1. E

    Problem with HTTPS redirection.

    Hello I'm having a problem with HTTPS redirection. When I access a domain from my server ex: MyDomain | Domain Names, Web Hosting, and Free Domain Services it redirects to the default domain of my ex server: I need that when https is invalid or does not exist it simply...
  2. T

    Http to Https - Prodblems - UNIQUE

    Hello i am facing an unique problem i have 70 domains on my cPanel server, easyapache4 with xvarnish around 20 of them have STRICT http to https redirection we are using Let's Encrypt SSL but the remaining dont have STRICT redirect for some reason, same server same configuration, i have...
  3. M

    SOLVED Can't seem to get a http to https redirect

    I specifically need an http to https redirect that works in curl, so I've been testing with "curl -IL". HSTS is already enabled, so normal web browsers redirect without a 301/302 in place. I have other redirects working in .htaccess, so I know the file is live. Same...
  4. chanklish

    HTTPS to HTTP redirection

    hello awesome people i have a small simple website with no ssl working normally if i open it in https .. it takes me to cgibin page then an error how can i redirect the https to http ? i tried the redirection inside cpanel and i tried the following in htaccess but still not working #...
  5. M

    addon domain https wrong documentroot

    Hi all :) I found a problem in cpanel. We made an addon domain outside of public_html (/home/addondomainfolder) All things was ok But now we found that there is a problem in ssl mode. While we try to reach site via https, apache tries to access /home/public_html/addondomainfolder As you know we...
  6. A

    Mixed http / https content

    Hello, We enabled auto ssl in cpanel on a website but now iframes does not show some pages anymore. I think i found this has to do with the fact that the browser is blocking content due to the fact that the content inside the iframe is http while the website is being loaded trough https. Is...
  7. bloatedstoat

    Lynx cannot access start file https

    We use Lynx to call urls by way of cron within a cpanel account we manage. Recently the scripts stopped running and we tracked it down to Lynx throwing an error "Cannot access start file". Lynx is used to access secure urls when these scripts are run and this is where the problem appears to...
  8. 1

    Alias Redirection default to https

    When adding a redirection the form field helpfully prefills http:// Is there any way to have it default to prefilling with https:// With the web moving towards non-SSL sites prompting browser warnings, this would help sort out a minor irritation.
  9. Cleyton Silva

    Problems with HTTPS

    Hello, I have a site that is behaving very strangely. We use Wordpress using the Woocommerce plugin. We install the SSL certificate on the server and after a few days the site stopped working, we thought it would be a robot attacking the server. But we found that the problem was in httpd.conf...
  10. T

    Strange redirect to https problem

    Just created a new account that does not need SSL. It is defaulting to https. There are zero redirects setup in cPanel and .htaccess is empty. Using allows access without redirecting to https. Checked AutoSSL in WHM is off. Restarted Apache with no change. This...
  11. A

    all https site redirect to one page

    hi all, i have strange problem, all my https site without yet configure https, redirect to one link page. for example , i have domain and without https configure, and then i have with https configure. if i try access...
  12. P

    site bound to http only, not to https

    Hello, I've added a site, at the moment it is the only website on that IP. After /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf I see the domain is bound to port 80 only, but not to https. As the result, when I open i see default cpanel page is a NameVirtualHost...
  13. I

    Flush the output buffer in https / ssl, change the 64kb default

    Hi, I can't find anything about how to change that 64kb buffer in https / ssl in http:// work just fine using fcgid or suphp <?php ini_set('output_buffering','off'); ini_set('zlib.output_compression',off); header('Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8'); for($i=0;$i<100;$i++){ echo...
  14. Louie Picklezilla

    Redirecting http to https give loop error

    I am trying to force my website to redirect to https automatically, but it gives a loop error when I try to do so. I've tried so many different things and nothing is working. My .htaccess file: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^too\.com$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.too\.com$...
  15. M

    Redirect https to http without ssl on domain?

    How can I redirect all https requests to http without using ssl certificate for domain? Issue: I was using cloudflare free ssl due to some issues not using cloudflare now. All google indexed pages are with https when I visit link it shows not found error 404 (port 443) most users getting error...
  16. E

    Redirect http to https in WHM

    Hi :) I have a VPS with several websites, and in one of them, I want to redirect from http to https. Based on the Apache documentation I can do with this: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName Redirect / </VirtualHost > I understand that the best way to do...
  17. Mojolagbe Jamiu Babatunde

    Redirect from https to https

    Please can someone help me ! I need to do redirects in cpanel but my site is on https... meaning redirecting from one https page to another https page in the same domain
  18. jeremiahbenes

    Website Only Available Over https (http gives error)

    Hi, My site is [Removed]. For some reason, I can access the site just fine when using https, but http gives an error. Any ideas why? Thanks for your help!
  19. N

    Apache redirect http to https

    I have install SSL for my domain. How to Apache redirect http to https on .htaccess file.
  20. A

    http to https

    Hello, We just had a new wildcard installed for one of the domains on the server. On one of the subdomains it automaticlly transfers when you go to http it goes to https as it should. On the others it does not. Is there a way to set this for this domain and all subdomains in one setting change...