1. z3d3m0n

    connect to imap

    Hello Community, hope everybody is well when i try to connect to IMAP running on my cpanel programmatically , i can see only one folder inbox , when i use the same code to connect to IMAP to eg yahoo i see all folders , like spam , sent etc. is there any specific option i must apply to...
  2. 8

    How to share IMAP folders with other users

    I would like to have shared IMAP folders with another email user. So I can select a few folders in my IMAP structure and share them with an Administrative Assistant that has an email account on the same server, to help me sort messages as I drop them in the "to be sorted" folder. How can this...
  3. M

    Opening IMAP Port

    Hi, I want to have my NAS access IMAP, I'm informed that I have to open my IMAP port as there is no option within the NAS software to do this. I would like to know how to open the port so the NAS which has it's own email client can access the same IMAP port etc as is with cPanel ?
  4. T

    Adding an alternate IMAP SSL port

    Is there a way to add an alternate port for incoming IMAP? some local isps in my country are inexplicably blocking port 143 and 993, so adding an alternate port would definitely help
  5. I

    “imap” service reaches its memory limit

    This morning I received this email from our CPANEL facility: When the “imap” service reaches its memory limit, the system performance will suffer because the service must start a new process and it will lose all of the data that it has cached in memory. You should increase the current memory...
  6. I

    Dovecot (IMAP) keeps failing

    Hi, It's about four days I think that Dovecot keeps failing and then running multiple times. This is the log I see in email: And this is the log when I run /scripts/restartsrv_dovecot --stop and /scripts/restartsrv_dovecot --start as said here: This is /var/log/maillog: How to solve...
  7. E

    Add imap. and smtp. to all newly created WHM domains

    WHM, by default, create a mail. DOT domain record for all new domains. Hurah! Seems like the industry is liking this idea and I see it working in some autoconfig / autodisover wizards. However, Samsung phone email clients and a bunch of other email clients do not support autoconfig /...
  8. D

    Emails don't displaying in IMAP .Sent folder and Outlook

    Hello, I'm hitting a wall today. On my client account there are few email boxes, when [email protected] sent message to [email protected] this email appears in Inbox of [email protected] but dont appear in Sent folder of my [email protected] I have root access to server and WHM, I have...
  9. R

    Can't login to Dovecot during distributed imap login attack

    Can't login to Dovecot, e.g. from Cpanel "Check Mail" link to Roundcube, when distributed imap/pop3 login attack is going on. The question isn't about attack mitigation, but how to prevent it to from locking out imap login with correct password for the same email account at least temporary. Is...
  10. J

    Cpanel blacklisting itself

    Hello and wishing everyone health. I've been reviewing my cpanel cPHulk history and see frequent repeating entries at specific time periods with a correct username but with an incorrect, mangled domain name and a rip ip address that is my correct server domain ip address. Example...
  11. J

    How do I use telnet to log into imap?

    Hello, I apologize if this is not the correct place for this post.... I'm trying to use telnet to log into IMAP. I am doing this in an attempt to read all of the message bodies for a single account. And I want to concatenate all of them, they contain log output from a router. I have tried the...
  12. DennisMidjord

    IMAP for cPanel emails

    Is it possible to configure cPanel/WHM to send emails using a specific SMTP account? I'm just talking about emails like "Bandwidth Limit Reached" and stuff like that. Instead of having them sent as [email protected], we'd like it to go through our SMTP server (maybe as...
  13. S

    imap not allowing login for any users

    For all domains no user can login, webmail is not working either, when trying webmail after a few moments the user is redirected back to whatever webmail interfaces login page they use (mostly the roundcube login), when logging into horde horde shows no mailbox info at all. The only things I...
  14. D

    imap error

    May 12 18:03:23 server dovecot: log(9551): Warning: Shutting down logging for 'imap: ' with 2 clients May 12 18:03:23 server dovecot: log(9551): Warning: Shutting down logging for 'imap-login: ' with 2 clients May 12 18:03:23 server dovecot: log(9551): Warning: Shutting down logging for 'auth: '...
  15. T

    Get Email Failed cpsrvd, imap, exim

    Hello Everyone.. I got 3 Email. 1. The service “cpsrvd” appears to be down Service check failed to complete Unable to connect to port 2086 on Connection refused: Died 2. The service “imap” appears to be down...
  16. carock

    Domain TLS not working for IMAP & POP3

    My account SSL certificates are not working on these services anymore. The server recently upgraded to version 74 but I'm not sure if one has anything to do with the other. When I connect using a mail client or with an openssl s_client test, only the server hostname certificate is presented...
  17. A

    IMAP accounts not syncing properly

    Hi All, I'm new to this and not that technically knowledgeable but I found another old post in these forums that answered half of my problem but is not accepting new reply posts, so I'm going to ask for help here in this post on the other half. I recently switched to a hosting service that...
  18. M

    IMAP Sync Issues Across Multiple Devices

    Hi All I am having a weird issue that is affecting both my servers and multiple accounts on multiple devices. I keep telling me server admins that there is something wrong and each time they say something different but they have not fixed the issue. We have many email accounts set up using...
  19. wintech2003

    Reindex IMAP Full-Text Search (FTS)

    According to this, there is an option to reindex the Solr IMAP Full-Text search in v70 through the Webmail interface. Is there a command line alternative for v68? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling (also deleted any files under the /home/cpanelsolr/ path) the plugin, but I'm still...
  20. A

    Exim , imap , ftp , cpsrvd are down

    Hello , Imap , Ftpd , Exim , cpsrvd crash recently two time a days , at least . It crashs , than after 5-10 minutes thay recover and restart . Logs says: Reason Service check failed to complete Timeout while trying to connect to service: Died Knowing i have CSF Firewall activated . What logs...