1. P

    weird hostname redirect?

    Hi, On one of our slave machines, the host name resolves to one of our clients websites on the same server. also http://i.p.address/~username/ does not work. Any ideas what can cause this and how to fix it? Thanks, Jason
  2. D

    ip resolves wrong hostname??

    ok I know there was a big huge thread regarding something similar - or maybe the same thing...but I think this is a little different... when I run a check on my servers IP at I get: BUT, at that same site - if I...
  3. I

    My address for hostname is Why?

    Hi guys: When i Adding an A entry for your hostname in a cpanel, my main ip to be a look: Shells.HostPR.N: error fetching interface information: Device not found Found your hostname to be: Shells.HostPR.Net Found your short hostname to be: Shells Found your domain name to be...
  4. T

    Hostname A Entry Missing!

    The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname ( This is generally because the entry was never added. However this could also be the result of your nameserver(s) being down. If you would like to attempt to automaticlly add the entry AND then , i check " CHECK...
  5. X

    Getting SSL certificate for hostname

    Hello! I need an SSL certificate for my hostname ( but the certificate needs validating by send an e-mail to [email protected]) - how can I get mail sent to that address - it just bounces back? Any ideas? Thanks Simon
  6. S

    Hostname keeps resetting

    Hey everyone. I need to change my hostname from to I use the "Change hostname" option in WHM and it says its changed but after reboot it reverts to the old hostname. I was reading on here that you have to manually change the hostname. So I edited these...
  7. Radio_Head

    How to assign an SSL trusted certificate for hostname

    Hello, I wish to assign a trusted digital certificate to my hostname for following reasons 1) no warning using ftps and SSL email. 2) Shared SSL (is it a good idea to use the hostname for shared ssl) ? 3) no warning opening secured cpanel on port 2083 Anyone knows which is the...
  8. Stefaans

    May the hostname have a website?

    I want to have a web site that uses my server hostname. But it seems like it is not allowed? Imagine my server hostname is I also want to create an account that dispays a web site for WHM does not like me doing this, but I can work arround it...
  9. H

    server hostname

    hi i want to ask about.. server hostname my currently server hostname is then im setting the nameserver to is that right ? or the name server & hostname must be same? thanks.. Hen Support Ticket Number:
  10. J

    WHM Hostname A Entry Missing!

    The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname ( This is generally because the entry was never added. However this could also be the result of your nameserver(s) being down. If you would like to attempt to automaticlly add the entry, i get this error...what...
  11. PWSowner

    multiple servers - hostname question

    I have 2 servers. Can I use the same domain for the 2 hostnames, like and, or do they need to be different domains to work properly? If I can do that, is there anything special I need to know, or can I just change one of the hostnames with WHM? Does the...
  12. B

    Changed Hostname but...

    I changed my hostname to give my resellers more anonimity but theres one thing I don't know where to change it. When I do a it shows everything correct execept.... <<< is wrong) ESMTP Exim 3.36 #1 Sun, 08 Jun 2003 03:50:53 -0400 >>> HELO...
  13. T

    Hostname A entry error

    Allright, after banging my head against the wall I am about to admit defeat of a very simple issue, but no matter what I have tried, it will not go away. I added a server recently and had cpanel/whm loaded. I went through the normal initial setup flow and added all the necessary info, setup...
  14. H

    Changing Hostname

    Hello, To change the hostname, do I simply change in WHM>Edit Setup? How could it affect the server after the change? Do I need to change any setting or it will just work that way?
  15. C

    Hostname issue

    When I got my server, it was named Then I changed it to, then to Now when I do neotrace, it shows up at and not Is this a WHM issue or my provider's issue?
  16. O

    Everday i find my hostname listed as a subdomain

    Tired of this! I spoke about this before and I'll ask it again. Why is my hostname appearing as a subdomain inside of my control panel for my main site? How many times does one have to delete it only for it to reappear? is my hostname. Then why do i find it sitting in my...
  17. D

    How do I change my hostname in WHM/RH7.2?

    Alright, can someone please give me detailed instructions on how to change my hostname? My provider set my server hostname to server01, and now all mail is being rejected that is being sent from the server due to an invalid domain name. Changing the host name from the WHM panel doesn't seem to...
  18. manokiss

    Hostname Change

    Hi guys, i changed the hostname in the server, with no success, can you give me a hand about this ? I did---> - change in hosts - change in httpd.conf - change in named.conf - Through WHM "Change hostname" - Tryied command 'hostname' I missed something ? In the mails continue...
  19. T

    A suggestion for cPanel -- Hostname Change

    Our new managed server was installed with the wrong hostname. No problem, I thought, and used the WHM to change the hostname. It did change the hostname, but maybe not everywhere -- 1) The reverse DNS entry still showed the original, wrong hostname. 2) Apache's httpd.conf file still...
  20. N

    how do i create account with my hostname?

    My hostname is and I don't know how can I manage it. For example, create email, ftp etc. Thank you