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    How to diagnose issues with receiving emails?

    Hello! I have a server with WHM 74.0.10 which seems to be having issues sending *some* emails and receiving *some* emails. No email (exim, tweaks, etc.) settings have been changed on the server, as far as I am aware. My query is relating to how to DIAGNOSE not receiving certain emails. I have...
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    SOLVED SMTP connection from - lost while reading message data

    Hello, I use a VPS Server with centOS 7 and Cpanel 74.0 (Build 10). One of my customers are trying to send me some emails but I'm unable to receive them: [root@vps ~]# grep /var/log/exim_mainlog | tail 2018-11-16 09:59:12.171 [13336] SMTP connection from mail. (Hostname) [IPServer]:34366...