1. E

    Invalid Hostname. (This account is currently not available.).

    I just purchased a dedicated server, and when I try to login to WHM, I receive I assume it might take a while for my account with cPanel to become active, is that right?
  2. H

    Hostname - [email protected] problem.

    I have 2 cpanel servers with the hostnames: has the account setup on it. Everything is working except when I have a script send mail from, it is getting "sender verify failed" for the...
  3. L

    dont show the hostname

    Hello When i access to an user account by the ip ( i get the hostname ( How can i do to view only the ip with the username. (
  4. N

    Hostname A Entry Missing!

    Any help would be appreciated 2 days and its doing my head in going from hosting company and isp..! Yesterday I loged into my server and Hostname A Entry Missing! The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname ( This is generally because the entry...
  5. M

    Invalid Hostname

    I keep on getting this error... Invalid Hostname. (This account is currently not available.). Hostnames may not contains spaces or tabs. .. I cant even access the admin. How do I change the hostname without using whm?
  6. I

    Hostname A Entry Missing After Upload

    SO I'm uploading files to my server and doing normal site admin etc etc. I go to take a look at my pages and i get "This page cannot be displayed". Now, my server has been live for 11 months, I haven't changed anything. It was running smoothly 2 hrs ago. So I log into WHM to take a look and...
  7. A

    Hostname Lost

    Hi i have a problem when i reboot my server i can't access anymore in cpanel because the system can't find the hostname but looking in /etc/hosts i have it! I can get whm back only if i type from ssh "hostname" how can i fix?
  8. E

    Invalid Hostname.

    Hello, I bought a dedicated server that was suppose to have installed CPANEL and it says: Invalid Hostname. (This account is currently not available.). Hostnames may not contains spaces or tabs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. U

    I have problem with Hostname setup in WHM

    Hello, I have a problem with hostname setup in my WHM. I created a name like for example: but when I click to add an entry for yuor hostname. I found invalid licence. Please can anyone tell me what happened? Thanks Unix4real :confused: :confused: :confused:
  10. M

    why Exim delivery shows cannot find your hostname

    Hi, cretain mails are not getting delivered and i found this error when tried Attempt to deliver now from mail queue manager LOG: MAIN SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection: host [200.154.xx.x]: 450 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname...
  11. Spiral

    Hostname change at reboot ...

    Here is one that has been puzzling me for quite some time .... Whenever I reboot the server, it forgets it's hostname and reverts back to "localhost" forcing me to have to put the original hostname back in again. Everything is fine as long as I don't reboot the server and that also...
  12. A

    The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname

    I've a new server and the WHM login appears a popup window tell me the following. ************ The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname (XXXXX). This is generally because the entry was never added. However this could also be the result of your nameserver(s) being down...
  13. N

    Server Hostname... Can I do this

    Hey all .. currently my server hostname is (changed of course) I would like to change it to . Couple of questions tho. A) can I do this, B) how can I do this C) what sort of delays am I going to expect in DNS propogation by doing this. Basically I am...
  14. P

    access.log raw file - how to enable resolve hostname?

    Hi - is there a way, using cpanel, to enable Apache to resolve hostnames in the access.log file? I have this enabled in my personal Apache 2.0 machine but don't know to do it with my new hosting provider (peoplehost on Apache 1.3.33).
  15. B

    Remove IP Assignment from stray hostname

    I went to use an IP address from the list of 5 available on one server and saw that the hostname had mysteriously moved from the base IP of the server up to the highest one. I didn't do it, and I am not sure how it happened. It wasn't like that just a few days ago, and the hostname was set well...
  16. T

    Can we "Change Hostname" to any ? if we only access by IP.

    Main >> Server Setup >> Change Hostname I would like to learn setting with WHM. Can we change hostname to any unregistered domain ? or ? ( IF we only access WHM by main IP. ) Are there any side effects ? Thanks for advance.
  17. M

    SSL on hostname

    How can I install SSL cert on server's hostname? I know how to install SSL cert on domains hosted on the server. but not sure about on hostname. Is it the same procedure as hosted domains? like, you generate the SSL cert and signing request with your hostname and so on.... If you have...
  18. H

    Server hostname changed.

    We recently changed the server hostname from to Everything was going fine until a few of our customers said that they were unable to access their webpages or use the ftp or access their emails through outlook express or microsoft outlook...
  19. 0

    Users cPanel url after log in - hostname instead of domainname

    Hello, on my 1st server (and on all cPanel servers I've ever hosted sites) when user types: after login it goes to: I've purchased new server several days ago, and there when user types...
  20. M

    HELP: Hostname doesn't resolve to IP

    Why everytime i enter WHM as a root, the "Add an A Entry for your Hostname" popup always open. And I also got everyday an email that the server hostname is resolve to none instead of the IP that I have set. Can anyone help please?