1. T

    Assign a new hostname

    We try to set a new hostname with the same IP. How long it takes to refresh without interruption for all account on internet. An example: into I have seen change hostname and input field.
  2. z3d3m0n

    x headers and Received from

    Hello Community, i have a x-headers and question i am hosting mostly users with a dedicated IP's. they are complaining about the x headers and "Received from". currenlty i have in my exim setting. Send mail from the account’s IP address "On" Use the reverse DNS entry for the mail HELO/EHLO if...
  3. 1

    Emailed email settings use hostname for server

    When creating an email account for the domain, an email is sent to the new account with configuration settings. In that email it uses the server hostname as both the incoming and outgoing servers. However in cpanel itself, if you look at email > email account > connect devices, it...
  4. G

    How to have hostname in the SSL certificate

    The server is using letsencrypt and I notice the certificate doesn't include the hostname inside its Domains list (SAL?). I only see these www, mail, whm, webmail, cpanel, autodiscover, and webdisk. I see so many SSL verify error: certificate mismatch in exim_maillog. How do I solve this issue...
  5. E

    SOLVED email bounce back due to showing old/different hostname in error

    Please help me to solve . client not getting email into inbox , just going into delivery queue and bounce back with below error. tranfered these account from one cpanel to other. into trace route showing wrong hostname , should be local delivery This message was created automatically by mail...
  6. A

    Any command to install Let's Encrypt SSL on Hostname and cPanel Services ?

    Hello, is there any way or any command to install SSL on hostname , exim , and other cPanel services ? I have searched but didn't find any easy solution, i have tried to do via SSL Management in WHM, but that is not working properly. After searching a lot, i found a thread ...
  7. D

    Unable to change hostname

    Hi all, i am trying to change the server hostname since it changed with a whm update for no reason. I set it in whm/networking setup/ gostname and the log says it is changed succesfully but when i go to hostname again it is the previous cprapid hostname. Also the /etc/hostname file has the...
  8. H

    IP address of AutoSSL does not point to default hostname

    Hello, We have a shared hosting server where most domains are using 1 IP with AutoSSL. When browsing the IP https://x.x.x.x/ , AutoSSL brings up the SSL certificate for a domain name on the server. is there a way to prevent or change this behaviour? where the default HTTPS points to the...
  9. M

    After domain migration cannot send email from Server 2 to Server 1

    Hi, I have a domain "" which is used for server's create hostnames:, I pointed this domain to a new server, the hostname and emails work correctly but the second server ( cannot send emails to the firtst server...
  10. psytanium

    How to point a domain name to server hostname

    Hello, I have 2 VPS servers, old and new, the hostname "" is still redirecting to the old server. How do I redirect it to the new server ? Thanks
  11. H

    https on hostname not working

    https or ssl on hostname not working. As per the inspection certificates are valid for 10 more months. But still its not valid in browser.
  12. H


    Hello team and everyone, I'm system admin in Vietnam. I just migrate all accounts from old server named to the new server named The domain own its cPanel SSL. So I need to change the hostname on new server to
  13. I

    SOLVED Unable to generate free service SSL for server hostname

    Hi cPanel requested the SSL service certificate before I had a valid CAA record in place. Now I'm not sure which CAA record is valid, is it 0 issue "" or 0 issue ""? I've ran /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts multiple times over last few days with no success. The...
  14. J

    one account is sending spam with username @ hostname

    I have a problem one account is sending spam with username @ hostname the account has 20 wordpress sites how to locate which page ( script ) is sending spam example 2020-10-21 10:33:19 1kV9Yd-00EdgE-8N <= [email protected] U=arp P=local S=1033 T="Page 2019 - 2 - Confidential details" for...
  15. imorandin

    Disable cprapid hostname on setup

    Hi, In cPanel v90 there is a new feature that automatically sets a hostname ending in to the server so it can issue a SSL for it: Automatically-Issued Hostnames | cPanel & WHM Documentation. We use automated cpanel deployment and this behavior breaks some things for us, not to...
  16. M

    In Progress pop3 email on port 995 certificate error - wrong hostname

    Not long ago I migrated from one vm to another so I could update the OS of the vm. I had lots of hostname and ip issues after the migration along with lots of times spent correcting files all over the place. I just noticed today that pop email over port 995 is using the wrong certificate - it...
  17. N

    Hostname Force SSL

    Hi, So my hostname pulls up the /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi, but I would like to know if there is a way to force it to load over https? So if someone goes to it forces
  18. E

    CloudFlare Hostname

    Hi, I'm new here - please forgive me. I have done a quick prelim search on here just to check my question hasn't already been answered, and I appreciate this is more of a cloudflare issue - however, wasn't sure if anyone had come across the same thing. So, here's how i'd like my DNS to work...
  19. C

    Cant connect to WHM via hostname

    Hi all, New here but been sat all day trying to work this out. I am currently trying to backup my WHM to Google Drive. I have created the API details on google side but when i need to put my redirect in it doesn't work because my hostname doesn't seem to be set up to point to my server...
  20. P

    Check Valid Server Hostname Error

    In the process of setting up my server so that I could use mailman, an admin manually changed my host name from to The good news - mailman is successfully sending mail out for my mailing lists .... The bad news - I have now started getting these messages...