1. M

    IMAP authentication used?

    Can the cPanel devs kindly inform me what authentication module they used when building UW IMAP software to support the [email protected] method of logging in, and the ~homedir/etc/ lookups that they used to do it? I was looking at using an Exim/IMAP combo on my personal mailserver (working...
  2. Y

    syslogd failing | imap failing need help

    Need a little help getting syslogd up and imap, both are failing. Thanks. Any input is appreciated. Support Ticket Number:
  3. X

    IMAP Server can not be started

    My Imap Server can not be started. Below is the error message: Server imapd is not executable [line=8] imap has failed, please contact the sysadmin. Anyone knows how to solve it?
  4. WeMasterz5

    imap started ok

    but.... (hehe always a but eh? ) :p I dont use outlook type email systems but I have some clients that asked about using imap...I have read most of the post dated 2002 here in these forums with a search for imap settings..I have done just about all that everyone suggested...I tried...
  5. L

    imap fail.

    imap server was up right after I install Cpanel and WHM (all newest on Redhat 8. box), but it's been down very soon. Please give me some guilines to where to look into. When I restart it, this is what I got: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Attempting to...
  6. O

    Accessing IMAP server from PHP fails

    I'm trying to access the darkorb server from a PHP page (via imap_open). It fails every time (I believe it causes a network error - lynx says something about that and the ISA Proxy at work here says 64 - Host not available). I'm using the test.php from IMP 3.2. I've tried connecting...
  7. S

    PHP IMAP Error...

    A user of mine got the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imap_open() in /home/softmeg/public_html/***/***.inc.php on line ** Could it be I have to recompile PHP with IMAP, I do believe its already compiled with it, so I am confused. Any ideas anyone?
  8. C

    IMAP and sub-folder

    Hello when a customer try to add a sub-folder in HORDE receive this error Notice: CREATE failed: Can't create mailbox node /home/account/mail/ inviata/: File exists (errflg=2) in Unknown on line 0 EXAMPLE -i setup top level folder (OK WORK FINE) -i setup i...
  9. jackal


    Keep getting this error, imap failed @ Thu Mar 27 03:33:30 2003. A restart was attempted automagicly. I tried to restart from WHM and got this error. Any ideas? Mar 27 01:41:26 subzero xinetd[15027]: Server imapd is not executable [line=8] Mar 27 01:50:03 subzero xinetd[16638]...
  10. K

    PHP & Imap

    Is anyone else having problems getting Imap into PHP using easyapache? Whenever I attempt it, Apache won't stay up for more than 2 hours when Seg Faults pop up all over the error_log and it crashes soon after. Only recompiling without Imap solves it. Any tips?
  11. F


    It appears that IMAP is working, and that its compiled with php but..... I think I need to edit inetd.conf so that apache knows where to send imap commands (if you get me). Its currently set to: imap stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd imapd Anyone know where easy apache installs imap...
  12. S

    Cpanel, IMAP, and TWIG... Anyone have this working?

    I have been trying to install the email/community software called TWIG but can not seem to get it to find imap. All of the tests past except Imap. I have reinstalled all php-imap modules and any other imap related rpm through the web host manager but twig simply will not go. Any help or ideas...
  13. F

    IMAP authentication

    On a couple of our servers imap is failing for authentication. pop3 works fine. maillog for the imap connections when using horde shows: AUTHENTICATE LOGIN failure host=localhost [] Logout user=??? host=localhost [] If I use an e-mail client, then the logout line is...
  14. J

    IMAP configuration

    I am having problems with IMAP e-mail. What I'm trying to do is create a set of folders that I can access whereever I go (I travel a lot). From what I understand, by designating IMAP, the messages/folders are left on the server, instead of being downloaded. When I create a set of...
  15. B

    imap twice

    I recently reinstalled CPanel and now imap is running twice. Anyone know how to remove one?
  16. N

    Shared IMAP Folders

    Hi There, a simple question : Does cpanel support Shared imap Folders ? Regards, Dany Boucher
  17. S

    IMAP Problems! ???

    When starting IMAP I'm getting this error: Feb 10 16:25:05 cobalt xinetd[16548]: Server imapd is not executable. How can I fix it? I search and saw it on another thread but the given solution did not work. Thanks, Steve
  18. SprintSlash

    IMAP or POP3

    Which mail server type do you guys use? and why? :p
  19. J

    PHP 4.3.0 with IMAP support

    Has anybody been able to install PHP 4.3.0 with IMAP support? I keep on getting this: # /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl startssl Syntax error on line 213 of /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load /usr/local/apache/libexec/ into server: /usr/local/apache/libexec/
  20. Z

    IMAP Slow?

    Anyone notice there is a delay with IMAP? It connects then takes forever to get messages. I just transferred our main account to one of our new servers and then the problem started. IMAP was working fine on the old server. Not a show stopper, but makes for a slow show.