1. verdon

    Unmatched entries in logwatch - imap

    I get the following **Unmatched Entries** in my logwatch every day and wondered if anyone can shed some light on it /usr/lib/courier-imap/etc/shared/index: No such file or directory: n Time(s) ... where n may be as little as 8 but usually around 60 Also, I get this one daily but I think...
  2. M

    CPPOP and IMAP instllation failure

    We have installed Cpanel stable release (WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0-S119) on Fedora Core 6. Everything went fine, except POP and imap servers. it seems that the CPANEL installer did not install courier properly as it could not find the rpms ---- This is the courier-authlib 0.57 installer...
  3. J

    New IMAP accounts fail on some addon domains, work on others

    Using cPanel 10.8.1-RELEASE 113 on FreeBSD 5.4, one of our accounts has several addon domains. On two of these addon domains, new email accounts cannot be checked using IMAP (login fails, every time), but only using POP. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Best, John Lubotsky
  4. S

    cpop vs imap

    Hello all: When I create an email account in cPanel, there is no way to select between POP3 or IMAP. I finally realized that it is the client softwares that use/trigger different protocols when entering into my box (cpop or imapd) depending on the type of access they want to the mailbox. Do...
  5. J

    IMAP Sent Folder

    Hi there; How do I set up an IMAP sent folder which has a copy of all messages sent? There doesn't seem to be one in my server folders list.
  6. J

    Shared imap folders - possible ?

    Anyone know if/how shared imap folders is possible ? So 2 e-mail accounts can share a folder together. With a few filter rules certain mails will go there and can then be seen by multiple users that have access to that folder.
  7. F

    IMAP Problem

    Hi yesterday the server had crashed, when it booted back online after 3minutes it appeared to be working fine. Now the IMAP wont connect from either thunderbird or outlook. i have searched these forums and tried anumber of exim scripts that hasnt worked.. any ideas on how to make the IMAP...
  8. D

    ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server received when subscribing to folders

    We receive the following message after trying to subscribe to folders. ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server. Query: SUBSCRIBE "INBOX.INBOX_Sent" This happened to a client after trying to a client. We checked their quota, and temporarily set it to one gigabyte to see if it was a...
  9. M

    FreeBSD Box- Imap & Pop3 don't work

    Hello, i've a box with cpanel, and i've received the server yesterday with imap and pop3 server not working! It's a installation error, what i've to make?
  10. M

    Slow IMAP access

    I'm not sure why. Sometimes the IMAP access is almost instant but sometimes it just takes around 6-10+ seconds to load my inbox fully. Are there any particular reasons why? Does disk swap affects the access speed of the email? My disk swap on my dual xeons is quite high.. around 250mb+. I'm...
  11. G

    pop3 and imap clarity

    I am trying to get a new server running but having problems because I don't understand which service is supposed to be controlling what as far as pop3 and imap go. I am running CentOS 4.4 and WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.1-R82. It seems that both cppop and couriertcpd want to control pop3...
  12. Z

    rebuilding php with imap support under cPanel

    Hi all, I have a box that came with cPanel installed on EV1 servers. Since the first day, horde webmail did not work supposely because there is no imap support on PHP but that didn't bother me as there were still two webmails to choose from. But now I have another application that needs IMAP...
  13. J

    Transferring Host Pilot IMAP Accounts to CPanel/WHM

    Hi, I have a client who is transferring from a windows shared environment over to us. He has asked that his email accounts be transferred, caontaining about 550Mb of data. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks, JB
  14. A

    adding imap and pop details in service status

    can anyone please inform me about adding imap and pop details in service status in cpanel.....
  15. N

    IMAP in Outlook

    How do I setup IMAP to synchronize from outlook to server and vice versa? Is this possible? I am referring to pop3 accounts already setup in Outlook that I wish to somehow convert to IMAP (if this is how its supposed to be). I already compiled apache with IMAP and I setup Outlook 2003...
  16. N

    IMAP Quota

    I installed RoundCube (web-based email) on my server, but it doesn't have support for showing a user's mailbox quota. I think this is an issue with IMAP (running uw-imap) not sending quotas to roundcube. Can I turn on quotas for the IMAP server, or switch to another IMAP server?
  17. T

    I have question of IMAP

    I have a question about after i upgrade to maildir i have lost a function. The function is when I use outlook express IMAP service to send an email, after i send an email they supposed to be send a copy to send-mail folder. but now they don't send it. but if i use horde webmail service to send...
  18. 7

    imap seriously failing!!

    Hi all, We have a unix server running whm/cpanel - WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.2-R119 Fedora i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 EVERY DAY we're having imap failures in conjunction with high server loads... I found that some of it was an exploit which had been taken advantage of through joomla - who...
  19. S

    IMAP folders lost

    Hi all , We had a server and which was of mailbox format . We moved that account to a server configured with MailDir format . Unfortunately the IMAP folders created on the old server are not working on the new server . when i cheked the users mail directory it does contains the IMAP folders...
  20. K

    PHP with Imap Module (Version 2004g) support

    Is there any decent HOWTO about compiling PHP with IMAP (2004g) support in Cpanel, because I've been trying to do this for the last few days with no luck. I downloaded, but WHERE do I have to extract it? Or should I use libc-client from my...