1. R

    https images in news

    how is it possible to place a gif in the news section that does not get broken whan accessing cpanl in ssl ? It works fine in http mode but when we chage to https image does not appear...
  2. Y

    login error if useing https to access cpanel

    Hi, one of my client (who uses cpanel) has problem loging into cpanel while using https. For example, he can login using address but if he tries to login using aadress he gets error look at the attached image: error.jpg...
  3. M

    Strange https Issue

    This seems to happen only on 1 server and I can't determine what is happening. One of our clients on this server uses an SSL cert for his https pages. Whenever I delete another site on the server, his https pages will start returning 404 pages. It needs to be manually corrected each time we...
  4. P

    ssl problem port 443 works but not https

    fixed Support Ticket Number:
  5. G

    Redirection re: HTTP / HTTPS

    Just Curiouse why have you not included a drop down selector to choose a redirect for https (secure) aswell as the common https for example i want to redirect to but i am unable to do so using the cPanel redirect feature. Many...
  6. I

    Redirect http to https://

    Hello, I have a reseller that asked a question that I just can't answer. Right now, he has a web site which you can access via http:// or https:// he has in own cert with is working fine. The thing is, he wants to make is website so if a user goes to it takes them...
  7. vishal

    https problem....

    Hello All, https is not working on my server. Perviously it was. How do I check if the SSL certificate on my server is expired or not? Please reply... Thank you, Support Ticket Number:
  8. speckados

    Show directory and server information on https://

    If put any adress, example, (that it's a domain whit IP shared and not https), server show Directory index and cgi-bin. It's possible show a window alert with " not https" or similar ? Thanks Support...
  9. P

    https logs/stats

    I have done a search and can find no simular topic but hopefully someone can help me out. I have a client who has a secure site on my cPanel 7 box and he is convinced any traffic that enters the site via secure doesn't show up in his cPanel stats. Currently installed are the following...
  10. H

    Auto redirect :2082 to https :2083 is it possible?

    Is it possible to redirect all requests to cpanel on port 2082 to https mode? Support Ticket Number:
  11. isputra

    https on port 2087 dead after ugrade

    Yesterday i choose to upgrade my cPanel from 7.18 R.45 to Cpanel-7.2.1-RELEASE_45 and now i can't access to WHM through https port 2087 Anyone have the same problem and already have solution, please tell me how to fix this :confused: Support Ticket Number:
  12. I redirection to https:// instead of http://

    Hi all, im trying to make my cpanel only operate on secure connection, is there a way to make it when someone goes to that it redirects it to the https login??? Thanks in advance Support Ticket Number:
  13. N

    https: and default (defunct) directory

    I am totally lost. If I go to any of the sites on my server I see a bunch of files and folders for a combination of serveral sites. What is the deal here. As well a newbie ?, I am former Plesk user, each site had a https folder, what is the equivalent here? I see that...
  14. F

    HTTPS not working..

    i installed a BS script i genned in WHM, i checked my firewall that it was allowing port 443, but everytime i go to my secure it goes "page not found" where to start to find out why?
  15. I

    https:// no longer working so i can't access whm

    I was trying to install a SSL certificate but after trying some things the manual said to try and install it by clicking Change cPanel/WHM Certificate I did that and after i hit DO IT i got this message Attempting to verify your certificate..... cp: cannot stat...
  16. Radio_Head

    cpanel and https

    Hello, Is it possible to open a cpanel using https ? If yes which is the port (on my box https doesn't work on 2082)? thank you
  17. K

    https conection on port 2087 problem

    I use Mozilla 1.1 to connect to WHM on After new instalation of Cpanel/WHM everything works fine. But always when I update Cpanel/WHM and recompile Apache (from buildapache.sea) after that when I try connect to I'm getting this message...
  18. P

    https not working anymore on port 2087

    Here is the scoop. Yesterday I was able to connect to WHM via SSL (https and port 2087) but today it will not connect. The only thing that I can think of that might be the cause is that I re-compiled apache and added the Curl and Curl with SSL support. Any tips? :) Thanks, Paulblo
  19. S

    SSL https:// question.

    Hi all I have searched the forum for the answer to this and it is probadly kinda simple. I just got a dedicated server with whm/cpanel . I generated a cert. and installed it for when I try to goto or nothing will show I have tried...