1. L

    I need to learn how to do this, adding A entry for hostname

    Hello, in my WHM it displays the popup message below, and I would like to know exactly how I go about doing this please. I am new so if you could tell me exactly how to do this that would be great. Thanks The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname...
  2. J

    Reseller - hiding hostname from users

    I'm having a issue with that the host name of the server is being displayed in some ways for the resellers. Return Path in mail heads: [email protected] FormMail sender: Nobody send out mail or something.....hostnam being added. etc. Anyone have a goo dsolutions on...
  3. T

    Hostname A Entry Missing! - What should I put?

    I know this has been discussed but what should I add for the A entry? I hae several domains on my server but I do not use one on my main IP address, does that make a difference? Everything seems to be working without one, Thanks alot, -Jason
  4. C

    Hostname A Entry Missing!

    I get this error when I login to WHM: The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname ( This is generally because the entry was never added. However this could also be the result of your nameserver(s) being down. If you would like to attempt to...
  5. S

    Server hostname help

    I cant get either my hostname or DNS to work. I have asigned IPs to both name servers and my hosname. And added an An entry for all three as well. Help please
  6. S

    server hostname

    ok.. I changed my server hostname via the whm server "change hostname" now I had 50 million problems with this.. 1. it never stuck after reboots etc. 2. I had problem with the dns and crap for it. so anyhow I finally get it working and such. but now I notice that the old hostname is still...
  7. B

    theplanet and hostname problem

    Hi I have server on and I have a problem with hostname and nameservers. I'm adding a Hostname "Found your domain name to be: Found your main ip to be:" After that I get entry for your hostname is missing ?
  8. C

    server hostname and website domain name?

    Can someone tell me if its ok to have as my servers hostname and have as a virtual account Also how do i configure it if someone types in http// which is my main shared IP to go to thanks chmod
  9. Swampfox

    Changing hostname

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how to change my hostname on my server ? Thanks
  10. H

    Webserver doesn't reboot anymore (hangs after setting hostname) !?

    Hi All I am in serious problems. My server won't reboot anymore since yesterday and I can't find the problem. I will explain how it comes... I am running Linux RedHat 7.2 with the latest stable release of Cpanel/WHM. Apache, MySQL, Bind, cppop, openssh... everything runs on the same...
  11. S

    Hostname help please

    I`m getting this error everytime I log in to the WHM. I click on the button each time and follow the instructions but it just don`t stick. I`m a complete n00b so go gentle with me whilst I learn all this stuff :D
  12. G

    Exim custom hostname headers

    Hello, I share a server with a partner but we have serious problems with Exim and the email headers. We need to allow ourselves and our resellers to have their own mail servers listed in their clients email headers. Listed below is what we need to be able to do by IP or anyway that works...
  13. R

    Hostname Error but the hostname is set correctly

    Hello i get the following message at the start of the installation ********************* ERROR ********************* Your hostname is not set properly. Please change your hostname to a fully qualified domain name, and re-run this installer...
  14. E

    Hostname Resolving to Different Account

    Ok, I am kinda new to this hosting thing, but I bought a server a few weeks ago from EV1 and got it all setup. I created the hostname for the server as but when you goto it goes to the first account I have on the server. I really don't want my customers to goto...
  15. stugster

    Hostname Problems... POP and MRTG

    I recently changed the hostname of my server from to (this is likely unrelated however.). A while later, I realised that a lot of my customers (other than those using the were no longer receiving POP mail. They could however send mail...
  16. F

    Hostname Lookup + server loads

    Webalizer not showing Country I have a very peculiar problem with my Webalizer Stats. The COUNTRY is not displayed for almost all domains under Webalizer. It used to work initially but not from November 2003. I contacted the Cpanel Staff and they said, I need to "enable Hostnamelookups...
  17. Roy@ENHOST

    Is it possible to have the same Cpanel hostname for the same server?

    Hi guys I was just wondering if it is possible to have the same cpanel hostname (<cpanel hostname=""> ) for different servers.
  18. C

    Hostname / Document Root Problems

    Just got a new Red Hat 3 Enterprise server with Cpanel/WHM set up on it. When I go into WHM and create an account everything works just fine. I create an account for - document root is set to /home/domain/public_html and the hostname is set to When I set up a second...
  19. P

    weird hostname redirect?

    Hi, On one of our slave machines, the host name resolves to one of our clients websites on the same server. also http://i.p.address/~username/ does not work. Any ideas what can cause this and how to fix it? Thanks, Jason
  20. D

    ip resolves wrong hostname??

    ok I know there was a big huge thread regarding something similar - or maybe the same thing...but I think this is a little different... when I run a check on my servers IP at I get: BUT, at that same site - if I...