1. O

    Help with Hostname public_html

    i just got a new server with WHM and cpanel. i setup the server with the host name and set nameserver with the same domain and made a new user in cpanel with the domain. but for some reason i can not get rid of the default cpanel Success screen when loading...
  2. T

    Newbie question: Hostname?!??

    Hi. I'm new WHM and cPanel, I have worked with Plesk before. There are some major differences between both systems which I'm trying to get a grasp on. Can somebody explain the WHM Hostname feature? I am a bit at loss here as the instructions in WHM say that I should use a hostname that I...
  3. E

    A domain appears when visiting hostname url

    Hello, When I visit the hostname address of our server, i.e. it shows a cpanel account which was first added to the server, i.e. instead of the default cpanel page with "Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server"...
  4. M

    Help, cpanel redirects /cpanel to server hostname.

    Hello, I have quite an odd issue i'm trying to figure out with my Cpanel server. I'm new so plese bare with me. Why when sites on my cpanel goto /webmail or /whm it gets redirected to I want it to be I've...
  5. D

    Hostname question

    Hi I'm a bit confused and I hope someone can help. I have a server already running WHM/Cpanel with the hostname It's been running for 2yrs and works fine. Now, I am creating a new server which will also run WHM/Cpanel and I want it to have the hostname...
  6. R


    hi i want my server to have as hostname in whm i get a error.. becouse it want me to use so i by coomandline hostname /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt but after some hours i get a mail with "IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email...
  7. S

    hostname missing

    i setup 3 new servers. they have been up for a couple months with no DNS problems at all. 2 servers keep getting that ridiculous hostname A missing popup box when opening up whm. what is the big secret to fix this? thanks alllot
  8. N

    Wrong IP address configured for hostname?

    Hi, I recently had linux re-installed on my server. I have set up the nameservers and hostnames since via WHM, this is not working and cpanel sends me messages saying that my selected hostname is not resolving to the correct ip. I think that this may have something to do with the ip address set...
  9. J

    Problem creating hostname account VPS WHM

    I receive this error when I tried to create my account: Account Creation Status: failed (You cannot setup a domain that is the same as the servers hostname ) You cannot setup a domain that is the same as the servers hostname History: I have 17 other accounts running almost fine that...
  10. S

    A entry for the hostname is not added

    Hello there each time i try to add the A entry from DNS Functions--->Add an A Entry for your Hostname it give me "Add Complete" at the end but when i try to check the entry from "Edit DNS Zone" i can not find it there so it was not added at all any idea??
  11. C

    Installation hostname

    I'm reading the installation manual and want to double-check that I understand this part: If my public web domain will be (and also, can I use a hostname of for this step? Thanks, Brian
  12. M

    Hostname and not domain name is shown

    hello, When I log to my cpanel accounts at the url there is always the https://hostname:2083 instead of the https://domainname:2083 How do I change this? Thank you
  13. I

    How to change hostname

    Hello, We have one VPS with centos with WHM. Now I need to change the hostname for the VPs. So please tell me how can i do it and in which files i have make the changes. Thanks. its_joe
  14. don_will

    Name server and Hostname problem

    hello, my NS and hostname cannt resolve. but another hosting account can resolve. before ive changed named.conf name server can resolve. ive change named.conf reading this post. after that. NS and hostname cannt...
  15. Z

    hostname redirect

    There seems to be a bug in cpanel 11 (stable) that causes resellers' clients cpanel login to redirect to instead. Same for reseller's whm and all general clients. This has been duplicated on 5 boxes all same specs: cpanel stable 11, centos 4.5 What is the fix?
  16. N

    Hostname A Entry Missing! Or Not

    The other day i got a server, setup my dns ( and I edited godaddy and this is how it look: I waited, the DNS updated after 4 hours. Woot, i was ready to use my domain but wait. I ran into a Host name issue. My server host said they will charge me if they...
  17. W

    Hostname Difficulties

    Hey guys, I got a problem with my hostname, which I think is the problem none of my accounts i create are working on the domains i assign them... I want my hostname to be - which i have set it up correctly. When I type into my server "hostname" - it comes up as...
  18. B

    Automate an Additional hostname?

    Hey all Have a server set up with WHM 11.2.0 cPanel 11.6.0-R15076 and ModernBill 5.2. I am looking for a way... to add a "dev" type hostname to the domain the new client picks. Kind of like... 1) Customer has as their domain already registered somewhere else... or even being...
  19. B

    550 Sender verify failed because of Incorrect Hostname

    I found out we were getting rejected by some servers because our hostname was setup incorrectly. We had updated the host name to be a valid FQDN a long time ago in the Basic WHM setup, but we neglected to update it in the Network Setup. I am going to call the new hostname...
  20. A

    hostname of server?

    do i need create a dns zone for hostname for example in Server Configuration->Basic cPanel/WHM Setup->Hostname ,i use hostname is So do I need to add a DNS zone in the DNS Functions for thanks