1. Radio_Head

    cpanel and https

    Hello, Is it possible to open a cpanel using https ? If yes which is the port (on my box https doesn't work on 2082)? thank you
  2. K

    https conection on port 2087 problem

    I use Mozilla 1.1 to connect to WHM on After new instalation of Cpanel/WHM everything works fine. But always when I update Cpanel/WHM and recompile Apache (from buildapache.sea) after that when I try connect to I'm getting this message...
  3. P

    https not working anymore on port 2087

    Here is the scoop. Yesterday I was able to connect to WHM via SSL (https and port 2087) but today it will not connect. The only thing that I can think of that might be the cause is that I re-compiled apache and added the Curl and Curl with SSL support. Any tips? :) Thanks, Paulblo
  4. S

    SSL https:// question.

    Hi all I have searched the forum for the answer to this and it is probadly kinda simple. I just got a dedicated server with whm/cpanel . I generated a cert. and installed it for when I try to goto or nothing will show I have tried...