1. P

    Dual hostname problem

    Ok I had my server reinstalled and having a little problem ok if you checj the ip adddresses used it has 2 hostnames in it the default that came with the install and what i changed it to Where can i remove this When you show ip address uusage is see
  2. J

    Redirected to old hostname

    i just noticed a minor error .. but i do not know if it can lead to any bigger errors. when i go to a site on my server as it is redirecting to an old hostname that i used when i was experimenting, but i though it was deleted to it was basically redirecting to...
  3. WebHostPro

    I know it's been done over and over but my license file has the error hostname change

    Anything new that would cause this that has not been gone over. I tried to update the key, all the new host name information resolves and it correct. maybe a host name check list? I mean I have tried everything everything.. :confused:
  4. A

    Problem change hostname

    I am with a server, I alter the hostname for the command: [email protected] [~]# hostname But when I give the command below, it continues the same hostname. [email protected] [~]# host IP_SERVER domain name pointer...
  5. celliott

    Changing Hostname

    Hi, I currently have a server with just over 100 active sites on, and would like to change the server's hostname. Can this be easily done without any major issues? Thanks
  6. L

    Hostname setup.

    Hello. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. A few days ago I ordered a VPS from I've already gone through and completed the basic setup with my hostname being Nameservers and was registered at
  7. H

    Hostname displaying instead of domain name

    hi there i have just set up cpanel on my server. all domains are on a shared ip address. when i try to access the control panel or webmail for a domain, it shows the hostname rather than the domain name in the url. can anyone advise as to how this can be fixed. cheers hemant
  8. G

    Cannot utilize needed hostname on second server

    Hopefully I explain this clearly. I have 2 web servers, live and development. All domains are managed through an external DNS. I am not using WHM/Cpanel nameservers. Live server hostname is like: Dev server hostname is like: My live server...
  9. mike25

    SSL over hostname

    How do you go about setting up SSL to work over the hostname of the server? Is this something that is not supported by cpanel? I have tried changing the server cert using the one I have purchased but that seems to do nothing at all. webmail/whm etc links are all still using the old cert. I have...
  10. B

    Hostname vs. main domain in Whm

    Ok, I have a question: Can the domain name being used for the hostname be used to host a site on CPanel? let me clarify. Suppose mu domain name is: "" And suppose I used as server hostname the following: "" Can I, in this case, still use "" to...
  11. S

    Hostname change issues

    Hi, I recently got a server from the planet, when it was "delivered" it was showing their default hostname (, So I changed this to Now the fun begins, I`ve edited numerous files containing the TP hostname so that it shows my hostname instead...
  12. K

    Hostname changed after today's update

    Today I noticed that my server's hostname changed to the very first one with which cPanel was installed on server. That happened right after regular cPanel update. Half an hour ago cpsrvd and ftpd went down, but successfully restarted. I am using latest CURRENT. Can anybody tell me what...
  13. K

    Problem with hostname

    Hi all, this is my first post so please bear with me, and I hope you can help. When I log onto WHM using root I get a pop-up box saying: The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname ( This is generally because the entry was never added. However...
  14. K


    How do i change my hostname via ssh could you include commands aswell thanks
  15. S

    spam trace noboady at hostname

    HI, I am facing problem to trace spammer. whenever i check logs or email queue it was shoing following thing. exim log id [email protected] sending email address yahoo or hotmail or remote domain. I am not sure how to trace such spammers....:confused:
  16. Chriz1977

    Hostname migration

    Hi Im intending to change my hostname of an active server and want to make sure i have no dns issues during the changeover. I am changing from to I will rename the machine to reflect I will change the MX entry to point to Can i just...
  17. L

    Hostname issue

    whm-> Networking Setup-> hostname: Can I use any name for hostname?
  18. K

    Question about hostname ?

    Dear admin. After i used hostname assign ip I want change hostname is and ip assign for it is,186 i had been changed hostname but it assign ip Thanks so much !
  19. mickalo

    Urgent: Invalid hostname

    Hello, all of sudden we are getting this message when attempting to login to our WHM: Invalid Hostname. (This account is currently not available.). Hostnames may not contains spaces or tabs. how can this be fixed. Assistance is needed ASAP. TIA, Mickalo
  20. I

    ssl whm hostname 2087?

    I'm trying to install an SSL to the cpanel server's hostname I generated the SSl as and applied it via "Change Server Certificates " in whm I don't know why, but I am getting a SSL error. It says it was generated by (old hostname for server) and...