1. M

    how to redirect to hostname server

    how to redirect to hostname server?
  2. E

    Domain as hostname

    Hello, We always use cpanel hostname like and purchase ssl for it. Is it also possible we mae hostname and purchase ssl for it. Then if someone open cpanel or webmail he will be moved to /
  3. xlightwaverx

    Hostname Redirect + Multiple Domains at Port 2083/2087

    Hi. Under my Tweak Settings Options, I have all redirections set to original domain regardless of SSL or not. I purchased a generic domain name used for the sake of creating reseller accounts so clients of the resellers will not see my company domain and will go...
  4. H

    Redirect to Server Hostname

    Hello, Please check these two links: [Removed]:2083 https://[Removed]:2083 First address ([Removed]:2083) redirect to "https://[Removed]:2083/" (Server Hostname). I want to redirect "[Removed]:2083" to "https://[Removed]:2083". How can I fix it? Regards Hamed
  5. Drumrocker365

    cPanel hostname alias?

    Hey guys, So, my cPanel is currently hosted at https://cpanel.<mydomain>.com:2083, and I am about to have my first re seller buy from me. He wants his clients to be able to go to https://cpanel.<hisdomain>.com:2083 to access my panel. Trouble is, I tried a CNAME and it works perfectly, except...
  6. B

    Couldn't access to site by IP via SSH, but it works if I use hostname instead.

    Hello, I've got some weird issue: Could connect to website by IP - connection timed out. But it wirks fine if I connect to hostname. Ping hostname - resolved right IP. Any idea what could cause this issue?
  7. D

    2 servers same domain name different hostname

    How I can setup 2 servers same domain name different hostname
  8. CBG

    Stop dedicated IP redirect to cPanel/WHM on server hostname

    Hi, I have add a second IP to my VPS, for a SSL certificate, but when I go to dedicated.ip:2082 etc... it redirect to How can I stop the dedicated/second IP doing that, so it does not redirect.
  9. P

    Hostname on port 80 redirects to wrong website

    Hello, thanks for looking. If I enter the hostname minus :2083 or :2087 the domain redirects to what seems to be the first website installed, how do I prevent or change this? It's only on one of my servers this happens, so unsure why.
  10. twhiting9275

    WHM has detected a manual hostname change.

    Please, for the love of all that is holy stop with this. Changing the hostname via shell is not a 'misconfiguration', it does not mean something is wrong, and we shouldn't have to see alerts on dozens of servers continually because cPanel thinks there's something wrong. cPanel and WHM are...
  11. H

    Problem with changing hostname

    Hi I hope you are having a great day or night right now! I have made change in my hostname (it was and I changed it to my server IP address and I cannot access to any options in cpanel and therefor I cannot change hostname to old hostname. What should I do?
  12. A

    Install SSL on hostname: The system failed to find an owner for the domain “"

    Hi all. I have a domain Under WHM>Service Configuration>Manage Service SSL Certificates, I installed SSL for my main domain (but under sub-domain) for Dovecot Mail Server, Exim (SMTP) Server, FTP Server and cPanel/WHM/Webmail Service. But now I'd like...
  13. R

    Redirecting cPanel hostname?

    Hi, I've configured "" as my cPanel hostname. However, I've noticed that if accessing from the internet, using "" would show an error from "" indicating an error. How do I prevent that from happening when that subdomain...
  14. D

    WHM changing hostname [email protected], [email protected] etc

    Hi guys, Not sure if this should be in the Email forum or not, so sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place. On the docs page for 'Change Hostname', we're advised 'It is important to choose a hostname that will not be used for a cPanel account' My question is, how would we receive email...
  15. wtgotllc

    Hostname & Master Domain Name

    I have installed CentOS 6.5 on my server; when naming host name during install I called it I installed cPanel/WHM. I created name servers & Now I need to set up my first Account; my account which should be Questions First Question...
  16. R

    NEW SERVER .. having problems with resolving hostname after changing IPs

    I just got a new server and i moved my accounts using the TRANSFER tool, everything was smooth until i had to go to my domain register and update my hostname IPs for the new server IPs. I thought that everything was ok but when i checked the DNS report i found some issues, looks like my new...
  17. T

    cPanel account redirection to hostname

    Hello Everybody, I have a problem, whenever an entry cpanel account hosted on my vps, redirects me to the hostname. Example: Redirect to: That I can do to enter this way. Thank you, very much. TheM4ster
  18. durangod

    forwarding the ip url for whm to the hostname

    Since i now have my host name ssl cert, i would like to forward my ip url to the host name url, is that doable. The reason is that the ip is not covered under my cert and it bugs me to see the warning when loggin in. Also i want my login and session activity covered under my ssl. So for...
  19. durangod

    i installed my hostname ssl cert and now my hosting domain is down

    I installed a cert for via the ssl/tls and then went to the configuration manager for ssl and installed it for all services. Now my hosting domain site that had the other dedicated ssl cert is down the error log says i do have the forwarding to ssl set to host name in my...
  20. durangod

    adding features to hostname cpanel so i can install cert

    We installed our ssl cert yesterday and the reseller domain is fine, but everything above that, reseller cpanel, reseller whm, vps cpanel and vps whm does not have the ssl assigned to it. So i went into the vps cpanel to install the cert there as well and i dont have any icons in cpanel, the...