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    The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname ( This is generally because the entry was never added. However this could also be the result of your nameserver(s) being down. If you would like to attempt to automaticlly add the entry click here ok i already...
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    How setup Hostname on Server 2 ???

    We have two server. Server 1 : hostname - Server 2 : hostname - ( cannot ping ip address on this hostname ) please help me how to setup . Thanks
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    Changing of Hostname

    Ok.. So I used the &Change Hostname& feature in WHM. I then edited &/etc/hosts&.. Then I edited the &httpd.conf& for the apache web server.. But then... It...
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    Changing Hostname question

    Can I change the hostname, with out affecting the sites on that server? What I am wanting to do is this: The current hostname is I want to change it to the primary name servers are the same as the host name will changing just the hostname leaving...
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    No A entry for hostname??

    When I log onto WHM for my server, i get that little box that pops up and says that there is no A entry for my hostname, and ask me if i would like to add one. Of course i answered yes the first time it popped up and i thought all was good. however everytime i close my browser and open it...
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    Problems changing hostname

    I want to change the hostname of my server i tried &change hostname& option and it worked &fine& But bounce email still showing old hostname. and if i go to EDIT SETUP still showing the old hostname with this note: This is the current hostname of this server. (The value of...
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    A entry for hostname problem?

    Hello every one, I searched all threads on this board and did not find a solution to my problem. I hope someone could give a hand in this strange problem: I got three servers :(server1),(server2) and (server3) (server1) is the primary name server , (server2) is the secondary name server ,ok...
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    HostName [ServerName]

    hi, would changing the HostName (servername) to a completly different domain harm and affect any functions on the server ? Thanks
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    Different Hostname; not a subdomain

    Hey gurus, I'd like to setup as a new account on a different IP address. Is there anyway I can do this via WHM? I don't want it to be a subdomain of the existing account.
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    changing hostname

    WHM makes it easy to change the hostname of the server. But what's the overall impact of doing this? Besides mail headers, what else does it affect? Do you have to reboot the box afterward?
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    Changing hostname - Funny

    Went to the Change Hostname page under WHM... I believe WHM is trying to tell us something about how we can change our business model ;) Ten Randomly Generated Hostnames: * * Should we...
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    is hostname required to be unique?

    Is it important to have the hostname a unique name on each server?