1. D

    imap error

    May 12 18:03:23 server dovecot: log(9551): Warning: Shutting down logging for 'imap: ' with 2 clients May 12 18:03:23 server dovecot: log(9551): Warning: Shutting down logging for 'imap-login: ' with 2 clients May 12 18:03:23 server dovecot: log(9551): Warning: Shutting down logging for 'auth: '...
  2. T

    Get Email Failed cpsrvd, imap, exim

    Hello Everyone.. I got 3 Email. 1. The service “cpsrvd” appears to be down Service check failed to complete Unable to connect to port 2086 on Connection refused: Died 2. The service “imap” appears to be down...
  3. carock

    Domain TLS not working for IMAP & POP3

    My account SSL certificates are not working on these services anymore. The server recently upgraded to version 74 but I'm not sure if one has anything to do with the other. When I connect using a mail client or with an openssl s_client test, only the server hostname certificate is presented...
  4. A

    IMAP accounts not syncing properly

    Hi All, I'm new to this and not that technically knowledgeable but I found another old post in these forums that answered half of my problem but is not accepting new reply posts, so I'm going to ask for help here in this post on the other half. I recently switched to a hosting service that...
  5. M

    IMAP Sync Issues Across Multiple Devices

    Hi All I am having a weird issue that is affecting both my servers and multiple accounts on multiple devices. I keep telling me server admins that there is something wrong and each time they say something different but they have not fixed the issue. We have many email accounts set up using...
  6. wintech2003

    Reindex IMAP Full-Text Search (FTS)

    According to this, there is an option to reindex the Solr IMAP Full-Text search in v70 through the Webmail interface. Is there a command line alternative for v68? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling (also deleted any files under the /home/cpanelsolr/ path) the plugin, but I'm still...
  7. A

    Exim , imap , ftp , cpsrvd are down

    Hello , Imap , Ftpd , Exim , cpsrvd crash recently two time a days , at least . It crashs , than after 5-10 minutes thay recover and restart . Logs says: Reason Service check failed to complete Timeout while trying to connect to service: Died Knowing i have CSF Firewall activated . What logs...
  8. W

    IMAP consuming so much bandwidth

    IMAP consuming so much bandwith how can i detect the account email that cause the issue PLZ
  9. T

    Only Permit connection with POP not IMAP

    Hi I was wondering if anybody knows a way to grant/deny access to IMAP on a user level. ie I want some clients to only be able to connect with POP and NOT IMAP?
  10. C

    Courier IMAP timeout when sending.

    I hope this is the correct forum for this - if not my apologies. I'm using Courier as my mail server, and trying to setup some mailboxes. I can received email on all of them (SSL) no problem, but I can't send anything from any account. I've tried SSL/No SSL, on port 25. I can resolve the mail...
  11. M

    FAILED: imap on server

    I get 1000s emails every day with theze errors : 1) FAILED: imap on server .. ( couriertcpd is not running authdaemond: Cpanel::MailAuth: Failed to getpwnam for user sales) 2) [statscheck] Stats/Server Overload Please help me to solve this ( even after...
  12. B

    How to check for imap?

    Hi all, I am just in the process of setting up WHMCS and am trying to setup my support ticketing system. But apparently I need imap for this to work.... Following a tutorial I created a new file phpinfo.php but received a security warning saying I do not have permission, permission...
  13. J

    Get old incoming IMAP and POP connections

    Hi Everyone!! I need to get incoming IMAP and POP connections from one year ago because I have to find out if someone has ilegally accessed. I have been researching and the main log files are mailog and exim_mainlog in /var/logs/. But I have information from only five days ago :(. Where...
  14. A

    Exim and IMAP down version 11.40 cpanel

    Hi, I need help with imap and exim service do not start, and are also unstable. That's part of the log / var / log / chkservd.log: [email protected] [~]# tailf /var/log/chkservd.log Service Check Finished Service Check Started Loading services...
  15. X

    [Case 82261] 11.40 incomplete/hung update [symptom: exim & imap services down]

    I have a problem with the new version 11.40.0, the services exim & imap are down. Is there any solution for this issue? I quote the log from the upgrade report.:confused: LOG [20131106.120948] Detected version '' from version file. [20131106.120948] Using mirror ''...
  16. X

    How to view IMAP bandwidth stats per domain?

    Hi! I want to view the stats of IMAP usage per domain instead of all domains. Thanks, and sorry for my english. - - - Updated - - - Cpanel version -> 11.38.2 (build 12)
  17. D

    imap, exim and clamd failed

    Hello, New to the forums. I have joined as there are some questions I have that I have been unable to answer. Running the latest 11.38.2 build and a few days ago they had a few services that have failed, imap, exim and clamd. A lot of the solutions I am seeing is to just run a upcp --force...
  18. S

    IMAP failed

    I ve also imap failed (happened at the same moment), it actually happened just after i tried to install ffmpeg from this : /] Here is the error message: imap failed @ Wed May 29 01:40:02 2013. A restart was attempted...
  19. W

    New updates causing IMAP & exim failures across multiple servers

    Auto updates started a bit ago and have three or four servers sending pages about exim & IMAP failures. Anyone else?
  20. H

    Is there some kind of official cPanel IMAP migration path?

    I have a client that wants to move on to our servers. The client really only uses email (IMAP). Unfortunately the client does not have shell access to their existing hosting, so that's not an option. Is there some kind of official cPanel IMAP migration path? I saw some people on this...