1. silvernetuk

    compile IMAP into PHP 4.2.3

    Hi, I have been trying to compile IMAP support into PHP 4.2.3 by using the latest buildapache.sea, when I try and install IMAP with Mcrypt and GD it fails (not noted error) but when installing IMAP on it only it ok, but I need to have Mcrypt, GD and IMAP compiled into PHP. Does anyone have...
  2. W

    IMAP not working correctly

    Hello everyone, I am extremely new at this... but I've searched the boards and I really didn't see anything that solved my problem. In WHM, when I attempt to restart IMAP I get the following error: Jan 9 15:24:07 dolphins xinetd[4632]: Server imapd is not executable [line=8] Jan 9 16:40:22...
  3. silvernetuk

    config imap with php how ?

    Hi, How do I config IMAP into php ? I am very new at this Regarrds, Garry
  4. E

    slow IMAP connection

    I'm having problems with clients connecting to the IMAP server with outlook express. At the beginning of the session, it seems that their clients have to wait up to 1 minute before cpanel (the server) let's them check the mail. Any ideas? I know it might be a reverse DNS problem, but no hints on...
  5. D

    IMAP support in PHP

    Hi, Since it seems that IMAP is not enabled in PHP in buildapache.sea (I don't see a reason why it's not enabled by default) what is the easiest way to add IMAP support in PHP? IMAP does work for Horde but it's different web server than the one that runs user sites. Thanks
  6. L


    I am having a success loggin into a pop server, but when using the same information for imap server it rejects me.
  7. S

    Does IMAP support for subdomain

    Hi, Does IMAP support for subdomain? Thanks
  8. J

    POP3 works IMAP doesn't.

    Alright, I've updated, been able to connect through pop3, restarted IMAP through WHM and what I thought did it manually (xinetd), checked for duplicate info in the /var/cpanel/users/ files as well as anything else I can think of, but IMAP just refuses to work for a couple of the accounts on one...
  9. N

    IMAP failed

    Imap failed and doesn't respond on restart command from whm
  10. F

    IMAP resintallation

    I got the latest update WHM update(108), and after installation i m not being able to rum IMAP..or rather imap wasn't installed properly..(Cpanel and WHM ver 5) so what my question is. without hampering Cpanel/WHM can i unsintall and reinstall IMAP ? and to which ver of IMAP. And one more...
  11. K

    WHM update(108)- old IMAP folders LOST !!!!!

    I've just updated on build 108 from build 58 and just five minutes later telephones started to ring - people can see just mail in the INBOX but not mail from their created folders !!!!!!!!!, actually they don't see any folders. I looked in mail directories structure and I found that postion...
  12. B

    IMAP access is horribly slow...

    One of our servers is having a real tough time with IMAP. One of our users has been just testing the IMAP feature, and it is taking up to 45 seconds or more to login and retrieve a simple test email. (He is using Outlook Express, as are we in testing.) Most of the time seems to be spend...
  13. K

    !!BUG!! IMAP doesn't

    I'm running build 37 and I found that IMAP is NOT working for subdomain users. AGAIN: !!! IMAP is NOT working for subdomain users !!! in other words: !!! Subdomain user can't login using IMAP !!! But POP3 is working fine. Sorry for that shouting above ;) but I want...
  14. O

    imap server type

    Can anyone can ingorm me what type of imap server use the cpanel? Thanks a lot. Nick
  15. T

    IMAP restart in WHM

    Attempting to restart imap Can't connect at /scripts/restartsrv line 179, line 40594. imap status imap did not return a status report How do i correct this?
  16. S


    Hello, We just tried starting IMAP from shell by running '/etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd start' and it gives OK but it didn't doesn't seem to be working. So I checked /var/log/messages and found the following.. Aug 21 09:28:40 gladiator xinetd[3331]: Server in.ntalkd is not executable [line=8]...
  17. E

    TIP: Monitoring IMAP server (xinetd)

    If you're now running CPanel's IMAP daemon, you may want to ensure that xinetd stays operational. It's fairly simple to add this to the existing chkserv monitoriing... - create a file /etc/chkserv.d/imapd with contents... #SERVICE = PORT, SEND, RESPONSE, RESTART COMMAND...
  18. M

    IMAP problems

    I really only have one client that seriously uses IMAP. He was extatic when IMAP was added as a feature of cpanel. However, he has now informed, me, after several days of testing, that the implementation of imap on my server is extremely slow. He says that every operation takes forever. If...
  19. A


    Guess what people. You will never guess. Ok fine I'll tell ya. IMAP is supported in cPanel now. Everything remains the same the only change you need to make is in outlook express choose IMAP from the server type. It's simple and works excellent. Nick is still doing some tweak. Get using it...
  20. P

    IMAP with cpanel?

    I've been told that there is no possible way to use IMAP on a server running cpanel. This sound very weird to me. I have a server account using Plesk, but prefer cpanel. The only thing keeping me on the Plesk server is that I depend upon IMAP. Is it true that IMAP and cpanel are incompatible?