1. A

    imap error on freebsd

    Hi guys, I installed cPanel on my FreeBSD 5.4 yesterday, everything went fine and is running but the imap server. Apparently it has not been installed .. How can I install it manually ?
  2. J

    IMAP and GETTEXT for PHP

    Anyone have a walkthrough or how-to to add IMAP and GETTEXT support for PHP? It seems these are not currently working when I try and use PHP on my system with the functions.
  3. F

    Need IMAP DOS attack help

    We are getting reports from a couple of clients with a Denial of Service type of attack that keeps forcing IMAP service to terminate. We are seeing thousand's of entries in /var/log/secure like: Aug 31 17:28:11 server12 xinetd[30647]: START: imap pid=31603 from= Aug 31 17:28:11...
  4. C

    imap does not start (xinetd error)

    Hello, My xinetd does not start, so I have not imap server right now :( I've tried to update to latest CURRENT version with no luck, and then downgrading to RELEASE. It still doesn't works. Error is the same. /var/log/messages shows the following: Aug 24 00:50:24 server05 xinetd...
  5. Vatoloco

    Should I worry about imap connections from an unknown IP?

    I'm the only person with access to my server. I don't do any reselling. In my logwatch last night I had this entry: --------------------- Connections (secure-log) Begin ------------------------ Connections: Service imap: 2 Time(s) 176 Time(s)...
  6. B

    imap failed

    Hello, I'm not so familiar with server management, I searched the forum for this asking. I receive in my mail the following from Service Monitor: imap on ---server failed @ Fri Jul 15 14:58:36 2005. A restart was attempted automagicly just I want to know what is this not to fix it, can...
  7. S

    imap isnt work pls help

    after i try to reboot, imap giving an error like this and isnt work pls help
  8. N

    IMAP Filters

    Hey all, I was wondering if it is possible to get a program that I could configure to run on the server to periodically do the filtering that I would normally have done by say.. thunderbird. Basically I have set up filters in thunderbird to automatically deal with certain emails (as I need to...
  9. I

    IMAP Qusstion

    I own and run 4 webservers and my new one which just came online yesterday and the only one with cpanel. I am haveing problems with the red light flashing on IMAP and will not restart, I do not use instant messaging and on my other servers I have a check box to turn it off, but I cannot find...
  10. W

    Cannot IMAP / Connect on port 143

    I'm having a problem whereby I can't collect mail via IMAP - my mail client fails to connect to the server with no specific error message. This is one of those "out the blue" issues whereby it there has never been any issues with IMAP and no changes were made to the server. When I try to...
  11. V

    IMAP server filtering

    Is there any way of filtering into IMAP folders server side? I have a catchall account I'd like to split into folders so [email protected] go into 1 folder, [email protected] go into another etc... I know I can do this easily enough in outlook but would prefer server side so I can access same setup on...
  12. D

    imap question please!

    Hi All, I've read through the forums for an hour now, trying to find some information on imap. I'm an uber beginner when it comes to Cpanel & Server management. But i am learning! I'm after a script that users can sign up for free email accounts. I'm trying out phpmail2 I had a...
  13. jackal

    Imap Compile Issue

    Anyone having issues getting imap to compile with php 4.3.11 ? We have 2 boxes that even though we install the imap rpms from ssh we still can not get it to compile with php 4.3.11
  14. C

    IMAP multiple simultaneous access

    Does the cpimap daemon support "multiple simultaneous access" and how I can configure it.
  15. T

    IMAP How To?

    How do we utilize the IMAP mail function? Is it the same as pop3 IE: Any info or instructions are appreciated! :)
  16. F

    What does this mean? IMAP logwatch question

    Hello, In my daily logwatch email I have received the following notice concerning my IMAP connections Connections: Service imap: 3 Time(s) 150 Time(s) This is the first time that I have been gettting a connection from anything other than the...
  17. B

    IMAP slow on new installs

    I just installed two new servers with Cpanel and the IMAP connections are SLOW to authenticate / connect. In the old days I would comment out the following lines in the /etc/xinetd.d/cpimap file, but they are no longer there. log_on_success += USERID log_on_failure += USERID...
  18. I

    Creating subfolders in IMAP

    I know that is possible to do, but could any provide me some steps on how to do it? I've tried to do it in Webmail, but that didn't work out that well. Thanks, Terry
  19. N

    IMAP and GD faild to install with PHP

    When I try to install GD and IMAP with PHP 4.3.x a receive following errors: configure: error: Cannot find rfc822.h. Please check your IMAP installation. configure: error: libjpeg.(a|so) not found. How to fix this error? WHM 10.0.0 Thanks a lot
  20. K

    IMAP Server (uwimap) Failed(inetd has failed)

    When i try to restart IMAP Server (uwimap),it give error: "inetd status: root 10629 0.1 0.1 2152 928 ? S 06:12 0:00 xinetd -stayalive -pidfile /var/run/ inetd has failed, please contact the sysadmin. "