1. tbutler

    SOLVED Live Transfer Reports Hostname Not Resolving Locally

    I'm trying to transfer accounts between my old server (CentOS 7) and my new server (AlmaLinux 8) that are both running cPanel 106.0.11. I have a DNS cluster between the two of them at the moment. I transferred over the account that has the server's own hostname and manually edited its zone to...
  2. charliecres

    Redirecting to ip address instead of server hostname

    i am facing problem with ip redirecting issue. explaining this issue.. i have configured my server with whmcs. when my customer trying to login to their cpanel from whmcs client area ,they are redirecting with server ip address instead of server hostname ,, previously it was redirected with...
  3. M

    new hostname not resolving to any ip

    hello recently our hosting provider (godaddy) warned us that the default hostname used for their vps had changed and would stop resolving mid september, so we had to change our server hostname as well we did, via godaddy's control panel, which also automatically adds the new dns zones and...
  4. G

    Changing Hostname when a Site on the Server Presently Uses the Same Domain

    The present situation is as follows: The hostname is The nameservers are and One of the hosted sites is No, it's not ideal and wouldn't even be allowed nowadays. But it is what it is. If I change the hostname from...
  5. baronn

    Phantom Hostname

    Having a weird issue on one of our boxes. Automatic SSL generation fails for service level SSLs which we have to ssh into the box to reset manually: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts whilst a pain its fine for now. What's puzzling us and strange is that when that's run a domain pops up...
  6. Spirogg

    Hello I have a few Questions regarding SSL Hostname

    Ticket #94447929 so my issue was my Cert expired for my hostname. was getting stale CSR Null etc. I did the mv -v cpbkp2 etc. and them ran the manual check for cert it still did not update so I put in a ticket then updated the IP's for Sectigo again (whitelisted) then Support was able to get...
  7. M

    Block changing Hostname in server

    Hi, Every 4 hours my server in Oracle Cloud is changing hostname. Default hostname: nameserver.domain.tld But every 4 hours the server change hostname to: 'nameserver' This make cPanel license is down and block all access to WHM. How I can block the hostname change for avoid this?
  8. P

    Primary Hostname Sending spam

    Hi, Recently deployed a Cpanel server. We noticed a great deal of spam coming from the server hostname Server hostname : A snippet of exim_mainlog 2022-04-25 08:22:24 1nimUi-0000ST-0I <= [email protected] H=( []:57276 P=esmtp S=24112...
  9. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-40511 - SSL/TLS CONFIGURATION - how can we configure hostname SSL/TLS Configuration to RSA, 4,096-bit

    How can we change the hostname server.domain.(com) to RSA, 4,096-bit, so the SSL certificate will run AutoSSL and will update the hostname certificate to the same RSA, 4,096-bit I know These settings below are for Domain names on cpanel accounts but not for the hostname. SSL/TLS CONFIGURATION...
  10. Spirogg

    is there a one liner - terminal ssh command to get the expiration date of your hostname SSL Certificate?

    hi, Just wondering how can you check the date of expiration of your hostname SSL certificate? I know it shows for the domains in WHM but not for the Hostname? is there a one liner for this or can this be added as well to WHM in another Colum to show when the cert will expire like auto SSL for...
  11. PeteS

    Moving server, keeping hostname and nameservers, changing IP addresses, single server with no DNS clustering

    I'd like some best practice ideas for how to handle a server move. Currently there is a single cPanel server that has 3 IP addresses (main/shared/hostname, NS1, NS2). The whole server is moving to a new server, which will have a new IP address (could have 3 IP addresses temporarily, by not...
  12. H

    Change primary server domain / hostname

    Hi all, what is the correct way when changing server's primary domain and hostname? I used an old domain for initial setup years ago and now I'd like to change it, hopefully without a complete breakdown because I have several active domains there at the moment. Any tips are greatly appreciated...
  13. J

    Primary Hostname change with exim for better email delivery

    Hello. I hope everyone is healthy and safe. My server has a hostname as I also have about 10 different fully qualified domain names with assocaited web pages and email campaign software. The issue is that any domain sending email is always shows primary hostname as...
  14. Spirogg

    keep getting in my SSL certificates under my hostname in Ubuntu cpanel setup

    I setup dev cpanel account with Ubuntu cPanel 102.2 I added my ns1 ns2 and IP address I changed hostname to server2.mydomain.tld I performed a dns cleanup restarted DNS restarted named via ssh soft reboot of server went to terminal and ran /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts then got a few...
  15. H

    Do the 90-day hostname certs offer any advantage over the 1-year hostname certificates?

    I miss the 1-year cpanel/whm hostname certs. All of a sudden this month I now have two servers which are having trouble fetching their free cpanel/whm hostname certificates. One has the issue where three days in a row it fails getting it from the setigo store and the other has the issue for a...
  16. D

    Server Hostname point to two different ips

    Hello. I have a Hostname that point to two different IPS to fix the PTR issue " SMTP Reverse DNS Mismatch", . So my question is: Is it OK to have the Hostname of my server pointing to two different ips ? I wont have some conflict later ? Thanks
  17. J

    WHM no longer responds to server hostname, ip address still works. Help!

    Hey all, For some reason, WHM is not responding when I try to visit using the server's hostname. If I visit via the server ip address, it works fine. Account cPanel's all work just fine as well. As in: times out. https://< ip address of
  18. V

    Hostname ssl certificate not loading

    Hello Recently cpanel is not giving certificate for hostname why is that? Our hostname is valid and the ip address is resolving, there is no firewall blocking, but the certificate is not issued. It commad output like this. [[email protected]]# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts --verbose The...
  19. N

    New server installation generate extra certificates on the hostname?

    Hey. I notice the SSL free certificate install the hostname like this: Attempting HTTP DCV preflight check … … success! HTTP DCV OK (via HTTP DCV OK (via
  20. N

    SSL Not redirect IP to hostname? (only HTTPS)

    Hey, what's up, guys. I have a wired issue :/ server hostname redirects HTTP://my-ip:2087 works fine and redirects to the hostname: BUT HTTPS://my-ip:2087 does not redirect redirects to the hostname: o_O I found this as well...