1. T

    innoDB tables corrupt, mySQL failing to restart

    Good Afternoon, I have tried to contact support to fix the issue I am having, but they have suggested to get a DBA to fix the issues I'm having. While, in a perfect world I would be more than willing to do this, I don't have access to the cash in order to do it. While DB's are something...
  2. S

    InnoDB: Have you moved InnoDB .ibd files - Error

    Hello, Mysql error logs shows - InnoDB: Have you moved InnoDB .ibd files around without using the InnoDB: commands DISCARD TABLESPACE and IMPORT TABLESPACE? InnoDB: It is also possible that this is a temporary table #sql..., InnoDB: and MySQL removed the .ibd file for this. InnoDB...
  3. A

    Is my command for backup the same as know i am using Innodb?

    Is my command for backup the same as now i am using Innodb? Hello All my tables was Myisam and i was use this command for backup: /scripts/pkgacct account1 and i got a working backup about 820MB. After 2-3 i convert many (not all) of my tables to Innodb and i want to ask if i must...
  4. A

    Installing innodb on an existing server

    Howdy. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this for me. Have you installed innodb or do you know if installing innodb on a server that already has customer sites on it will cause an derogatory effects on those account? IE can I expect customer databases to be corrupted or...
  5. Y

    MySQL 5.1.40 InnoDB

    Linux version: CentOS release 5.4 (final) cPanel version: cPanel 11.25.0-E42048 - WHM 11.25.0 - X 3.9 MySQL version: 5.1.40 Seems like MySQL 5.1.40 lacks InnoDB. I just noticed after running /script/cpbackup and looking at the log files noticing Grabbing mysql dbs........carpetc1_wrdp17...
  6. E

    Should I enable InnoDB?

    Hello, I have a customer complaining that InnoDB isn't enabled. After reading some threads on this forum, (and over some external forums), i realized that innodb isn't a good idea for a shared enviroment. My main concern is about a few users eating most of the server resources. After...
  7. S

    pkgacct2 and problem with InnoDB tables

    Hi, I was transferring a cPanel account from one server to another today using the pkgacct2 script. Everything went well, but when I checked the database of the user in phpMyAdmin after restoring the account on the new server, all the InnoDB tables were missing. The MyISAM tables shows up...
  8. M

    Magento needs InnoDB - is that compatible with other apps?

    Hi, A client needs to install Magento Ecommerce But getting this error: "Database server does not support InnoDB storage engine". We currently have MySQL version 4.1.22-standard-log PHP version 5.2.8 1. Cann MySQL 4.1.22 support...
  9. K

    innoDB not enabled by default?

    Hi there -- I'm quite new to all of this so sorry if this is a "dumb question" ... I am not doing great at moving my old phpbb database to my new server, and I"m thinking of trying to use InnoDB storage engine rather than MyISAM which is the default on my new WHM/Cpanel server. In...
  10. S

    innodb removed mysql storage type

    So I don't know when this happened, but sometime in the past year innodb was removed as a storage type selection from mysql. I checked the my.cnf and skip-innodb was in there, so I then commented it out and restarted mysql, but it fails to start. I'm running the following versions of whm...
  11. cPanelNick

    How to enable INNODB to work with mysql 5.xx?

    Just remove any disable options for innodb in /etc/my.cnf (and restart mysql)
  12. B

    Change database from myisam to innodb

    How to change database from myisam to innodb, I just want the database, tables are already changed. (MySQL 5.0)
  13. S

    cpanel, innodb and backups - is it supported?

    does cpanel properly backup innodb mysql databases? does it run a mysqldump against the db if it does? i read it's not supported ... is it?
  14. R

    Enable InnoDB?

    Is it possible to enable InnoDB on my VPS from the root version of WHM?
  15. G

    how to allow innoDB for client?

    Hi guys, how do i allow innoDB for client in mysql?
  16. S


    Is there any cons of enabling InnoDB? If not, how do I enable this? My current /etc/my.cnf [mysqld] datadir=/var/lib/mysql skip-locking skip-innodb max_connections = 750 key_buffer = 128M myisam_sort_buffer_size = 64M join_buffer_size = 1M read_buffer_size = 1M sort_buffer_size =...
  17. M

    How to create InnoDB in cPanel

    The table type is MyISAM as default, one of my users is wanting to create a InnoDB type table, how this can be done ?
  18. 0

    Two MySQL Issues: Priveleges and InnoDB

    I'm experiencing an odd error when trying to update MySQL users in cPanel. No matter what I do, every user is always granted all privileges. I'm not sure if it's cPanel itself or my host. I posted a thread on their support forums a while ago, yet the issue is still not resolved. Another...
  19. promak

    /scripts/pkgacct2 innodb format

    /scripts/pkgacct2 and cpanel backup will not support innodb format backup. can cpanel change backup format to support innodb mysql format. because i need to mysqldump with this command for many mysql user. "mysqldump --single-transaction " :cool:
  20. G

    Error on copy accounts with InnoDB

    Hi We are moving our accounts from one server using the WHM copy accounts feature, but has a problem on mysql databases with InnoDB type tables, the databases are empty on the new server. All users, pw, and databases names are moved, but no tables were created on the new server. Is there...