Shared Hosting plan

    I have shared hosting plan with cPanel. But most time i need to access to cPanel so I am using http://domain:2082 method.the thing is its bit annoying to me.. My question is Is it possible to map http://domain:2082 to as http://cpanel.domain like subdomain?
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    Local hosting or international hosting? pleae give me an advice

    Dear all, Now I have one website: / which is hosted in Viet Nam, But i don't know which is the best hosting for my site? the local hosting provider or international one, because alomost of my customer is in Viet Nam so I think I hire the hosting in Viet Nam is much better than...
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    I want to upload a coplete backup to my new hosting provider

    Hello all, not sure if I missed this issue but some searching didn't bring up something relevant. I am a self taught artisan and decided to move my sites (4) at a new hosting place. I have been planning this for a while so I took the time to take full backups via Cpanel. My problem is...
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    When I create multiple hosting accounts with WHM they all load root site

    Hello, I have a dedicated server with WHM installed. My problem is that when I create multiple hosting accounts, each hosting account being provided with a cpanel and a different domain name, all the domain names point to the root site. How can I solve this issue? Thank you!
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    2 accounts hosting hundreds of similar domains

    Hi, I have a customer which has 2 huge accounts each hosting ~ 600 domains. I was able to restore the first account just fine however, then trying to restore the other account, I get an error like the following : Extracting Domain....Done DOMAIN CONFLICT: owned by user1 - the...
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    How To Change MP3 Hosting & Upload Limit In WHMSonic

    I had setting up an internal shoutcast in my whmsonic, its working properly untill i realize that i did not set the MP3 Hosting & Upload Limit properly, it use default (50MB). How to change the limit.? i hav tried in Manage Customers, but i still couldn't find that option. :confused:
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    Small issue - cpanel inactive and I need to migrate hosting accounts

    I am having a small issue at the moment. I'm changing to another hosting company which is using cPanel. I have been sharing a server with a friend and due to him not wanting it anymore I can no longer fund it myself. The cPanel license is now invalid and I want to transfer all the accounts...
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    SSL workaround for shared hosting

    Hi, I currntly have a shared hosting server with a bunch of dedicated IPs for reseller purposes. All services ( SMTP, cpanel/whm ) are currently on a shared SSL from a third party vendor which works fine. One of my reseller wanted to have a login url of their own for ex...
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    hosting an website

    hello, i am sorry but i am a complete newbie to cpanel and website hosting. i just developed an web application for a small firm. The firm already has an existing website that is hosted on cpanel. so i am wondering if there is a way to upgrade the existing cpanel plan to accommodate...