1. M

    Change hostname and associated websites?

    Hello! It seems we have some problems when it comes to the domain that our WHM servers are put up on, in our company environment. Let's say our WHM server has the address of Our development websites have addresses in the sort of: 1. 2...
  2. Rogerio

    Migration to another datacenter with same hostname

    Hello, I want to move my server to another company/datacenter but keeping the same hostname to be transparent to the users and avoid change each domain DNSs, that are configured as and Since the server has ~100 accounts, I want to move...
  3. I

    HOSTNAME refused search

    Hello, Recently I went to register a domain next to and when making the request the system informed to me that the search for the DNS informed in the registry was refused. It is as if I had not registered the domain inside my server and the domain did not exist. I already checked...
  4. nyjimbo

    changing full server domain name ?

    If I currently have a server (actual server, not a hosted account on a server) named and want to rename it to, competely removing the old "" domain so I no longer use that domain in any way, can this be done on Cpanel/WHM ? Is there a guide...
  5. U

    Properly disable redirect to hostname?

    Hi guys, I have canceled cPanel redirection to the hostname by turning off "Always redirect to SSL/TLS". How ever when trying to access "" it redirects to "" unlike accessing "" which works fine and doesn't redirect to the hostname.. What...
  6. S

    Redirect requests for the servers hostname to webmail

    Hello, I am trying to find a way to redirect my servers hostname to the webmail login so that if someone browses to https://myhost.domain.tld it goes to https://myhost.domain.tld:2096 does anyone know of a way to do this without throwing up a ssl error? I have attempted to do a redirect in...
  7. S

    Login redirection to hostname issue

    Hello Please Hello me Automatically redirection to Hostname But I try for solved it problem : nano /var/cpanel/cpanel.config alwaysredirecttossl=0 cpredirectssl=SSL Certificate Name requiressl=1 ------------- Tweak Settings >> redirection : Choose the closest matched domain for which that the...
  8. F

    Create subdomain to match hostname

    Hi I've recently changed my hostname in whm and I need to create a sub-domian that matches. But I get the message; There was a problem creating the sub-domain: Sorry you cannot create a subdomain with the same name as the hostname of this machine ( Is there any way around...
  9. inteldigital

    SOLVED Hosting files on hostname

    Hello, I am wanting to host a simple index file (with some other folders and CSS/fonts etc) on the hostname for my cPanel server so anyone accessing the link has directions to cPanel login etc as there are some links on the index page. How do I accomplish this? I figure it's not as easy as...
  10. Motamedi

    Problem with changing hostname

    hello my problem is after change hostname cpanel , when entered to web browser , redirect to old hostname example : old hostname : changed to when entered " " to web browser , redirect to old hostname "...
  11. R

    unable to delete nobody hostname autossl

    I'm having multiple errors today. 1. Unable to delete the hostname certificate created by autossl (this is a known problem), I solved it by upgrading to the Edge tier but now unable to downgrade. 2. spamd keep failing. I'm using CloudLinux so when i check the version it says 3.0.0 but the rpm...
  12. G

    SOLVED Can't access in the main domain.

    Hello everybody. I'm new here. Recently i have made one cpanel server on LXC conteiner. Everything is fine. But, in the initial configuration of the WHM/cPanel, the hostname of the machine was: After some time, i've read in the documentation that is bad...
  13. S

    hostname cannot start with www.

    hello guys im new in this forum cpanel so can anyone plz hellp me with this i buy yestreday vps and when i want installe cpanel on putty i face this probleme
  14. Jeff P.

    Hostname reverted to it's old setting?

    I changed my hostname via WHM and verified in SSH. 2 days later, it reset itself to the original and I was the only one logged in all week. Ideas? I haven't seen this before.
  15. K

    Hosting account for the server hostname

    Hi As part of migrating to WHM/cPanel, we need to move the server status pages (WHMCS) from our previous systems running Plesk. On Plesk we could create a hosting account / subscription for the webservers hostname and then store the status page there, while still keeping the controlpanel access...
  16. T

    Access WHM Hostname

    I have my hostname set to but I can still access WHM from is there any way to make it only accessible through the sub hostname?
  17. C

    Stop redirection to hostname

    Hi, Installed several times before however this is the first time I have encountered such an issue. I have setup a vps on a dedicated ip, the fresh cpanel install instead redirects to the hostname when trying to access whm instead of the ip address followed by :2086 How do I rectify this as I...
  18. C

    SOLVED Questions about hostname

    Hello. I am new WHM user and I have two questions about changing hostname According to the CPanel documentation: You must use a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) that contains two periods (for example, Do not choose a hostname that a cPanel account on your server will...
  19. T

    Initial cPanel Hostname Setup Questions

    Hi, I am quite new to servers, therefore please excuse my stupid questions... Here is my situation: I have recently purchased ECS from Alibaba Cloud and have installed WHM/CPanel onto my instance. The instance comes with 1 public and 1 private IP address. I wish to create 2 different wordpress...
  20. W

    SOLVED Hostname provided via SNI and hostname provided via HTTP have no compatible SSL setup

    Hello As the title suggests; [ssl:error] AH02032 Hostname w provided via SNI and hostname provided via HTTP have no compatible SSL setup I am seeing several of these types of errors in Apache error log. What could it mean? I read this link with interest. Should I be worried...