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    IMAP accounts not syncing properly

    Hi All, I'm new to this and not that technically knowledgeable but I found another old post in these forums that answered half of my problem but is not accepting new reply posts, so I'm going to ask for help here in this post on the other half. I recently switched to a hosting service that...
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    IMAP Sync Issues Across Multiple Devices

    Hi All I am having a weird issue that is affecting both my servers and multiple accounts on multiple devices. I keep telling me server admins that there is something wrong and each time they say something different but they have not fixed the issue. We have many email accounts set up using...
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    Only Permit connection with POP not IMAP

    Hi I was wondering if anybody knows a way to grant/deny access to IMAP on a user level. ie I want some clients to only be able to connect with POP and NOT IMAP?