1. S

    Hosting Packages

    I was fed up being let down with my hosting provider, I purchased a reseller package, but know nothing about hosting. Know trying to set the packages I am unsure on how to set my packages to unlimited. Can anyone please advise. Many thanks.:confused:
  2. M

    SSH login to root account. Am I able to view ALL the sites I'm hosting?

    I have successfully migrated sites and I can log in to each one via SSH. I can also SSH into the root account. I was expecting to see a www folder and the subfolders for each of my hosted sites. All I can see are some cpanel files. Is this possible or is the data deliberately hidden for...
  3. lightbeing

    Deploying a Tomcat app on shared hosting

    Hi there, I've got a client who's wanting to deploy a Tomcat app thwy've written to a standard shared hosting account. A couple of questions for you. 1. How is that done? 2. Is it safe/standard to allow this for shared hosting? Thanks in advance D
  4. S

    Hosting multiple domains in goDaddy dedicated server

    I am new to cPanel. I purchased dedicated server with 1 external IP from goDaddy. Server is behind the firewall, and its IP is I am trying to setup multiple completely separate domains. Both domains from Internet resolve to (ping in cPanel, I have created 2...
  5. X

    Dedicated IP on hosting account

    Hi, I've tried using the dedicated email for a site a few times before, assigning and IP I of course have on my box. I tried with the IP I also use for my second nameserver. For some reason it doesn't seem to be working even after waiting two days. I find this odd because my DNS always...
  6. L

    free cpanel hosting and advertising

    Hello cPanel Community Members, I have spent several hours trying to find the following, but to no avail, so thought I might be able to get some help here. I'd like to offer a free web hosting plan for members, but in return have small adverts automatically placed on there website pages, the...
  7. G

    Hosting Billing software

    What software are you guys using (or can recommend) to manage the billing and client-side of hosting / domain accounts? I'm looking for something that will: 1. Work seamlessly with cPanel and ResellerOne (for domains); 2. Use Paypal for payment; 3. Purchase the domain through my...
  8. A

    Hosting MANY sites, use add on domains or individual accounts?

    Hello, Our team is working on transferring a few hundred sites from dream host to a dedicated server running WHM and cPanel. We would like to know the best way, in your opinions, of going about this. We are scripting the whole process, making it fully automated using the awesome API (thanks...
  9. B

    Yahoo hosting service?

    Can yahoo small business hosting service handle custom program such as "members login" "Pay bill online" I would not use Yahoo for professional business webiste, but I couldn't explain WHY in professional sentences. Can somebody explain to me why yahoo is not a good candicate for a...
  10. 4

    Automatic opening hosting software

    There is such thing free? Like WHMCS but free
  11. A

    use htaccess to protect cpanel login page on shared hosting?

    Question... if it's possible, how can we set a .htpasswd + the required .htaccess file to trigger when someone attempts to access the cpanel? I am being hosted right now at hostgator shared hosting and they use cpanel. As far as I know, no one has tried to access my cpanel yet. I would...
  12. J

    Can I install magento on my shared hosting cpanel?

    Hi I am new here and I think that I can solve my problem here. I am using shared hosting. I can install CMS like joomla, phbbb, drupal on my hosting. But could not install Magento, there asking for some php configuration before installing Magento, How can I access those php configuration on my...
  13. B

    Wish to start Small Business Hosting

    I own three websites, but all hosted on different packages. I was thinking of starting a Small Business Web Hosting where I can host all my domains at one place and at the same time resell some space to others and generate some additional income source. Is there anything suitable to match these...
  14. B

    Storefront for hosting site

    Any suggestions for a store front for new clients to purchase domains and web hosting. I know I will need a website, but how does it integrate with WHMCS? Thank you
  15. C

    I will add CPANEL hosting in my website

    Hello, I have heard that Cpanel is good but not sure if this is fast like when you transfer files from FTP i will be making my website and need a good hosting
  16. M

    moving shared hosting to new vps Problem

    Hello guyz i recently purchased new unmanaged vps after that i back up my shared account and upload mysql and home dir before i change my domain name server ,i want to open new vps through VPS ip but when i access through ip it redirect to defaultwebpage.cgi although when i try to...
  17. A

    Updating scripts after changing hosting account

    I recently built a small website to promote my practice (I am an Medical Doctor and a Chiropractor). Kept it simple. One domain, no add-ons or parked domains, no fancy stuff. Recently I bought a second domain. I want to pretty much move everything from my original domain to this new one. I...
  18. I


    Hi All Currently i am using a web hosting company for all my clients in South Africa, but im sure i can save a lot more money hosting by myself? I love cpanel, so is there anyone here that can guide me to an excellent hosting company i can buy server space and how to go about setting this...
  19. B

    how to get the cpanel account details hosting a site

    Hi I have many sites hosting under cpanel/WHM on a VPS, now I need to get the cpanel account details within a script. Lets say I have following cpanel accounts account1 account2 account1 is hosting sites site1.tld, site2.tld, site3.tld and site4.tld account2 is hosting sites...
  20. D

    Automatic advertising hosting

    Good afternoon, would like to know if there are any mod to cpanel, you can configure automatic advertising in lodgings that I host on my server. Mod_layout but there is not compatible with Apache 2.2 Regards.