1. G

    Hostname can not change

    VPS, on HOST i set hostname, on /etc/hosts and /etc/sysconfig/network there is hostname what i want but in WHM in "change hostname" i have only "server1" of "server1.domain.tld" When i change in WHM to "server1.domain.tld" everything is ok with change log... But when i reboot vps hostname back...
  2. M

    Domain owned by nobody user

    I recently took over administration of a CPanel managed VPS, and it's come to my attention that the hostname is not a FQDN. When I try to set the FQDN, I see a message that "The domain “” is already owned by the user “nobody”. The system cannot set the hostname to a domain owned by a...
  3. T

    SOLVED Changed Hostname, 404 on new one old still working

    So I changed the hostname on my WHM installation from "whm" to "server". However, the "whm" 'A' record is still working, even though the SSL is now broken. "server" resolves to a 404 page and I'm not sure what to do? My hostname is correct. The 'A' record in the DNS for the new hostname has...
  4. U

    SOLVED How to change whm domain name

    Hi How can I change the WHM domain name for eg to How cpanel licensing will be transferred to newdomain? Please help. Thanks
  5. psytanium

    SOLVED Can't change Hostname GoDaddy VPS

    Hi, Recently I moved to GoDaddy VPS, when I change the Hostname from WHM => Networking Setup => Change Hostname, then reboot the device, the hostname change back to previous name. Also something happen, when I reboot and login, the server ask me to activate my cPanel license, so I have to go...
  6. Rakib Ahmed

    Hostname Redirecting Incorrectly

    in my server one domain which newly added when i visit then it show it's own page but when i click a link it load another website ( ) in backend and load it's menu. but we not used any iframe or anything. and when i visit my hostname using then it redirect...
  7. S

    Changing hostname error

    Goodnight !! I need to change the name of my host name but when I want to do it tells me: The domain "" is already owned by the user "nobody". The system can not set the hostname to a domain owned by a user because all local email would be directed to the "nobody" account...
  8. U

    How to turn OFF Hostname SSL Certificate generation

    [Moved from: hostname SSL cert replaced with cPanel issued version ] Still these SSL features CANNOT BE TURNED OFF OR HIDDEN fully on a server. Is anyone else really concerned that the trust we put in cPanel has been totally disrespected here by the fact they have got involved in our business...
  9. W

    SOLVED Hostname not resolving?

    Problem with the hostname not resolving at all. Not sure what has happened overnight but both servers do not respond to their hostname ie. WHM/cPanel is not accessible. Server is UP and all services are running. However the server hostname cannot be accessed via URL at all. Ran a DNS Stuff...
  10. M

    New hostname error

    Ok I wanted new hostname on my vps and I changed it through my whm did all steps and it works but new problem is when user on my server is accessing its cpanel with he gets redirected to cpanel login but link is my old hostname. What I did wrong?
  11. G

    HostName can't resolve centos 7.2

    I created on godaddy hostnames i installed cpanel on myself and hostname worked but i choose to use your cpanel licence and i suppose i must use your cpanel installation to activate cpanel, after i install cpanel from robot i lost my hostname ns1 and...
  12. K

    Change Hostname Questions

    Currently I facing a problem, I just migrate my server to another server but I unable to access my website ( and I able to access, I found out that my Virtual Host and the Hostname is different. I would like to know how can I change the hostname...
  13. J

    Hostname Redirect

    Hi all, I've searched a few solutions and I'm struggling to get it working, so now I'm here hoping you guys can help me. I have a dedicated server for a client on domain, on there I have one account (This is where my WordPress installation is...
  14. S

    Changed hostname in WHM but cPanel notifications display the old hostname

    I've had this happen on two different servers. I used the WHM "Change hostname", but the email notifications from cPanel still have the old hostname. What else needs to happen to fully complete the change? upcp? Reboot?
  15. A

    Change Hostname Issue

    Hello. I install cpanel on my linux server with a domain name that does not register by ignorance. Is what I can resume the installation with a different domain name records and fqdn? Thank you !
  16. postcd

    How to change site visible when WHM hostname is opened in web browser?

    Hello, currently when i open WHM server hostname or IP in the web browser, it redirected to the website of the cpanel that was added as the first cpanel to the shared IP in WHM. When i moved this cPanel to secondary IP, then another website taken place. But how can i please set...
  17. L

    The server’s hostname is currently owned by the user “nobody”

    I received the message by email: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The server’s hostname “” is currently owned by the user “nobody”. A user should not own the hostname because this will compromise the integrity and security of...
  18. R

    Creating an account cpanel

    Hi everyone, I bought a server VPS and a domain in the same host and I already had a domain in a different host but pointing in VPS server I bought. So I installed Centos 6 in the VPS server with hostname After installing WHM I tried to create a Cpanel...
  19. A

    Stuck in Change Hostname

    Hi all, in a new server (installed CPanel yesterday) I tried about 8 hours ago to "Change Hostname". It seemed to finish ok, then it asked for "Add an A Entry for Your Hostname", which I did as prompted, also ok. However, when I click on the "Change Hostname" a warning appears: "Your previous...
  20. I

    SOLVED Hostname goes to Default Web Page

    Hi guys, Note quickly that I have read this thread here and it was enlightening but my query I feel is a little different. Just chasing the "correct" procedure, I suppose. My hostname goes to the Default Web Page .cgi and so does the actual domain so I was wondering...