1. L

    Amazon Workmail

    Hi, Is there a way we could migrate our email accounts from Amazon Workmail to WHM/Cpanel without losing any emails? Thanks!
  2. cPanelResources

    Tutorial How To Sync IMAP Mailboxes Using Imapsync

    How To Sync IMAP Mailboxes Using Imapsync Summary The purpose of this article is to provide information about using the imapsync utility to sync emails from one server to another. This may be needed to sync any emails that have arrived at the original server before the DNS changes could fully...
  3. Y

    SOLVED Migracion de servidor y acceso a WHM / CPANEL

    Saludos a todos, quisiera saber si pueden ayudarme. No soy experto en el área, y mis conocimientos son muy básicos. Le explicare todo, asi que cualquier idea y/o recomendacion para nuevas experiencias en este sentido, sera bienvenida. Tengo un servidor dedicado WHM con una cuenta CPANEL, la...
  4. M

    Syncing email after websites transfer

    I am transferring all sites from an old cpanel server to a new one. The websites and email both transfer without issue. However, because of DNS propagation, some email continues to be sent to old server depending on name server update time but other email goes to new server. After a couple of...
  5. R

    Email Migration - Different setups on each hosting platform

    I have been tasked by a client to move there emails across from there old hosting to there server. I understood this to be simple, create the accounts on the new server, move the mail and etc folder via ftp from one server to the other then update the maildirsize file. That seemed simple...
  6. Denis Gomes Franco

    Migrating a large amount of emails

    Hey everyone. Any tips on migrating a very large (~28 GB mailbox)? Here's the thing: my personal email is currently hosted at Zoho. As I'm paying for their premium service, my account has IMAP and POP3 access. I use the Mailsync Cpanel plugin (great plugin by the way) whenever one of my...
  7. R

    Importing email archives (user level)

    For the user, changing email server is always a mess: migrating his own archives often is difficult, and we spend a lot of time in ticket assisting our customers to retrieve their email archives and move them someway on the new server. Few email servers (i.e. Smartermail) has a widget which...
  8. albatroz

    Using imapsync for copying emails with less than 24 hours old

    I recently restored a huge CPanel backup file but will do the DNS changes at the end of this day so we are anticipating that the emails of today will be missed, so I was wondering if I could use IMAPSync to copy the missing emails without mixing up and overwriting the older ones.
  9. sneader

    HOW TO: Using IMAPSync to Transfer mail from server to server

    There is an active feature request to have cPanel add a tool to help migrate IMAP Mailboxes from a non-cPanel server to a cPanel server. This is very important if you are trying to help a customer move to your cPanel hosting service, from a non-cPanel server. You can read (and vote on) the...