1. I

    IMAP service keeps failing and restarting

    I keep getting these emails telling me that my IMAP server has failed. Can someone please shine some light on it for me. Thanks imap failed @ Tue Dec 30 23:34:19 2008. A restart was attempted automagically. Service Check Method: [tcp connect] Failure Reason: TCP Transaction Log: << * OK...
  2. C

    imap failures with odd Service Check Method: [tcp connect]

    all i can do is report the following code, not sure where to start. imap failed @ Wed Dec 17 04:36:25 2008. A restart was attempted automagically. Service Check Method: [tcp connect] Failure Reason: TCP Transaction Log: << * OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 UIDPLUS CHILDREN NAMESPACE...
  3. H

    Updating IMAP Server - upgrade problem

    I have a new dedicated server with cPanel installation. I started fron upgrade, but.. I have from one hour 20% and "Updating IMAP Server". What I have to do?
  4. B

    Setup Imap

    Can anyone tell me if i'm doing this correct? on my iPhone I'd like to setup IMAP for my business email address. incoming Mail Server: User Name: [email protected] Password: ----- Outgoing Mail Server: or Is there any...
  5. O

    Cpanel 11 - IMAP SSL not working

    Hi, its been a while, but I decided to upgrade to cpanel 11 from 10 using Cpanel upgrade to the latest version. Things seem to work, except IMAP on 993 has disappeared. netstat -a -n shows nothing on 993. I get connection refused - presumably as it is not running. Everything else seems...
  6. G

    IMAP PHP extension not installed?

    I'm getting this error from PHPlist when I attempt to use the bounce tracking feature... Error: IMAP is not included in your PHP installation, cannot continue<br/>Check out <a href=""></a> Would IMAP be...
  7. S

    Installing IMAP module

    I want ti install IMAP module using WHM. The server runs CENTOS Enterprise 5.2. I tried to install using Apache Update in WHM: Apache Update/Exhaustive Options List But there are no "IMAP module" on the list.
  8. R

    imap failure message? how to check this?

    I am getting an imap failed / restart message every hour or so and when I check the chkservd.log file I see this: [Tue Jul 1 16:04:22 2008] Service check ....cpsrvd [+]...exim [+]...exim-26 [+]...ftpd [+]...httpd [+]...imap [Timeout while trying to get data from service] Has anyone seen...
  9. C

    load imap module problem

    I have just rebuilt Apache through cpanel, how come configure command doesn't include --with-imap even I have included imap module. The below is the phpinfo(): Configure Command './configure' '--disable-pdo' '--enable-bcmath' '--enable-calendar' '--enable-exif'...
  10. Z

    IMAP Horde problem.

    Hi, I get this error when i try to login to Horde: error message: Auth_imap: Required IMAP functions were not found. I have try: /scripts/upcp --force and /scripts/fullhordereset And rebuild Apache and PHP. what can i do?
  11. Sergiu Tot

    makecpphp and IMAP

    Hello ! I try to recompile the internal PHP and I get the following error: checking for pkg-config... /usr/local/bin/pkg-config checking for OpenSSL version... >= 0.9.6 checking for CRYPTO_free in -lcrypto... yes checking for SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version in -lssl... yes checking whether...
  12. A

    LOGIN failed with IMAP

    Hi, I set an account on IMAP but i receice this error: LOGIN failed Configuration: Account: [email protected] Server: User name: [email protected] Protocol: IMAP Port: 143 Secure(SSL): 0 Code: 800cccd1 The settings withh POP3 it works. Can you tell me...
  13. N

    IMAP Quota Mystery - Please Help

    Heya all, Whenever I set a quota on an imap account > 2GB (I.e. 2GB is fine if I set 3GB this strange thing happens)... When I look at the quota used in say thunderbird for example, the quota used shows that there is only ~980MB quota assigned... If i set it to 2000MB then it shows that...
  14. W

    Bandwith not show IMAP

    Hello I have a problem with a server where traffic for IMAP is not show How can check / set this ? Thanks
  15. internetfab

    Can't compile IMAP module in PHP5/4

    Even though imap module is chosen in easyapache3, the module isn't compiled. In /var/cpanel/easy/apache/last_failed.yaml i'm finding this: Cpanel::Easy::PHP5::Imap: dryrun: 1 fatal: ~ msg: - "Command failed in '[_1]': '[_2]'" - /home/cpeasyapache/src/imap-2006k - echo...
  16. F

    IMAP message retrieval problems with Blackberry

    Hi All, I thought this was an issue I alone had, but now I've got a client that is having the same problem. I had gotten a new Blackberry and the new models (at least with a couple providers) don't let you set the protocol for retrieving email. Instead, it figures out what protocol it will...
  17. G

    imap processes that will not die

    Starting yesterday (jan 19, 2008) my imap processes shot up from and average of 2 to 12 and I cannot see why. I have several that have been attached for hours. And users seemed to be logged in twice. It is presently 22:49 clientsite 5508 0.0 0.0 6064 796 ? S 10:03 0:00...
  18. M

    Urgent - Disable IMAP

    i need to disable imap access on my servers immediately - how can this be done, while preserving POP?
  19. B

    Imap doesnt work anymore!!

    Today I started to receive complaints of customers that cant access to their webmails. I tried and it´s true, I cant access either. Looking at /var/log/messages i found this errors: server1 httpd: IMAP toolkit crash: Lock when already locked...
  20. E

    IMAP lets me login but pop3 dosnt

    Hi guys this is probs a really simple thing. I am using outlook to read my mail, i added a new account on the server everytihng went fine, i tried to add the account in outlook using pop3, i entered all the details correctly and it keeps poping up with the "Enter Network Password" dialoge...