1. sarhosting

    Restricted HostName Changes

    1) For those that provides hosting with root access, do you restrict your end users from changing the HOSTNAME in WHM? Why or why not? 2) Those that get hosting with root access, does your host allow your to change? Curious to see what results will be. Thanks.
  2. H

    Add html files to the hostname root directory

    Hello My hostname is When I open it up it shows me the default cPanel defaultwebpage.cgi webpage. Is there any way to upload a html file. I am thinking of a small site with two buttons for the customer, One button with "Login to cPanel" and the other with "Login to Webmail"...
  3. T

    Hostname redirect issue from WHMCS

    I have a reseller WHM account. Form WHMCS client area when I clicked on "Login to cPanel" or "Login to WHM" or "any of quick shortcuts" it redirect to cPanel with the main server URL, not on my hostname which I set on my WHM panel. So my question is how can I control this redirect url and use...
  4. C

    AWS Hostname Not Preserved

    Hello I've been trying to start a subscription in AWS using at t3.xlarge configuration, but when I get to configure this software it always shows t3.xsmall. It doesn't matter what I select. After creating the VM, I have no way to increase its resources (not a cpanel problem obviously), and after...
  5. A

    SOLVED What is the purpose of Change Hostname?

    Can someone please tell what is the purpose of hostname mentioned in Networking Setup > Change Hostname area of WHM? Unfortunately my current hostname doesn't point to any A record and hence some cPanel SSL certificates are unable to be renewed (this may be the potential reason) Can I change...
  6. D

    SOLVED Hostname showing incorrectly

    Hello, I noticed in last few days that the name of my server shows wrong. Its says that its called ( being one of the accounts that its hosting) On the other servers it says standard What is the issue and how do I solve it, does anyone know?
  7. V

    Changing hostname for ptr record error

    Hola como están, por favor me gustaría saber si pueden ayudarme con el siguiente problema, mi proveedor de VPS me dice que tengo que cambiar el nombre de host al siguiente: pero cuando lo intento cambiar WHM me da este error: The hostname may not begin with "mail."...
  8. K

    Changing hostname concerns

    My WHM on a dedicated server came setup with something like this as the hostname: Everything is working correctly and my domains are passing all checks at mxtoolbox. I just don't like my hosting company being advertised in the email headers, even though the domain...
  9. A

    Custom web Page for cPanel hostname URL

    Hello, I would like to have an option to manage the cPanel's host name URL with custom code instead of default website page content. I tried adding in "WHM Home » Service Configuration » Apache Configuration » Include Editor" but it still shows default page
  10. shenzy

    Hostname in login theme?

    Hello, In a custom login template I would like to add a variable that shows the hostname of the current server. Is this possible to do? .
  11. P

    Use hostname to access file?

    if my whm hostname is "" and i will like to access file my user uploaded in their public_html folder. eg please what to modify to be able to access that because whenever i try to access any file in public_html via my browser, its giving...
  12. jonh

    Create DNS record for FQDN?

    Where do you create the DNS record for the hostname? For example, my hostname is isn't used for anything other than the and The ns1 and ns1 point to the server IP in the domain registrar glue records. The name servers for...
  13. jimlongo

    Redirect hostname

    I'm reading Tweak Settings - Redirection - Version 76 Documentation - cPanel Documentation and understand if I set Choose the closest matched domain for which that the system has a valid certificate when redirecting from non-SSL to SSL URLs. Formerly known as “Always redirect to SSL/TLS” to ON...
  14. G

    Strange address on WHM

    Hello everybody! I've followed this steps: 1 - Cleared cache of google chrome 2 - Accessed 3 - Listed accounts 4 - Click on any cPanel account (to redirect to user cpanel account) 5 - This page appears with this link: - Removed - It's a very...
  15. M

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23854] Invalid hostname prevents WHM access after v76 update

    hi i have active cpanel license but when i try to login with whm i m getting this message on whm when i login take a look screenshot kindly tel me how to fix this i already verify that and my license is active and i also run the following commands as well /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt but still...
  16. durangod

    Server page shows at hostname url

    Hi i get this server page (see image) when i use the url of my hostname.. and i was wondering if i should put a index file up there and show a general message or just leave it as is. If i need an index file where would it go. (/home, /home/username ?)
  17. Y

    Hostname changed and cannot read license file

    I changed my hostname and now fail in my license Cannot Read License File To access the interface, you must install the license and ensure that the license is active. The cPanel license server said that a license could not be issued for your server (66). For more information visit: Legal...
  18. M

    Change hostname and associated websites?

    Hello! It seems we have some problems when it comes to the domain that our WHM servers are put up on, in our company environment. Let's say our WHM server has the address of Our development websites have addresses in the sort of: 1. 2...
  19. Rogerio

    Migration to another datacenter with same hostname

    Hello, I want to move my server to another company/datacenter but keeping the same hostname to be transparent to the users and avoid change each domain DNSs, that are configured as and Since the server has ~100 accounts, I want to move...
  20. I

    HOSTNAME refused search

    Hello, Recently I went to register a domain next to and when making the request the system informed to me that the search for the DNS informed in the registry was refused. It is as if I had not registered the domain inside my server and the domain did not exist. I already checked...