1. S

    SSL workaround for shared hosting

    Hi, I currntly have a shared hosting server with a bunch of dedicated IPs for reseller purposes. All services ( SMTP, cpanel/whm ) are currently on a shared SSL from a third party vendor which works fine. One of my reseller wanted to have a login url of their own for ex...
  2. L

    hosting an website

    hello, i am sorry but i am a complete newbie to cpanel and website hosting. i just developed an web application for a small firm. The firm already has an existing website that is hosted on cpanel. so i am wondering if there is a way to upgrade the existing cpanel plan to accommodate...
  3. W

    Hosting multiple websites(Domain) in server.

    I am complete noob when it comes to server and linux. How can I host multiple domains in a server? Are there complete guide for setting up two websites for CENTOS 5.8 , WHM 11.32.5 . If that matters? Thanks in advance. Update: forgot to mention, I am already hosting one, I want to add another...
  4. S

    Transfer Hosting Account Without Changing A ADDRESS

    Hi All, I need some suggestion. Currently I offer DNS hosting for domain. But when i want to upgrade server, move account to another server, i found out cpanel transfer process made domain A ADDRESS changed. For example: I have a domain and 2 server, this domain only host DNS and point...
  5. B

    Put subdomain in another server (reseller hosting), what domain i put in or

    Hi guys, I want to put some in another server i understand in current server, in WHM > Edit DNS Zone > > i just need to add A record like subdomain A server IP) before that, i need to set the another server first, so i want to...
  6. I

    Newbie to WHM - hosting company transferred my site to home partition?

    Hi I've just transfered from one hosting company (shared hosting) to another (vps). The new hosting company transferred my site. I'm new to WHM but something doesnt look right so can someone let me know if i'm correct? I was trying to transfer the ssl from the old host but cant see where...
  7. I

    Migrate Web Hosting Plan for my domain

    I have Domain Registration & Web Hosting from for our Website and Other 4 Web Site i want to relocate to our Purchased VPS Server on Now I want to my add Web Hosting for our domain on our purchased VPS Server from Godaddy and want to stop using Web Hosting from...
  8. N

    Hosting multiple dynamic sites

    Hi everyone, I have a CMS that uses one database and selects different data for different websites simply by using a column called CUST_NO in every table. Now I need to set this up on cpanel. I have a WHM and can create cpanel accounts if needed. The database is also imported and ready to...
  9. O

    Problem With giving hosting to domains

    When I give my site hosting , it never comes up. The name servers are correctly registered and they update but they just never come online. The temporary link works but it just never connects to the domain. Do I have to allow anything on my server , or what should I do to fix this problem ?
  10. M

    Can we install SSL in shared hosting, without dedicated IP ?

    Hello, I have a lot a requests from clients to install SSL in shared hosting. But they don't want to spend extra money to buy a dedicated IP. My question is, can we install SSL in shared hosting, without a dedicated IP ? Thanks
  11. E

    Total Disk USED and allocate disk by hosting provider

    I have taken a new reseller account my whm showing total 3250MB disk used of 5-7 account, but my hosting provider saying you used your 5GB. I said him "Again getting error "ERROR:> Exceeded storage allocation." i only used 3252MB and i have 5GB package. Please resolve it asap "...
  12. C

    Using GoDaddy's Cloud Hosting

    Hi, How come with GoDaddy's Cloud Hosting, when I install cPanel, it installs Accelerated 2? Using Cent OS 6.2 Thanks!
  13. R

    (WHM) Hosting Account Creation Status: failed

    at 1st that account i Terminated and when i reset the account but can not it following that... Account Creation Status: failed Sorry, a DNS entry for already exists, please delete it first (from all servers in the dns cluster) Please help can create a hosting...
  14. B

    Need to set up a new hosting account

    Hi. I'm new to CPanel. I need to create an individual account for another person but he can just access the ftp, and cpanel details for the domain, not the entire master account. Can anyone kindly explain to me how?
  15. C

    Hosting java applications in cpanel (Cyclos)

    Hey, I administer my own cpanel server, I have some linux experience. I wanted to know whether its possible to host java applications from cpanel. Im particular I need to host this script: Cyclos - Open source on-line banking software Thanks for help in advance.
  16. H

    openfiler and cpanel. How to create hosting on volume share of openfiler ?

    Hi Technicians, I have a server run openfiler and a server run cpanel, how to create hosting on volume share of openfiler on cpanel, i'm install cpanel on OS with LVM. Thanks !
  17. Y

    account transfer blocked from old hosting provider?

    Is this Posiible? Can the old provider block the account transfer? I must ask for your opinion on my problem.. although i have transfered already dozens of accounts from my old provider, I cant anymore! Is it possible that the old provider has forbiden access or transfering? I still have...
  18. T

    Create my own Cloud Hosting Reseller

    Hi, I am new to using VPS and I opted for: OS Template: CentOS 5.6 (cPanel/WHM — 64-bit) Now this is my first time setting up a VPS (actually it is a cloud server) now I naturally assume they are a C-Panel reseller and I perhaps foolishly did not go along with their $50 one set up and had...
  19. nitaish

    perl modules in shared hosting server

    One of my customers having shared hosting account with us in Cpanel server wants the following perl modules to be installed. Date-Calc-5.4 File-Tail-0.99.3 lzo-1.08 Number-Format-1.52 chartdir_perl_linux MIME::Lite MIME::Base64 Authen::ASL LWP::UserAgent DBI-1.607
  20. D

    Does WHM come with Cpanel in VPS Hosting?

    Hi I am signing up with HostGator Level 5 VPS, and have added Cpanel for $10.30/month, so I was wondering if WHM comes with it?