1. P

    HTTPS taking over all domains?

    Hello, I installed HTTPS for a client, But now if I go to I get the HTTPS page of . How can I stop this? Regards, Colin
  2. T

    https to http - backwards huh

    I want to make users who access this: to be redirected to this: I do have code on my index page that checks HTTPS and will redirect but it;s not happening before the headers are sent to the server and the 401 auth error is returned telling...
  3. W

    https not running new install

    I just got done with adding cpanel to a server. Rebuilt apache with selection three and everything is running smooth. I added a ssl cert to an account and that worked smooth now trying to connect to https and i get denied. Initially below is what in my opinion would be everything that you would...
  4. E

    Moved SSL crt restarted httpd but https doesnt work for domain

    I searched the forum but never found this. I moved a domain from Ensim 3.5 to my New Cpanel box assigned IP installed crt,key,ca but https wont work or maybe its me?? I can list ssl hosts and click on it and it shows and the domain shows up fine viewing thru WHM...
  5. J

    Redirecting traffic to https

    I would like to redirect someone that goes to something like: OR to something like: https://mydomain/folder Is this possible. Someone I had talked to mentioned that I would have to write that into the httpd.conf file. How...
  6. S

    remote scripts via https

    Hello everyone, I have some php scipts setup to create dns zones from a remote server. It does it via http by sending the username and password then the needed variables via get. The problem is that I have not been able to get it to work using https. I think the request fails because of...
  7. J

    https work, http does not

    I recently installed a cert for a domain with a dedicated IP and now I can only access the domain via https. If I try the unsecure version of the site it appears to be trying to load something but it never loads. httpd.conf appears to correct. Any thoughts? I don't know if it helps but the...
  8. K


    Why if I try to access a web site like, with https another site is displayed? thanks!
  9. Z

    https ?

    how do you get https ? whenever i find a post i cant understand what their saying can anyone please tell me exacly how to get http & https ?
  10. P

    all https requests redirect to main page..

    Hi, A month ago I setup self generated ssl using the main server IP and for domain. This way all customers who could not afford to buy a certificate and dedicated IP could still take advantage of a secure connection to their admin areas on the sites or other...
  11. P

    How to force browsers to https

    I have a site that I need all users to be redirected to https not http. How can I do this?
  12. Radio_Head

    cpanel https with my shared ssl

    Hello I wish to use my shared ssl for cpanel https (2083) . Anyone knows how to do ? Thanks a lot!
  13. T

    https redirection

    Hello, The https redirects to our home page for some reason. Anyone know how to fix this?
  14. Z

    Setting up https (please help)

    Ok I have cpanel / WHM I got it from my dedicated server host it it come with my server. I want to set up my https so when you type in Https:// It takes to to a dir setup just for https AKA public_htmls (or with please httpsdocs) I want it so you can goto...
  15. C

    redircting http:// to https://

    i have found a snipit that will redirect the visitor to the https:// page even if they try to access via the http:// put this in the verry begining of the index.php file if ( !isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) || strtolower($_SERVER['HTTPS']) != 'on' ) { header ('Location...
  16. Q

    how to make the default login in cpanel is https://

    how can i make the Default link if any one wanna try to access the cpanel or whm to make it https:// such as , he will go to not
  17. D

    SSL with http instead of https ??

    Hello everybody, I've installed correctly SSL certificate for my IP based site (in dedicated server), the company's seal works fine in my html pages (no warnings), but why I'm still seeing http instead of https? Also there is no padlock in the browser's bar. Have I missed something in...
  18. F

    httpd contantly failing... HTTPS (SSL) Too

    Thru my logs: [Tue Aug 10 22:20:41 2004] [error] mod_ssl: SSL handshake failed: HTTP spoken on HTTPS port; trying to send HTML error page (OpenSSL library error follows) [Tue Aug 10 22:20:41 2004] [error] OpenSSL: error:1407609C:SSL routines:func(118):reason(156) [Wed Aug 11 00:36:39...
  19. C

    directing http to https

    i have setup a secure site at if i goto i want it to redirect immediatly to so that if a visitor forgets the 's' they still goto the secure site any ideas
  20. B

    Redirect Http to Https

    You should modify the following setting's on httpd.conf under your virtual host entry: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/(.*) RewriteRule ^/icons/(.+) - [PT,L] RewriteRule...