1. K

    Installation failing Couldn't verify the expected sha error

    Hi, Its not possible to install cPanel: 2019-06-02 09:59:48 222 (FATAL): Couldn't verify the expected sha (7c94d21688ee4152cb3dc8778f6932d6636df78d21f7af2eb8c55a414b9312133c4929e8330b15046eaad5fddf65c40690af2658e36d7392dc47678b674c37d5) for cpanel-perl-528-5.28.0-3.cp1178.x86_64.rpm. Got...
  2. B

    Install fail curl error 23 failed writing body

    I have looked up this issue on Goog, but there are a bunch of fixes for mac computers and non-cPanel related posts, I am trying to install cPanel WHM on AWS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, curl -o latest -L curl: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 16384) -----...
  3. E

    cPanel Unattended Installation on CentOS7 with Kickstart cfg file - ERROR

    Hi Everybody, I am trying to install cPanel Unattended to CentOS 7. Centos6 can also install without problems, but centos 6 support will be finished My kickstart installation script is; ------------------------------------------ ##################Kickstart Begin # Run the installer install...
  4. C

    SOLVED New install IP address incorrect

    I am installing the WHM, however the IP address given by the installation is not the correct one. It gives me the default DNS instead of the correct IP address. Do you have any idea why? Obviously because of the Fortigate blocking the server? My second question is: When I install the WHM, how...
  5. J

    Installer checks fail for RHEL on AWS

    Due to the way RHEL licensing works on AWS the cPanel installer fails. Is there any way to get it to work with the AWS licensing model? I don't want to use CentOS or the official cPanel Linux AMI provided - as we need to use RHEL for compliance purposes. Thanks! # cd /home && curl -o latest...
  6. Z

    Trial license installation issue

    Hello, I install the trial version of Cpanel for testing purposes, but the installation stops: 2019-03-27 22:26:39 739 ( INFO): Checking for any control panels... 2019-03-27 22:26:39 635 ( INFO): Checking for essential system files... 2019-03-27 22:26:39 175 ( INFO): Running health checks...
  7. V

    SOLVED cannot open '/var/log/maillog' for reading: No such file or directory

    How come this is missing from all new servers that were setup yesterday tail -f /var/log/maillog tail: cannot open '/var/log/maillog' for reading: No such file or directory tail: no files remaining CENTOS 7.6 vzcontainer v78.0.17
  8. R

    New installation questions

    So, I just installed c-panel on a digital ocean droplet(2vcpu and 4gb ram), and I have some questions. I installed a wordpress site using softaculous and set the php to 7.1. But I feel like the site is pretty slow compared to running it on laravel forge(witch uses php 7.3). Is it possible to...
  9. M

    Should I install Linux server in Minimal Mode?

    As I was suggested that cPanel always needs a fresh install. So, should I install my server with Minimal mode. And also can I add GUI?
  10. C

    The must be active error

    Hi, I am trying to install cPanel with cloud-init when deploy the CentOS 7 from template. I had setup the template with cloud-init and add cpanel installation command into the runcmd of the /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg. When CentOS 7 boot, I can see the cloud-init trigger the cpanel installation...
  11. J

    Server not responding after fresh install

    I have a new nonprofit license for cPanel; though, I have yet been able to access cPanel after installing. I use a GoDaddy-served VPS. Plesk, when installed, works fine. I decided I preferred cPanel from my experience using it for my shared hosting account on I am not an IT...
  12. T

    cPanel dns-only installation ignores flags

    When installing cPanel DNS-Only via retrieval and execution of the latest-dnsonly shell script, it ignores the standard input flags, specifically the --force option. The --force should allow for an installation despite the supported environment checks on the system. More specifically, my...
  13. S

    Error installing cPanel

    hello i try to install cpanel on my linux server and running install But in installing my installation process, my server turned off. Installation failed I tried to install again And i give an error -------- 2018-10-27 19:28:01 679 ( INFO): Warning !!! Warning !!! WARNING !!! Warning ...
  14. S

    Creating new server from existing instance (image) AWS

    Hey Guys, I created a new server by replicating existing server through image, our existing sever was created using cPanel & WHM for Linux AMI. But as i replicated the existing server and created new one i am facing issue with regards to changing IP and domain settings in new server(instance)...
  15. C

    SOLVED [CPANEL-22183] DNS Only installations fail to install during first run

    Hi, I try to install cPanel DNSOnly on fresh CentOS 7, I disable Network Manager and firewall. The server have IP public and DNS ok. Launch this command: cd /home && curl -o latest-dnsonly -L && sh latest-dnsonly But I get this error: ...
  16. B

    SOLVED Declare specific MySQL version during cPanel installation

    Hy, everyone! We are migrating some customers to new boxes and we'd like to keep MySQL 5.6 running since 5.7 is not always backwards compatible in legacy applications. Currently cPanel installs MySQL 5.7 by default and there is no way to downgrade. I've inspected the installation file...
  17. J

    SOLVED Error while installing cPanel on centos 7

    Hey Guys I got a problem while i tried to install whm/cpanel in my centos root and i got this problem can anyone help me and thanks cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time...
  18. Server Pros

    YUM Update before or after installing cPanel?

    I have finally told Plesk Onyx to take a hike. I'm tired of the hassles. I'm now switching 25 servers overnight or so it would seem to cpanel. I run virtuozzo containers. With the horsepower I am using on each server I can easily run to cpanel installations per server. I am running dual Intel...
  19. J

    SOLVED Install on RHEL 7.5 fails

    This was a fresh install of RHEL 7.5. Install aborted with: 2018-05-11 10:09:39 461 ( INFO): The 'mysql-version' key is set to: 5.7. No repository exists for “Mysql57” at “/usr/local/cpanel/etc/rpm/generic/Mysql57/yumrepo”. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 171. I don't seem to be...
  20. K

    SOLVED Problems installing cPanel 70 on CentOS 7

    Hi everyone, I'm no stranger to installing cPanel but this problem has had me stumped all day. I'm trying to install cPanel on a fresh Hetzner Cloud Server with CentOS 7.4.1708 minimal at the start. During the installation, /etc/centos-release gets updated to "CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804...