1. I

    SOLVED cPanel certificates self-signed?

    Hi cPanel/all, Are cPanel certificates self-signed? My cPanel license is valid, my hostname is an FQDN (though I can't get to my server by hostname for some reason...), all looks okay? is GoDaddy's of course. Can anyone tell me why I see this? The cPanel Documentation implies...
  2. I

    SOLVED Should Hostname be Resolvable?

    Hi folks, I went into WHM > Networking Setup > Change Hostname and entered in a 'random' hostname, as per the suggestions. Should I be able to reach my new hostname in a web browser? Please note that I do not own (It belongs to GoDaddy Inc). My original hostname was...
  3. W

    root @ hostname emails are frozen

    Hello I can't seem to get delivery of system emails. I have configured WHM >> Home »Server Contacts »Edit System Mail Preferences. The system currently forwards mail for “nobody” to “root”. The system currently forwards mail for “root” to “[email protected]”. The system currently forwards...
  4. M

    Google Compute Engine Hostname issue

    Anyone know how to permanently set a hostname in Google Compute Engine so it doesent change every time the server resets? OS: CloudLinux 7
  5. T

    AutoSSL for Hostname?

    Hello, I just did some testing with the "new" AutoSSL feature and seems like it works just fine. Thanks for the addition. However I don't understand one thing: AutoSSL is available for all my customers, what about the server domain itself? How can deploy an SSL certificate for the server...
  6. mattin

    Invalid hostname even though it is valid

    Hello, I want to ask if somebody have this problem and solved it. I have cPanel server which works great, but if server is sometimes restarted during maintenance, emails are not delivered due to 550 Invalid HELO string. When I checked Change hostname, there's only first name of server from...
  7. J

    Invalid Hostname

    Hello, first-timer here. I've installed cpanel for testing only. The installation process was pretty much straight-forward until i came across this license problem. The license just won't update. The license is definitely valid. Server's hostname is also a valid FQDN. And in my domain registrar...
  8. H

    Config Hostname

    Hi! I 've installed cpanel and I 've configure hostname, but when I access the hostname to login to cpanel , an error message. This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found. Go to ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED why?please help me...
  9. N

    Updating Host Name

    Changing Hostname are not updated, I confirmed that Changing hostname reboot reverts back to Old. Doing the Graceful Server Reboot then still are set to old. Please let me know to fix.
  10. K

    Change Hostname in emails after Main Server Hostname Change

    Hi, After changing my hostname in WHM when I am receiving system emails it is still showing the original hostname. I have attached an email to show this. - Removed - You see its still and all following emails i receive its the same. Thanks for any help.
  11. S

    Problems with hostname.

    Not sure this is the right place to post this, but since I've had cPanel setup, I've occasionally gotten these e-mails, which are a bit weird. Not really sure what's going on here. Here's what the first one says: The system detected an invalid hostname configuration on:
  12. akust0m

    caldav & carddav DNS entries not updating after server hostname change

    Hello, I recently moved my development cPanel server into production and as a result I needed to perform a hostname change. Since doing the hostname change, everything has worked well except the caldav and carddav SRV records are still showing the old server hostname 3 days later for all...
  13. G

    hostname redirection to website

    Hey guys I would like to know how I could redirect our hostname URL to our website so instead of showing the default landing page it should redirect to without effecting the default landing page of our clients.
  14. J

    Horde Issue with Hostname

    I have an issue with horde not functioning properly on one of our shared servers its reporting an error with the hostname, see below: HTTP error 503 The service is unavailable. Horde is unavailable while the system is setting the hostname. I have already restarted Cpanel entirely and tried to...
  15. T

    Your previous attempt to change the hostname is still running

    I attempted to change my hostname through whm, and it error stating it could not be completed. Since then, it has been stuck on "Your previous attempt to change the hostname is still running" I then attempted to rename the hostname through the script within /usr/local/cpanel/bin and received...
  16. prateekvarma

    Setting Server Hostname on New Installation Issue

    Hello, Sorry for the annoying title, but as a newbie, and trying "THE MOST POPULAR" control panel in the world, i expected a bit more. There is some serious mess with the hostname in my installation. I have gone through so many articles, blogs and forums about the right steps..and nowhere is a...
  17. P

    WHM Root login invalid after changing hostname

    Hello Everyone, I just moved my website from VPS to dedicated server. When setting up the WHM in dedicated server, I typed exactly the same information from VPS WHM to Dedi server.. including the hostname. Today my website works from new IP in dedicated server. I cant login to VPS Cpanel...
  18. M

    how to redirect to hostname server

    how to redirect to hostname server?
  19. E

    Domain as hostname

    Hello, We always use cpanel hostname like and purchase ssl for it. Is it also possible we mae hostname and purchase ssl for it. Then if someone open cpanel or webmail he will be moved to /
  20. xlightwaverx

    Hostname Redirect + Multiple Domains at Port 2083/2087

    Hi. Under my Tweak Settings Options, I have all redirections set to original domain regardless of SSL or not. I purchased a generic domain name used for the sake of creating reseller accounts so clients of the resellers will not see my company domain and will go...