1. L

    Can´t make IMAP to work with PHP

    Hi, I'm a newbie, so please don't shoot me if I'm skipping something obvious. :confused: I'm trying to update Apache with the IMAP module through the WHM and I keep getting an error. I'm using: WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.1-C112 RedHat 9 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 and when I try an...
  2. O

    imap fail need help

    hello !! my server load with imap service fail !! someone can help me : how can i fix that . thanks
  3. J

    imap support x86_64 php4.4.1

    Anybody know how to get this to work? Compiling everytime results in an error saying "undefined symbol mm_dlog". Found some similar posts on here but no real solutions.
  4. C

    noone can log into imap?

    hi; ok imap is working on my server; i can telnet it; but noone is able to login to mailboxes when using php i have restarted it and ran /scripts/upcp --force but still the same PHP returns: Couldn't open stream {localhost:143}INBOX (Line: <##> of <phpfile>) any ideas on this...
  5. M

    Imap Uw

    I've noticed that squirrelmail and other webmails including are running REALLY slow. INBOX refresh takes about 22 seconds. Is this normal ? I've founded the reason - Chmoding mail spools to 1777 didn't help.
  6. D

    Parked Domains IMAP issue

    I searched for this but couldnt find anything. I'm setting up a webmail service out of boredom. I want all the webpages to load the same one, using the Park Domain option. I added a test email account, however, I can not log in via squirrelmail, horde, etc, using [email protected]
  7. S

    Error when trying to add IMAP to php

    I need to add IMAP support to my php for a program that needs to run and it requires that imap be compiled in PHP. If I go through Update Apache in WHM I select GD, IMAP and PSPELL I leave all the other defaults alone. I get an error to contact the system admin. If I do it again but...
  8. Z

    Shutdown IMAP

    I have disabled all entries for IMAP servers in WH Manager, but I am still getting entries in logwatch stating that spammers are trying to connect to the running IMAP service. How do I shutdown all IMAP services on my server? I am running CentOS 4, which is RHEL. This is probably very...
  9. P

    Hide POP3 en IMAP version details

    Hi, When I scan my server with GFI Lannguard I get warnings about the fact that my (Linux) server is providing details about POP3 server banners and IMAP4 server banners. This info could be dangerous for potential hackers. How and where can I change this?
  10. D

    courier authlib and courier imap taking up resources

    Hi, As per subject... i need help here, why is it that courier authlib and courier imap is causing high server loads? :(
  11. B

    Recreating IMAP SSL Certificates?

    Aloha, Does anyone know how I might recreate the IMAP SSL Certificates on a box? One of our servers has expired certificates, and its causing errors to come up for my (one) client that uses it. Any ideas? Aloha! Brian
  12. casey

    php 4.4.1 and imap

    Anyone else experiencing problems with php 4.4.1 and imap? I have my own installation of squirrelmail, and upgrading to php 4.4.1 causes high loads when accessing squirrelmail. Trying to read e-mail results in a timeout. Downgrading to 4.4.0 fixes it, so it has to be a problem with 4.4.1. I'm...
  13. C

    IDLE IMAP capability

    A new client says he needs IMAP with the IDLE command so he can use his cell phone to get email. I am clueless. Would an enlightened soul please let me know what this means to a cpanel host? I can see there is a choice of POP3 or IMAP, etc., in the Mail function, but does this include what...
  14. S

    IMAP - changed behaviour of keeping Sent items

    Hi All, Since the Maildir conversion, I'm experiencing a problem of Sent Mail items. Previously using mbox, when I was sending a mail msg via my IMAP account using Outlook Express, it would save the Sent item on the server. Now,. with the Maildir conversion, all my Sent items are acting...
  15. L

    Courier imap timeout

    Did the maildir conversion recently. But Courier Imap seems to timeout every 60 secs. I did try to see if I can set the timeout limit in /usr/lib/courier-imap/etc/ but couldn't find a way to do it. Any help in this matter is appreciated.
  16. movielad

    Interesting Courier IMAP / Thunderbird issue(?)

    Now that I'm using Courier IMAP, one problem that's cropped up when using Thunderbird (1.0.7 I believe) is that I keep getting: Unable to connect to your IMAP server. You may have exceeded the number of the connections to this server. If so, use the Advanced IMAP Server settings dialog to...
  17. E

    [HELP] Imap problem after conversion

    One of my client is having problem using imap after we performed the maildir conversion. Please advise how should we solve this problem. thank you so much. the problem is listed below: Hi, I have been using the imap functions to filter mail message and process customer order, but it...
  18. B

    Does cpanel support IMAP IDLE ?

    Does cpanel support IMAP IDLE ? I understand cpanel has IMAP currently, but the IDLE command allows for "push" e-mail to wireless devices.
  19. G

    IMAP folder error...

    I get the following errors on continous basis after conversion to maildir. I never got these before. Task 'Checking for new mail in subscribed folders on XXXXX.' reported error (0x800CCC0E) : 'Outlook is unable to download folder (null) from the IMAP e-mail server for account XXXXX. Error...
  20. B

    IMAP and addon domains

    I have just had someone report that IMAP is not working for their addon domains. They have addon domains that were added yonks ago, and imap continues to work. BUT if a new email address is added to those doamins, the new email address auths fine with POP, but not for IMAP. Old accounts that...