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    IMAP and exim...

    It seem exim or anything else, kill my connection to my imap folder if another application try to connect to exim for check email... I'm using outlook for imapo and a small application for check my email each 5 minutes... I got a error message when my application try to connect to the...
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    I have a php script that one of my clients is trying to use. Though for some reason the "imap" functions don't work... for example: It's giving me this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imap_open() in /home/bihira/public_html/imap.php on line...
  3. H

    imap problems

    I am occasionally having issues while using webmail with not being able to read certain messages. I cannot seem to find out how to fix this - it seems that it fixes itself or just poking and proding it makes it start working again for no particular reason. Message size seems to have no...
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    fedora 2 fresh install with cpanel. exim & imap RED.

    Hi, I did a fresh install on fedora 2 + cpanel. was wondering why i get exim and imap RED mark on my cpanel. I did a restart on the exim and it says started ok. but imap gave me errror. how do i reinstall this or fix this.. why is it showin RED. i also did a chkservd. thanks
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    Strange IMAP issue. Need help ASAP.

    Hello All, Encountered a strange IMAP issue earlier, and it's driving me nuts. We have CPANEL on our server and we host various mail accounts on the same. Earlier had provided IMAP access to a user since he required it. Everything worked well and he was able to send/recieve mails, but...
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    imap hanging up

    I'm having problems with imap hanging up when connecting from horde or squirrelmail. typically happens when reading large (> 20k) email messages. Any thoughts what's happening? I'm running current cpanel fwiw. thx. dale
  7. A

    imap fail.

    Hi, My imap is showing red mark.. how do i fix this? or how do i found out the problems. can i reinstall imap? if so what scripts do i run??
  8. N

    Disable IMAP for one domain

    I have a client that wants to disable IMAP funtionality for his company. Is there anyway to disable this on a per domain basis? Its just this one domain that requesting it. He doesn't want users leaving the mail on the server, due to the amazing amount of space the e-mail takes. Any...
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    IMAP failed on all FreeBSD CPanel servers

    It seems that IMAP has failed on all of our FreeBSD CPanel servers on Sunday. Tried updating to all the available builds, except EDGE, as well as restarting them, but it still fails.
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    IMAP issue

    Hello, I am having quite an urgent issue with IMAP. It seems as though it is not installed properly by the initial cpanel setup. System is fedora core 2. If I run imap via command line it works fine, but this server is missing directories such as /usr/include/imap, directories that my...
  11. B

    Imap failure

    I got cpanel installed on a my P4 2.8. Was working great until I did all the cpanel, apache, whm updates & restarted. After that it constently fails. This is the error I'm getting. Jun 24 01:31:20 web xinetd[15269]: libwrap refused connection to imap (libwrap=imapd) from Jun 24...
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    imap failing on fresh install

    Hi, I just activated a cpanel license, set everything up and now imap is failing. I tailed the message log and got this... Jun 21 19:13:08 one xinetd[5843]: Server in.qpopper is not executable [file=/etc/xinetd.d/pop-3] [line=9] Jun 21 19:13:08 one xinetd[5843]: Error parsing attribute...
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    IMAP Madness

    I understand most things but I'm struggling with an IMAP issue. The scenario is this: If I access email via webmail I can see email messages and read them. If I use a POP client I can download the same messages without a problem. HOWEVER if I use an IMAP client such as Mozilla mail I can...
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    Imap server

    In the 'restart server' part of whm, whats the different between 'IMAP server (UW imapd) and 'IMAP server (uwimap)'? Obviously im just kidding, im sure its a typo
  15. D

    2 IMAP servers !?

    I have 2 IMAP servers under Restart services section in WHM. First one is called "IMAP server (UW IMAPd) and has magnifier as icon. The other one is called "IMAP server (uwimap)" and has paper with pen as icon. Can someone tell me what is it about ? I have 9.4.0. R21 version running on my...
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    IMAP authentication failing

    Hi, We're having trouble with IMAP - in fact, you can't login using it unless you use a main email account eg: your cpanel username. Any other addresses ([email protected]) always fail to login. We do not use Fedora nor do we have dovecot running. I really am at a loss here, i cannot find...
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    In need of cPanel / IMAP primer!

    I understand what IMAP is (versus POP3) and would like to try using it for some business email accounts that I use often while traveling. Do you do anything special to signify to cPanel that a new mail account is IMAP? I assume you just use SquirrelMail to access the mail account? Could...
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    imap error message: "NO LOGIN failed"

    I'm getting the following message when I attempt to log into my imap account: 1 login ***** 1 NO LOGIN failed I've also tried "[email protected]", same message. This happens for all of the sub-accounts, but I can log into any of the main account email addresses. It looks...
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    IMAP can't find inbox

    It appears that IMAP doesn't look in /home/$user$/mail/inbox by default. The default polled inbox is /var/mail/$user$ but mail is delivered to /home/$user$/mail/inbox Also, when setting up a new IMAP account, it searches /home/$user$ for files to add as IMAP folders (that means everthing in...
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    IMAP failing after up2date

    I just updated IMAPd from redhat on RHEL3 using up2date. Since then, the IMAP accounts do not work. POP still works but IMAP for domains does not. IMAP continues to work with system accounts (anything in the main /etc/passwd), just not for anything else... Has anyone else had this issue? How...