1. M

    How do you tell that an account has X inodes

    Hello, One prospect asked us for a hosting with 900,000 inodes how do you assign that?
  2. M

    File Usage in cPanel's Main Control Panel Query

    In cPanel Main Control Panel. On the right hand shows the File Usage. Everyday I see one file increase in it. I haven't changed anything in my site. I just make a copy of my database (as the site is a forum) on a daily basis which I download directly to my computer. I keep wondering why it keep...
  3. J

    Hosting Account is Reaching its Backup inodes Number Limit

    Received a message from my host "Your Hosting Account is Reaching its Backup inodes Number Limit". Can anyone tell me what are inodes limit.
  4. PPNSteve

    Max out inodes issue

    Disk usage warning The filesystem “/usr” mounted at “/usr” reached “critical” status because you currently use 99.74% of its available inodes. Notification Type: critical Server: crz01.[redacted] Primary IP Address: [redacted] Filesystem: /usr Mount Point: /usr Percent Used: 99.74%...
  5. G

    SOLVED Reducing inodes on VolGroup-lv_root?

    have been trying to fix this for hours, think I read every inode thread on here, but couldn't find a solution df -i Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted on /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_root 3276800 3276442 358 100% / tmpfs 1001872...
  6. sozotech

    logaholic using nearly all of my inodes

    I figured out that /var/cpanel/userhomes/cpanellogaholic/* was eating up all 99.9% of my inodes on my /var partition. I've managed to clear some items off the partition to get the server working again, but I am curious if I disable logaholilc in the cpanel statistics configuration, will it...
  7. S

    High inodes usage for Logaholic

    Hi, Currently we have a high inodes problem on our server. I've located the folder with the high inodes usage, and it looks like its Logaholic. The folder is: /var/cpanel/userhomes/cpanellogaholic Is there something we can do to prevent this issue from happening again without losing our...
  8. nitaish

    Disk inodes on vps for cpanel

    I have provided a VPS to a customer with Cpanel optimized installed in it along with Fantastico and Rvsitebuilder Pro. The customer has hosted over 500 websites in the server. Today the disk inodes crossed the limit and the websites went down. I increased the limit and they started working...
  9. morissette

    Duplicate File Names - Same inodes

    I have this strange issue on one of our VPS servers with all of the filenames being duplicated and have not been able to find anything on any additional forum or perhaps I am using the wrong search terms. -bash-3.2# ls -altrShi | less total 618K ? ?--------- ? ? ? ...
  10. A

    how to decrease inodes and quotaugidlimit?

    Hi, i bought a vps (with whm/cpanel) and i transfer my sites (100) from old server to new. Now i have quotaugidlimit and i nodes limit problems. All site are 7gb and my limit is 20gb. How i can clean my disk from unnecessary inodes and how i can decrease users and groups so not to have...