1. W

    Bandwith not show IMAP

    Hello I have a problem with a server where traffic for IMAP is not show How can check / set this ? Thanks
  2. internetfab

    Can't compile IMAP module in PHP5/4

    Even though imap module is chosen in easyapache3, the module isn't compiled. In /var/cpanel/easy/apache/last_failed.yaml i'm finding this: Cpanel::Easy::PHP5::Imap: dryrun: 1 fatal: ~ msg: - "Command failed in '[_1]': '[_2]'" - /home/cpeasyapache/src/imap-2006k - echo...
  3. F

    IMAP message retrieval problems with Blackberry

    Hi All, I thought this was an issue I alone had, but now I've got a client that is having the same problem. I had gotten a new Blackberry and the new models (at least with a couple providers) don't let you set the protocol for retrieving email. Instead, it figures out what protocol it will...
  4. G

    imap processes that will not die

    Starting yesterday (jan 19, 2008) my imap processes shot up from and average of 2 to 12 and I cannot see why. I have several that have been attached for hours. And users seemed to be logged in twice. It is presently 22:49 clientsite 5508 0.0 0.0 6064 796 ? S 10:03 0:00...
  5. M

    Urgent - Disable IMAP

    i need to disable imap access on my servers immediately - how can this be done, while preserving POP?
  6. B

    Imap doesnt work anymore!!

    Today I started to receive complaints of customers that cant access to their webmails. I tried and it´s true, I cant access either. Looking at /var/log/messages i found this errors: server1 httpd: IMAP toolkit crash: Lock when already locked...
  7. E

    IMAP lets me login but pop3 dosnt

    Hi guys this is probs a really simple thing. I am using outlook to read my mail, i added a new account on the server everytihng went fine, i tried to add the account in outlook using pop3, i entered all the details correctly and it keeps poping up with the "Enter Network Password" dialoge...
  8. PHP Warner

    imap has failed, please contact the sysadmin result was couriertcpd is not running

    I've a problen when I attempting to restart imap. Waiting for imap to restart.... . . . . . . . . . . finished. imap status imap has failed, please contact the sysadmin (result was "couriertcpd is not runningauthdaemond is not running"). I've try to /scripts/courierup --force but it...
  9. C

    IMAP Bandwidth monitoring

    Hi, Is there any way to monitor IMAP traffic per mailbox ? TIA.
  10. bpat1434

    Shared IMAP Folders

    Is there currently a way to define an Inbox as a shared folder? I'd like to allow users to log in to their email, and see the inbox of a central account. Is this possible to do using cPanel and Courier? Note: - See Courier's documentation here - I mixed up Exim and Courier.
  11. M

    Unknown Imap Logouts in Logwatch

    Hi, I'm a novice at reading the logwatch results but I was alarmed at seeing a few LOGOUT IPs that were not like the rest. Usually everything is either me or another couple of users. Here's a sample: Known user: LOGOUT, [email protected], ip=[::ffff:], headers=5306...
  12. C

    Second IMAP Port

    I've searched around and not found anything so I'll go ahead and ask. Is it possible to setup IMAP on a second port? I have a client that stays at one particular hotel frequently and it seems their firewall blocks port 143, so I'd like to run IMAP on a second port similar to running SMTP on...
  13. C

    IMAP and Exim

    Hello... We are running 11.6.1-CURRENT 15328 of cPanel with exim. Is IMAP supported and if so where? I cannot find any imap options. I've tried setting up a mail account as IMAP and it fails so at this point I'm assuming it does not or is not configured to support IMAP.
  14. B

    IMAP / FOOP Settings

    We have a client using IMAP through Outlook. Their program is sending a NOOP command every few seconds to keep the connection alive. This command is resulting in an error on the client's machine. Is there a setting we can change to stop this error and allow NOOP (No Operation) commands to work?
  15. X

    Borrar spam de una cuenta imap

    Necesito crear un script para borrar el spam, pero me encuentro con una carpeta que contiene varios archivos, no se cual borrar y por eso pido ayuda. Si saben una forma de borrar el spam tanto para pop3 como imap, se los agrdeceria...
  16. N

    New Install, Cannot Enable IMAP in PHP?

    Hey all, Just did a fresh install and I cannot enable the imap 2004g option in build apache? During the compile I get this error: make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/cpanel/src/3rdparty/bsd/imap-2004g' make sslnone make[2]: Entering directory...
  17. B

    Does pine work with cpane running courier IMAP?

    Does pine work with cpane running courier IMAP?
  18. D

    IMAP Server: Script to move messages to sub-folder

    I currently use the services of to recieve my email messages. They have a system of rules which move messages to pre-configured folders when the messages arrive. I'd like to migrate over to using the IMAP server that comes with my CPanel vhost package. Does anyone know of anyway...
  19. myusername

    Migrating IMAP to another server-- need suggestions

    Let me know if you see any holes in my plan! First of a quick background: 1. Server A and Server B have identical copies of a website including the maildir 2. Server A is currently the mail server 3. The site uses IMAP so once it has been migrated to server B, the files need to be there...
  20. verdon

    Unmatched entries in logwatch - imap

    I get the following **Unmatched Entries** in my logwatch every day and wondered if anyone can shed some light on it /usr/lib/courier-imap/etc/shared/index: No such file or directory: n Time(s) ... where n may be as little as 8 but usually around 60 Also, I get this one daily but I think...