1. S

    imap and exim constantly fails on the latest release 11.25 help?

    imap and exim constantly fails on the latest release 11.25 I tried to add port 26 to SMTP_PORTS in CSF and dovecot/imap restarted successfully How come that dovecot listens to por 26? Arent SMTP should always listen to port 25? I dont encounter this issue in 11.24. Did cPanel change the...
  2. A

    Server-to-server IMAP account transfer

    Hi guys, I'm trying to transfer an account from a third party cpanel server to mine. As its a third party machine I have no shell / root access to it other than cpanel. FTPing the /mail directory (that holds the data for each account) contains blank files (presumably due to...
  3. A

    IMAP failed

    I am getting this error in my inbox: imap failed @ Fri Aug 28 02:08:20 2009. A restart was attempted automagically. Service Check Method: [tcp connect] Failure Reason: TCP Transaction Log: << * OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 UIDPLUS CHILDREN NAMESPACE THREAD=ORDEREDSUBJECT THREAD=REFERENCES...
  4. F

    tailwatchd failed, imap failed, cpsrvd failed, cpsrvd failed

    Hi Guys, How come i got tailwatchd failed, imap failed, cpsrvd failed and cpsrvd failed so often? and also the site is experiencing DOWNTIME often times. What seems to be the problem? Please advice. Thanks, fadeaway
  5. J

    IMAP Dovecot Fails Every Few Days to a Week

    I have an outstanding issue that appears to be taking place with all my CURRENT VPS servers that run Dovecot. IMAP will just fail for no reason at all, killing POP3 and webmail functions entirely. Once IMAP is restarted, everything is fine... at least for another few days to a week until it...
  6. C

    IMAP folder sharing with courier using open-xchange

    Hi We are using the hosting edition of open-xchange as a groupware solution for our customers. So fare we are very happy with this solution, but only the mailfolder sharing is not working. I can give the permission to another person in the team and courier is also creating the...
  7. I

    IMAP service keeps failing and restarting

    I keep getting these emails telling me that my IMAP server has failed. Can someone please shine some light on it for me. Thanks imap failed @ Tue Dec 30 23:34:19 2008. A restart was attempted automagically. Service Check Method: [tcp connect] Failure Reason: TCP Transaction Log: << * OK...
  8. C

    imap failures with odd Service Check Method: [tcp connect]

    all i can do is report the following code, not sure where to start. imap failed @ Wed Dec 17 04:36:25 2008. A restart was attempted automagically. Service Check Method: [tcp connect] Failure Reason: TCP Transaction Log: << * OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 UIDPLUS CHILDREN NAMESPACE...
  9. H

    Updating IMAP Server - upgrade problem

    I have a new dedicated server with cPanel installation. I started fron upgrade, but.. I have from one hour 20% and "Updating IMAP Server". What I have to do?
  10. B

    Setup Imap

    Can anyone tell me if i'm doing this correct? on my iPhone I'd like to setup IMAP for my business email address. incoming Mail Server: User Name: [email protected] Password: ----- Outgoing Mail Server: or Is there any...
  11. O

    Cpanel 11 - IMAP SSL not working

    Hi, its been a while, but I decided to upgrade to cpanel 11 from 10 using Cpanel upgrade to the latest version. Things seem to work, except IMAP on 993 has disappeared. netstat -a -n shows nothing on 993. I get connection refused - presumably as it is not running. Everything else seems...
  12. G

    IMAP PHP extension not installed?

    I'm getting this error from PHPlist when I attempt to use the bounce tracking feature... Error: IMAP is not included in your PHP installation, cannot continue<br/>Check out <a href=""></a> Would IMAP be...
  13. S

    Installing IMAP module

    I want ti install IMAP module using WHM. The server runs CENTOS Enterprise 5.2. I tried to install using Apache Update in WHM: Apache Update/Exhaustive Options List But there are no "IMAP module" on the list.
  14. R

    imap failure message? how to check this?

    I am getting an imap failed / restart message every hour or so and when I check the chkservd.log file I see this: [Tue Jul 1 16:04:22 2008] Service check ....cpsrvd [+]...exim [+]...exim-26 [+]...ftpd [+]...httpd [+]...imap [Timeout while trying to get data from service] Has anyone seen...
  15. C

    load imap module problem

    I have just rebuilt Apache through cpanel, how come configure command doesn't include --with-imap even I have included imap module. The below is the phpinfo(): Configure Command './configure' '--disable-pdo' '--enable-bcmath' '--enable-calendar' '--enable-exif'...
  16. Z

    IMAP Horde problem.

    Hi, I get this error when i try to login to Horde: error message: Auth_imap: Required IMAP functions were not found. I have try: /scripts/upcp --force and /scripts/fullhordereset And rebuild Apache and PHP. what can i do?
  17. Sergiu Tot

    makecpphp and IMAP

    Hello ! I try to recompile the internal PHP and I get the following error: checking for pkg-config... /usr/local/bin/pkg-config checking for OpenSSL version... >= 0.9.6 checking for CRYPTO_free in -lcrypto... yes checking for SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version in -lssl... yes checking whether...
  18. A

    LOGIN failed with IMAP

    Hi, I set an account on IMAP but i receice this error: LOGIN failed Configuration: Account: [email protected] Server: User name: [email protected] Protocol: IMAP Port: 143 Secure(SSL): 0 Code: 800cccd1 The settings withh POP3 it works. Can you tell me...
  19. N

    IMAP Quota Mystery - Please Help

    Heya all, Whenever I set a quota on an imap account > 2GB (I.e. 2GB is fine if I set 3GB this strange thing happens)... When I look at the quota used in say thunderbird for example, the quota used shows that there is only ~980MB quota assigned... If i set it to 2000MB then it shows that...
  20. W

    Bandwith not show IMAP

    Hello I have a problem with a server where traffic for IMAP is not show How can check / set this ? Thanks