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    hostname resolve IP address with Cisco PIX firewall

    Hello, I have a server running WHM / cPanel and a Cisco Pix 501 firewall. Currently my sites are all working, but I get an automated email each day stating: "The hostname ( resolves to XX.XX.XX.XX. It should resolve to Please be sure to correct /etc/hosts...
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    hostname server issue

    At the urging of my new hosting company, goDaddy, I used the same domain ( as the custom nameserver for BOTH my old server and new server, both using cPanel. I've created my custom DNs as NS3.DCIWEBWORKS.COM, NS4.DCIWEBWORKS.COM (NS1 and NS2 are still pointed to the old...
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    Hostname help

    Hello and thank you for viewing my questions. I just purchased my first dedicated server and have some questions. I have been a reseller before but never an owner. So if they sound like newbie questions thats because they are.:D 1. Setting Hostname - So i need to set this to one of my...
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    hostname resets, spamhaus...

    I'm having problems with my IP being constanly added to the spamhaus database. It's because my helo response is localhost.localdomain. But my hostname is in fact a valid hostname ( Everytime I reset my server, though, my hostname gets changed, so I have to set it...
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    I recently perchased a server with WHM, while going through the process to setup WHM I followed the instructions to add a hostname & DNS servers. the defaults were Hostname: I first changed the DNS' to...
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    "Add an A entry to my hostname" Broke My Server. Help!

    This is a lesson in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" for me. My server has been working fine since I got it a few months ago. Yesterday I was in WHM and I changed an MX record for a client so he could use another server for his email. While I was in the DNS Functions area I impusively clicked...
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    hostname question

    hi i am a newbie cpanel user , in the docs it says . My Cpanel was installed first with "" . After this i have created a account with the domain . IS THIS wrong , does this mean i cant have that domain to be used as a normal website ?
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    How to configure Hostname and NS in WHM? (Dedicated Server Setup) Please help!!

    Hello friends! I am trying to use on my new server so that I can login into my server by typing . I need your help. I just installed WHM, logged in and now I have to configure it. Since last few hours, I am stucked at nameserver IPs and Hostname...
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    Invalid Hostname. (This account is currently not available.).

    Invalid Hostname. (This account is currently not available.). Hostnames may not contains spaces or tabs. What command for use in SSH? Tkx! _______ (Brasil)
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    /~username directs to hostname

    http://ipaddress/~username automatically redirects to Why does that happen? mod_userdir is off as well
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    "The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname"

    Hello guys, I was wondering if you could help me with a little problem that I have. I have had this message twice now, and I am not sure that the server should actually resolve to Shouldn't it resolve to it's main IP address? It is a VPS account hosted on a virtuzzo system if that...
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    Hostname Change

    Hi I changed my hostname via WHM. It did not update the mailserver greeting however. So it still claims to be the old host name as opposed to the new name. Where is that changed?
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    Relationships between Hostname et al.

    I'm having difficulty understanding the relationships between Hostname (Server Configuration) Hostname (Networking Setup), DNS zones and nameservers. I have a clean dedicated server with CentOS 4.3 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0. I'll be running my own nameservers. I've already updated the registrar and...
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    Server's hostname won't change!

    This is a weird one. I go into WHM, networking setup, and change the hostname to what I want it to be. I go into SSH and type 'hostname' - it's the new hostname. So far so good. But whenever the machine reboots, it changes the hostname back to the old one!!! I tried searching for similar...
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    Hostname problem.

    For some reason when I list a directory on my server it shows instead of the correct domain when I go to: Http://myip/~user/, I have checked all the hostnames and nothing seems to show the domain, any ideas?
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    Why does my hostname revert to "localhost" everytime I restart?

    The first time I restarted my server, all of the cPanel/WHM stuff stopped working. Turned out it was a matter of the hostname having reverted back to localhost from my usual "". I've edited the /etc/hosts file but when I restart, something messes up the /etc/hosts file and...
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    How to add 'Hostname' in Hotlink list?

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this small problem. I have a nice Sitebuilder but when a customer enables hotlink protection it prevents showing the images displayed in the build session and preview, after publishing it's ok. Is there a way to add my 'hostname' in the list so it's...
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    changed hostname, now major mysql problems

    For 5 days, been trying to configure my VPS so I can get sites up...not happening. Went thru a dns loop, finally resolved. Host name changed. Next was the seemingly rite of passage issue of PHPmyadmin, wrong username, permission denied. Using solutions suggested here turned out not to be my...
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    Is A entry for hostname necessary for cpanel licensing?

    I currently get a popup from cpanel that: As far as I know the hostname can't be set on a virtuozzo vps (resets each time the vps reboots to the assigned hostname.) As far as I can tell, my vps provider has not setup dns A entries for any of their vps'es. Do they need to?
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    how change hostname

    Hello I am new in CPanel world and Linux too I have a problem I got this error when I install CPanel ********************* ERROR ********************* Your hostname is not set properly. Please change your hostname to a fully qualified domain name, and re-run this installer...