1. RafaelEbarola

    Block incoming emails with malicious links

    One of my email user receive an email with malicious links on it. Spamassasin failed to block the email. Is there any way I can block incoming emails with malicious links on it? Need your solutions guys. Thank you.
  2. A

    Custom RBL for Scoring

    Hi, I am trying to setup a few Custom RBL's to combat incoming email spam (WHM >> Exim Configuration >> RBL's >> Manage) - however they don't seem to be scoring emails according to the custom rbl's. I'm not sure if this feature is only intended to just Reject mail? X-Ham-Report Spam...
  3. T

    cPanel Spam Filtering

    Hi, To combat spamming, I have enabled Greylisting ( No bypass SPF records ) and Apache SPAM Assassin ( score = 5 ), yet there are some spams which are coming in inbox, how can I avoid these kinds of spam emails and how can they be diverted directly to junk folder ?? I have WHM access, any...
  4. S

    Best practices incoming spam vs outgoing spam

    What are the best settings avaialble in cpanel to mitigate incoming spam and outgoing spam. There is a cpanel official article, but I requests experts here to share there experiences ( along with additional spam filters) so that these thread might be useful to differentiate incoming vs outbound...
  5. psytanium

    Stopping incoming forged emails

    Hi, I have a user on my VPS receiving regularly forged emails. When they phone call back the true sender, he deny sending any emails. I tired it myself, I used and forged my self and it worked. I tried to send forged email to my Gmail account, it didn't worked, considered spam and...
  6. Rodrigo Gomes

    Blocking large amount of spam domains

    Hello, I am using this suggestion below from a forum member on how to block spam domains. Specifically this rule: But in my country we have received a very large amount of spam! So much so that this list of domains currently has 2000 lines. We have already used all other methods available in...
  7. darjohn

    Spam to different accounts

    I'm newbie. I host two accounts belong to different clients. Both customers with your own emails. Today both email accounts are receiving spam from the same IP. How this spammer know that both accounts are hosted in the same web hosting? Replies will be very appreciated Regards
  8. M

    Removed an A record, reduced spam considerably

    For some time I have been having an inbound spam problem. My web host uses Google's DNS, so some of the good RBLs don't work. For various reasons I don't want to change website hosts nor my email address. Yesterday a friend of mine told me he had a mail server server with very accurate spam...
  9. psytanium

    Fake Return-Path header address

    Hi, I'm running a VPS server, 1 of my clients called me today, he was exposed to a phishing scam, he sent a big amount of money to a wrong IBAN number. I checked the conversation emails, I found the FROM address is coming from a trusted well-known (Company A) but in the Return-Path there is a...
  10. C

    How to Limit SMTP to authenticated and trustedmailhosts

    Could use some help on this one. Spammers are consistently bypassing the MX records for domains. This is a spam filter appliance which would filter out the junk. We want to be able to block all SMTP servers and traffic to our CPanel Exim service unless 1) the user is authenticated 2) the...
  11. D

    How to stop junk mail

    Dear friends, in my inbox often get a lot of spam. How to stop them. Because so is annoying.
  12. B

    Checking what is being identified as spam

    Hi guys, I keep requesting a resend of a flight itinery from an airline company and they just never show up in my email account (Cpanel webmail or Outlook). How do I check what is being identified as Spam mail and being sent to the Spam folder. I cannot seem to find a way to view what is in the...
  13. P

    SOLVED Spam bypassing RBL check

    I have one user who is receiving a great deal of spam. It looks like the spam is bypassing the RBL checks I have set up on the server. (The spam IPs are all listed in the RBLs.) The one clue I see is that the authentication is listed as localdelivery. How is this happening, and how do I stop...
  14. J

    Spam management on cPanel

    Good day, We have recently changed the flow of our emails into the domain and since making the change we are receiving a lot of spam email, specifically what seems to be RansomWare. Old config: We used mailboxes on the domain hosting server and a pop connector to upload the emails from the...
  15. R

    Incoming SPAM

    Good afternoon, I am new managing the hosting Cpanel, now I have a problem with the advent of spam emails to multiple user accounts, but the version we have is Hosting, which is not yet available the application of Spam Assassin try to make a rule to filter messages but this does not...
  16. G

    Clients receiving spam from themselves, but not being sent from server?

    Hi, I am currently experiencing an issue where users are receiving SPAM from themselves. Could you kindly assist? I have root access (cloud server).
  17. W

    Rogue IP address

    I've recently had a bout of spam and a malware attack which sent from my emails causing my hosting to be suspended. WHen I reconnected, the last login IP address is showing as 1.x.x.x, which is apparently a datacenter in London and nothing to do with the webhost or anyone associated with my...
  18. D

    cPanel & SpamCop - how to make it work?

    Hi all! I have a number of email addresses that have been compromised, so I'm automatically forwarding them to SpamCop. However, it seems that cPanel forwarding does not play nice with SpamCop, and I often get these errors: "SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing: Message...
  19. M

    Improving SPAM filtering Questions

    Hello everyone, I'm not very satisfied with the current level of SPAM filtering in our server using cPanel and SpamAssassin and I'm looking for ways to improve it, however I have some questions on some of the changes I wanted to make, some I'm not even sure if are possible but maybe someone...
  20. A

    Allow specific emails address in Cpanel

    Hello Everyon, One of my customer got blacklisted in RBL and my server rejecting his email due to this. However he is my regular customer and I really need his emails. Please suggest how can I whitelist him untill he get his email whitelisted. I am using . Please suggest. CENTOS 5.11 x86_64...