1. durangod

    adding features to hostname cpanel so i can install cert

    We installed our ssl cert yesterday and the reseller domain is fine, but everything above that, reseller cpanel, reseller whm, vps cpanel and vps whm does not have the ssl assigned to it. So i went into the vps cpanel to install the cert there as well and i dont have any icons in cpanel, the...
  2. durangod

    please advise how to get my support ID to match my hostname

    for some reason my hostname does not match my service id number in my trial, i dont know why because i used the ip that my host set me up on... but anyway nevermind about the why... i need to know since i cant do a ticket, what is the process to get it synced up with my trial. Do i need to...
  3. amoloo7

    Changing hostname ip and name server ip Problem In WHM

    Hello 1./ Due to some reason i have to change my main server ip to new one every thing is working perfect but i am unable to change hostname ip in whm from (Networking Setup>Change Hostname) When i enter new ip address and click save it show that it is changed but if i check again it shows old...
  4. shojib

    Can't access cpanel/whm hostname and IP was changed

    Hi , I got an abuse report recently and my IP was nullrouted . And that's why I told my VPS provider to set up a new IP for my VPS . Here are some problems I am getting : 1. I have setup SSL redirect to the hostname when user try to access cpanel like this: ->...
  5. vespera

    SSL and dedicated IP for VPS hostname

    I've been trying for some time to figure out all this DNS, nameserver and IP stuff, and I think I did, for the most part, but now I've come to install an SSL certificate and I'm just stuck. I have a VPS with 2 IPs, the is set to NS1 and is set to be NS2 (I also use some secondary...
  6. postcd

    Hostname for WHM server, not IP but real name?

    Hello, i have a VPS, it has one IP. I want to install WHM there and have whm address like: not http://myipaddress:2087 Please is it necessary to order another domain to have this? What are downside of using IP? What if i have domain how...
  7. V

    Two Servers Hostname Question

    Re: Setting up a VPS Hostname ( + Cloudflare Nameservers ) I would also like to ask Is it possible to have the same domain for host names in a multiple VPS?
  8. F

    Hostname error while installing

    Greetings all! I've installed centos 6.5 & trying to install cpanel. But everytime I get this error "hostname () is not set properly error. Please change your hostname to a fully qualified domain name........" I've edited /etc/hosts & added a hostname like this :
  9. N

    SSL Cert on hostname Not cPanel Services

    Hi, I have purchased and installed a Comodo ssl cert. on my WHM for cpanel/webmail/ftp etc using Manage SSL hosts on my server and it works fine. Now i want to install the cert to the hostname of the server which is the same address as what cpanel uses but when i go to Install a SSL in...
  10. B

    cPanel redirects to hostname even with different settings set.

    Hello all, In WHM, I have the following settings set under "Tweak Settings > Redirection": Webmail works fine on non-SSL sites, and stays on the same domain name, just with port 2095 attached. However, on SSL websites cPanel redirects to the server's hostname, even after the option is...
  11. S

    Folder accessible on hostname

    Hello, Is it possible to create a folder ("example") that is accessible by going to "server_ip/example" or "hostname.tld/example"?
  12. G

    Domain / Hostname / Subdomain confusion.....

    Dear Forum, I am new to cPanel and WHM and struggling with the host/domain settings in both WHM and cPanel, background is as follows: I have a rootserver and two different domains, lets say and Under public_html I have created two subdirectories which include the...
  13. C

    Hostname and Main Domain

    Hi again, I may not have thought my setup through very well. When I setup my server I chose a hostname based on a domain I plan to use as my primary website: I then created an account for myself with the domain When I browse to it shows...
  14. P

    Hostname displays a website on the VPS

    Hi there, Right now I'm having a strange issue with my VPS that uses cPanel. I have like five websites on the VPS and one hostname (domain) for the nameservers and the VPS. So let's say I have these websites: and I access the WHM Login Panel via...
  15. E

    Hostname resolves, domain does not

    I just finished setting up WHM yesterday. My hostname is set as If I go to that I get the standard cPanel "Default Homepage". If I try to go to I get webpage is not available. After setup, I went to "Nameserver IPs". I understand this is for display purposes only now...
  16. K

    Hostname not resolving

    Like others i am having a hostname resolving issue. I have googled and searched the forums. This is my finds so far: I moved my WHM/cPanel installation to a new server. After changing the nameserver IP's and then after a little while the domains to started pointing to the new server...
  17. R

    Use same domain for WHM hostname and cPanel account

    Perhaps a silly question, but I can't find a clear answer! On a dedicated server owned by one business just for their own sites, can I use the same domain for both the WHM hostname (domain part) and a cPanel account? I initially setup the server with hostname "" and a...
  18. Q

    How to add an IPV6 hostname in CPanel?

    I've recently enabled IPV6 for my server, and Exim is sending mail successfully over IPV6. google's complaining though about the forward and reverse DNS records of the IP I'm using. I've sorted out the reverse aspect of it with the datacenter that hosts me, but I have absolutely no idea how to...
  19. ultralion

    Help on mysql hostname log error

    Hi :) Today i had some issue on my hosting. My vps was down so i suppose my provider give them an hard reset to make it workly. After that some table on a cms were broken (regarding sessions). So i fix them and then i move to: /var/lib/mysql to see error generated in the logs. I check what...
  20. P

    How to stop user's domain from redirecting to server's hostname with ssl when logging into cpanel

    Hi all. Currently when a website account/user logs in to cpanel, (websitedomain.tld), it redirects to my vps's hostname which has a shared ssl, (hostname.myvps.tld). I don't want this to happen. I just want each account/user to use their own domain name, no redirection to my hostname...