1. M

    How to block emails by wildcard across a server

    Exim Version 4.91-5 WHM version 78.0.23 There are many email domains that are receiving spams from the same source emails, SpamAssassin is impractical as this blocks wildcard domains only on a per-account basis. What I want to do: -- Check a sending domain matches a set pattern or a wildcard...
  2. A

    Prevent email forging / incoming email that seems to come from self

    In our server many email users (including me) find sometimes spam emails that seems to come from their own email address. Looking into the email headers it's obvious that these emails come from other servers (sometimes even the real email address can be found). Though that doesn't seem to be a...
  3. Bashed

    Block All Mail from hosting provider?

    Nothing but spam, phishing emails from How do I block ALL incoming mail originated from OVH IPs? Can it be done in Spam Expert, Spam Assassin or even CSF?
  4. J

    Block e-mail addresses from e-mailing any user on server

    Hello everyone, We have been having a lot of issues with spam recently and have decided to start managing some of it in house rather than relying on automatic filters. This morning I have created a block list based on the instructions here ( WHM - Block server from receiving e-mails from...
  5. E

    Server Side Spam Block Information

    Hello, Now a days some of our customers getting emails from their own emails, and subject is not same some people get subject with their own name etc, and email has body for example your email address is hacked, I am hacker blah blah. I have checked source i know it is from outside email and i...
  6. A

    How to prevent spam emails

    Hi, I have an issue with spam emails. how can i block specific emails from a domain. i added the spam filters still the mails are getting but it marked as spam. but i didn't want such emails in my inbox.. how can i prevent these emails please help me.
  7. S

    Many unknown spams in email queue

    Hello I have many unknown spams in the server mail queue. I couldn't find the source of these emails by looking at the header and body. The header and body of an email are as below. Please help me in finding the source. I replaced my server name with 1gvbcG-0006sd-HP-H...
  8. M

    Best Spam settings

    What is the best spam settings for Cpanel? (without any addon)
  9. J

    Spam desde el propio correo

    hola amigos ultimamente vengo recibiendo correos spam , lo que llama la atencion, es que son correos cuyo remitente es mi propio correo. Es decir, si tengo el correo [email protected] , veo que me llegan correos cuyo remitente es [email protected] Evidentemente, cuando veo el header , veo que...
  10. J

    How do I get rid of these spam emails?

    Hy guys, I don't want receive anymore spam mail like this: How can I get rid of them through mail filter or spam assassin directly? Or better, how can I set a filter to NOT receive any any any mail in other language except the Italian one? Thanks!!!
  11. K

    Not receiving email issue

    Hello i have an issue i cant fix ... some time the email delivered and some time it dont same as receiving but not at the same time anyway .... i tried hundreds of ways and many lessons over google and youtube i didnt succeed so i did reinstall the CPanel all over ( fresh start ) and there it...
  12. G

    How do I stop these Return-path x-sender emails getting through.

    Hi. A customer has been subject to fraud emails today. The emails look like they come from the boss and request the accounts dept transfer money. They look very genuine and a dodgy email address is only visible to the end user if they click reply. I thought I had everything configured correctly...
  13. L

    Spam email from self

    I have a reseller account at a host with several client domains. One client has a number of email addresses that are getting email from themselves, containing spam. From what I can tell, these emails are being passed as example from my parent host's servers (the company I buy my reseller...
  14. S

    Receiving spam to [email protected]

    Hi there - in the last few days I'm getting lots of spam to the Mailer-Daemon email address - these are not bounces but rather emails sent directly to it. How do I disable this? Thanks.
  15. N

    Spam send from mydomain to mydomain

    Hello, Recently I see that from a particular domain example: someone (remote) sends email to email address.. Example: I have an email account [email protected] The spammer send me an email as: [email protected] The headers: From: <[email protected]> To...
  16. D

    FIltering Problems

    I have heard people say this filtering is "fantastic" so I must be missing something because is seems to me to be hopeless at stopping spam. If I have a hundred words or phrases I assume I have to enter each one as a separate rule and as the rules are case sensitive the combinations for the...
  17. A

    Problem with spam

    Hello cPanel community, Recently one of our domain that is hosted on the server powered by WHM & cPanel begin to receive a lot of spam with Chinese characters in the email subject. May be someone has effective ready-made solution for 'Email Filters' or 'Global Email Filters' features to block...
  18. W

    Blocking spam email question

    Hello, I receive a multiple emails from the differents account emails of the domaine - Removed - like : - Removed - ...... ....... ........ how can I stop the reception of this emails ?
  19. M

    Getting lots of undetected SPAM

    Since a few months ago my email started receiving spam from everywhere, my host already adjusted the spam score level and it didn't solve. Each email has a person's name, the headers are different.
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    Send exim automatic replies by another smtp

    Currently my configuration in exim makes the shots by sendgrid. My problem is when cpanel clinics set up automatic responses to their emails. When an email account configured with automatic responses receives spam, it returns with an answer to the sender address that sent the spam. This sender...