1. B12Org

    Imap has failed

    Waiting for imap to restart..............finished. xinetd (pid 23646) is running... imap has failed, please contact the sysadmin. Any Ideas?
  2. P

    Backup of IMAP accounts

    Is there some possibilities to backup an IMAP account? I have some big IMAP Accounts and they ask for backup these Emails.. Thanks for the help... Plattfuss
  3. A

    How can i use Imap?

    Hello i have a CPanel / Whm box how can i read the email with Imap? thx
  4. R

    IMAP configuration

    Hi, Can anybody tell me how to configure an IMAP server in such a way that i should be able to set up a mailbox on which multiple user's have simultaneous access OR is this default stting of every IMAP server? The daemon is cpimapd Any advice would be appreciated...
  5. N

    Questions about IMAP Server

    We have been running CPanel for about 3 months and moving more and more accounts live on the box. I have several questions about the IMAP server that is being used by CPanel: 1) I notice that there are many connections (About from Why? 2) I have several MAC users who are...
  6. Stefaans

    IMAP error on one account only

    We are experiencing a problem with IMAP on one hosting account. All other mailboxes belonging to other hosting accounts work as they should. Yes, indeed very strange. The symptoms: * Login errors when trying to access a mailbox via Horde, SquirrelMail or via IMAP protocol in Outlook * Can...
  7. W

    IMAP is screwy...

    Ok. I've got a problem on one of my servers. IMAP has gone bonkers. I edited the imapd file and pointed it to: /user/sbin/imapd I stop it, it FAILS, I start it, it's OK, but in CPanel it's FAILED! What gives here? Been going like this for 3 days now. My other server, is so nice, he...
  8. S

    Imap realy msg, where is it?

    Has this message been deleted? I wanted to know if anyone in lala land has had a change to notice wheather exim-4.20-350 actually closes the Imap relay problem reported? I have not had a chance to watch my logs closely since upgrading. Support Ticket Number:
  9. Y


    my IMAP failed : Attempting to restart imap Waiting for imap to restart.... . . . . . . . . . . finished. imap status xinetd (pid 5764) is running... imap has failed, please contact the sysadmin. how to reinstall this ??? thanks Support Ticket Number:
  10. J

    Disable IMAP?

    I do not want to run IMAP due to security reasons. I disabled it in "/etc/inetd.conf" and for some reason WHM/cPanel keeps trying to start it. It is not listed in my service manager list in WHM and I could not find anywhere to disable it. Can somebody please tell me what I need to do to...
  11. vishal

    chkservd imap, subdomain ftp

    Hello All, I have two questions : WHM 6.4.2 Cpanel 6.4.2-S51 RedHat 7.3 I want to create FTP accounts like [email protected] Second Question : WHM 7.2.0 cPanel 7.2.1-R45 RedHat 8.0 - WHM X v2.1 Imap and Intechange shows failed on the Service Status Page. I...
  12. K

    IMAP Problem

    Hi, Anyone else got problems with their IMAP server? On oneof our servers IMAP just seems to have stopped responding, all connections to it just time out when using Outlook or using IMP running from the server. I can run /usr/sbin/imapd and it'll come up fine for me to enter command manually...
  13. T

    imap php error

    Anyone have an idea why I'm getting this error ? Can not authenticate to IMAP server: AUTHENTICATE LOGIN failed Did I forget to compile somthing into php ? Thanks Mike Support Ticket Number:
  14. C

    different imap server

    I do not want to use UW. It sucks. I don't need to say more on this, search google or even these forums. I don't necessarily want to use Courier (even though it's great.. would love to see cpanel go qmail + courier etc.) Maybe cyrus. Anything but UW. Has anyone ever attempted this...
  15. S

    IMAP extensions

    What exactly are IMAP extensions & does Cpanel support these by default & if so which ones? Semaj Support Ticket Number:
  16. promak

    imap has failed

    Must specify a server in imap imap has failed, please contact the sysadmin. In WHM i see imap in red , and restart it , it show " Must specify a server in imap imap has failed, please contact the sysadmin. " Support Ticket Number:
  17. B

    PHP with imap support

    If I want to enable IMAP support in PHP, do I have to rebuild PHP with it or can I just uncomment the module? If the latter, do I need to get the file from somewhere or is it preinstalled? Support Ticket Number:
  18. B

    php, imap, mcrypt, and horde

    The server where I have my domains hosted is running cPanel 6.4.2, build 47. PHP is compiled with imap and mcrypt. Apparently the two don't like each other and the result is that the imap functions simply stop working. However, Horde works just fine. Being PHP based, I'm wondering how that...
  19. T


    I'm about to start using IMAP in my local MTA. It seems to work ok, but I get denial on trying to make subdirectories. Would this say that there is no option to make this possible? Support Ticket Number:
  20. M

    IMAP authentication used?

    Can the cPanel devs kindly inform me what authentication module they used when building UW IMAP software to support the [email protected] method of logging in, and the ~homedir/etc/ lookups that they used to do it? I was looking at using an Exim/IMAP combo on my personal mailserver (working...