1. C

    Stop redirection to hostname

    Hi, Installed several times before however this is the first time I have encountered such an issue. I have setup a vps on a dedicated ip, the fresh cpanel install instead redirects to the hostname when trying to access whm instead of the ip address followed by :2086 How do I rectify this as I...
  2. C

    SOLVED Questions about hostname

    Hello. I am new WHM user and I have two questions about changing hostname According to the CPanel documentation: You must use a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) that contains two periods (for example, Do not choose a hostname that a cPanel account on your server will...
  3. T

    Initial cPanel Hostname Setup Questions

    Hi, I am quite new to servers, therefore please excuse my stupid questions... Here is my situation: I have recently purchased ECS from Alibaba Cloud and have installed WHM/CPanel onto my instance. The instance comes with 1 public and 1 private IP address. I wish to create 2 different wordpress...
  4. W

    SOLVED Hostname provided via SNI and hostname provided via HTTP have no compatible SSL setup

    Hello As the title suggests; [ssl:error] AH02032 Hostname w provided via SNI and hostname provided via HTTP have no compatible SSL setup I am seeing several of these types of errors in Apache error log. What could it mean? I read this link with interest. Should I be worried...
  5. W

    Erro ao Alterar nome do Host

    Olá! tentei alterar o nome do Host pelo WHM(Servidor Centos), ele nao alterou e quando entro novamente fica apenas essa mensagem do print abaixo, já reiniciei o servidor varias vezes e não tem nenhum processo preso com relação a esta mudança e a opção de alterar host fica indisponivel.
  6. G

    FTP no longer working with hostname

    Since 66 update, if I login to FTP with the host as server hostname as the host it says the password failed, but if i put the domain of the site it then works. It only happens on one of my servers. Any ideas?
  7. J

    Server hostname redirect

    Hello, Can't seem to find this, although I can't imagine this to be so unique... My server has been setup as with WHM on it. Of course, browsing to or to has the expected result of opening the WHM login page...
  8. bejbi

    Replace SSL Certificates that do not match local hostname

    On my servers today all wildcard SSL certificates was changed into cPanel certificates, without any warning before. I found it is becouse NEW option in TweakSettings: "Replace SSL certificates that do not match the local hostname" with explain: "When you enable this option, the...
  9. M

    Hostname in cPanel on godaddy

    This is our first attempt at using cPanel. Just asking the right question seems to be the question at the moment. I think we are not understanding the relationship of the email account domain entry and the DNS zone records we have set up at GoDaddy. I plan to ask GoDaddy but I suspect their...
  10. E

    SOLVED Hostname Issue

    Hello all, how are you doing today ? Hope fine :) My name is Enea and i am new on this forum. Sorry if im opening this thread on wrong category. I own my hosting company in my country and i am having some problems while i want to login in :2087 port. I can access the IP of server, but not...
  11. V

    Changing A Entry Hostname

    Hello, I try to change my server ip. and I when I try change A entry hostname it look success but when I check it again it's back to normal. How can I change it ? or I must restart the server first ? Thanks
  12. N

    SOLVED Hostname resets on reboot

    Hello everyone. I have a dedicated server that has CentOS OpenVZ VPS which has cPanel. The hostname that I set is: After I restart the VPS the hostname changes to "srv1". On the dedicated server vz configuration file the hostname is set correct. After I change the hostname from...
  13. L

    DNS issue with hostname

    Hello everyone I installed WHM / cPanel on a dedicated server. It turns out that the DNS (BIND) of my server is working perfectly for all domains hosted on that my server. DNS just does not work for changes I make in my own domain. Scenario: My domain: (IP: Hostname of...
  14. I

    Hostname SSL

    Hello, Can I know, how long can I get a valid SSL for the hostname? It's been almost 2 days, but until now SSL status is still self-signed. I've also run the command: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts And add IP address of Comodo as whitelist in CSF. Does anyone have the same problem...
  15. speckados

    How to reset certificate or change hostname from shell

    I've use a templates for create my new VPS (KVM) But now has a problem, because on template server certificate (Free) it's outdated. My config it's secure, and when try access, send to hostname (hostname it's name of template and not actual name) On this point, I can't access to WHM I like...
  16. Z

    Set hostname before or after installation?

    Hello, I see manny video tutorials where the administrator set the hostname before Cpanel/WHM installation, is this the correct way? Or is this ok when i set it up durring the installation? Thank you.
  17. Z

    Hostname DNS question

    Hello, My Cpanel is now unter but now i want that my Cpanel for users be open with my hostname. So now my question my Main domain is hosted by an other hoster, is this a problem when i add a DNS Zone for this Domain in WHM and use the Cpanel/WHM servers IP? And after that i need to crate an...
  18. Z

    cPanel Hostname Doesn't Open

    Hello i have a WHM/Cpanel installation and everything works fine when i login with my IP adress:2087 but i am using WHMCS and when i add a cpanel server to a client it redirects me to my hostname This is OK for me i want to open the Clients Cpanel with the...
  19. I

    WHM Connect To WHMCS Redirect On Hostname

    Hi When I plug whm whmcs the time of entry to the Host via WHMCS Client Area to be transferred hostname How do I prevent this? And not connected directly to the main IP, no redirect to hostname
  20. D

    Alterar o hostname no Centos7

    Nao estou conseguindo alterar o hostname do servidor através do whm. Sempre que reinicio o servidor o hostname voltar para "server.localdomain".