1. jackal

    Type InnoDB Tables Moved

    We are in the process of moving some accounts from a server to a new server, we have tried this in whm and also in shell. Both work but we have one problem that continues to exist. Somehow in every db that has this type of table (InnoDB ) they get corrupt in the move. All other db table types...
  2. D

    my.cnf and InnoDB

    Hi Guys, Any of you guys use InnoDB with your MySQL ? I tried to add InnoDB to my my.cnf but it kept on failing on restart. Can anybody share the my.cnf setting for InnoDB ? Support Ticket Number:
  3. J

    Has anyone implemented InnoDB in MySQL?

    Has anyone recompiled the CPanel build of MySQL to support InnoDB? I have a few customers asking for it and can't see a good reason not to be offering it. Any input? Jaz