1. M

    IMAP problems

    I really only have one client that seriously uses IMAP. He was extatic when IMAP was added as a feature of cpanel. However, he has now informed, me, after several days of testing, that the implementation of imap on my server is extremely slow. He says that every operation takes forever. If...
  2. A


    Guess what people. You will never guess. Ok fine I'll tell ya. IMAP is supported in cPanel now. Everything remains the same the only change you need to make is in outlook express choose IMAP from the server type. It's simple and works excellent. Nick is still doing some tweak. Get using it...
  3. P

    IMAP with cpanel?

    I've been told that there is no possible way to use IMAP on a server running cpanel. This sound very weird to me. I have a server account using Plesk, but prefer cpanel. The only thing keeping me on the Plesk server is that I depend upon IMAP. Is it true that IMAP and cpanel are incompatible?
  4. shaun

    IMAP Server....

    I remember a while back nick had a post asking who would actually use/want a imap server he said he had one that was unfinished i beleive it was called cpimapd. Was wondering if this is somthing that is going to be implemented. This is one of the things that plesk has but cpanel doesnt...
  5. A

    IMAP support

    Please add IMAP support to cPanel as soon as possible -- it is something that is missing, and yet very important for a lot of users! ETA?
  6. H

    Installing IMAP

    Hi, How to install IMAPD? Anyone use imap email boxes?
  7. B


    Does anybody think that imap is important ? --- ---
  8. C

    Can I Install PHP module IMAP and Recompile

    I\'ve been reviewing a php support ticket application that attempts to check a designated pop3 email box ([email protected]) when the attempt is made to retrieve the email the following error is received: \" Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imap_open() in on line 83 \" Upon...
  9. W


    CPanel is supposed to have IMAP. However, many of my clients who use IMAP say it doesn\'t work. 1. Is IMAP installed via CPanel 2. Does it work properly 3. Any hints as to how to retrieve email via IMAP? Thanks, Bill